everyone falls in love sometime



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LUV by Tory Lanez with Jackson from Got7 please???

Everyone falls in love sometimes

I don’t know ‘bout you but it ain’t a crime
Neefi let me love you, love you, love you for long time baby
Neefi let me touch you, neefi let me love you ‘til the morning, oh

LUV by Tory Lanez

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The cameras weren’t on but Jackson loved to pretend to be your husband anyways.

You never fought him. Even though you weren’t one to give back the affection, you enjoyed every bit of Jackson’s. To think you’d find his clinginess annoying in the beginning of your arrangement for We Got Married…

Last time you had checked on the idol, he was eyeing himself in the full-sized bedroom mirror as he did his morning exercise (as he always did religiously). You on the other hand, decided to be of use and boil water for his organic green tea. The smell of tea always made your stomach turn. As a Caribbean born, you always correlated green tea as medicinal… it was damn near triggering. But you did what you had to be a caring “wife”. Despite cameras being off.

For the meantime, while you waited for the water to boil and went on your business making coffee for yourself, you pulled out your phone and let your Spotify music play on shuffle. Something you hadn’t been able to do for a while when the cameramen were around. Something about sponsorships and unpaid advertisement – however the hell that shit worked.

Of course, dancehall was bound to play along the way. Tory Lanez’s attempt of Dancehall (no shade) came on the up, and it was only right your hips swayed to it. You picked up the now boiling water and poured it’s hot contents into two mugs, your hips never losing beat to the riddim echoing against the studio apartment. You licked your lips and hummed the lyrics as you dropped the green tea in a mug and stirred.

“I don’t know ‘bout you but it ain’t a crime, Neefi let me love you, love you, love you for long time baby ~” You sang to yourself, picking up the mug and wining to the beat with a smile on your face – god it’s been a while since you’ve listened to native music.

Jackson crept the bedroom corner without much of a sound. His eyes fixated on you and the way your hips, foot work, and ass moved so perfectly timed to the beat – a part of him feeling a little guilty for watching you the way he was without you noticing. Jackson stepped forward, a goofy grin on his face, “Jagiya~!” He cooes, knowing damn well you weren’t really his jagi.

You quickly spun around, a little bit of the green tea splashing onto the kitchen floor. “Jesus, Jackson…” You huffed, clutching onto your chest. “You scared me…”

“Ah, sorry, sorry…” He apologized politely, the goofy grin still plastered on his face. Jackson approached you slyly. You narrow your eyes at him suspecting the worst. “I just smelled green tea!”

“Right…” You retort, handing over his tea, “I don’t know if I was supposed to add anything? I only just put the tea bag in.”

“That’s fine. No sugar.” He nods, blowing at the brim of the mug before taking a sip – his eyes still on you.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Jackson raises a brow and lowers the mug, “How am I looking at you?”

“I don’t know… it’s just a look.”

“A look?”

“A look, Jackson.”

“I can’t look at my wife?” You scoff and roll your eyes, leaving Jackson beaming in his victory. You turn your back to him, reaching for the instant coffee and a spoon to mix yourself a cup. Jackson sat around the kitchen island, watching you as you prepared your coffee, bobbing his head a bit to the dancehall. “What’s this you’re playing?”


“What’s the music? Reggae?”

You glance at him from the corner of your eye and chuckle at the common mistake. “No. Reggae is softer than this. Dancehall.”

“Mmm…” He nods, the goofy grin back on his face as he stirred the tea bag around in the hot cup.

“There’s that look again!”

“I’m not doing a thing, Jagi.”

Your eyes narrow at him once more. You turn your full body to him, cup of coffee in your hand and leaned against the countertop, facing him. “I don’t trust you at all, Wang Jackson.”

“But I’m such a good boy.” He says, pretending to be offended. You don’t fight him. You instead roll your eyes, once again (something you found yourself doing quite often in his presence) and sipped the coffee. Silence fell between you two, but there was growing tension. More so on Jackson’s part than yours. Sitting on his side of the island counter, he kept a keen eye on you and showed interest in the Caribbean dancehall you had playing aloud in the kitchen. Probably a poor decision now that you thought about it. He could speak English… did that mean he could understand little bit of what was being said?

Dancehall had a reputation of being extremely sexual…

“What was that dance you were doing earlier?”

Your eyes dart upwards, making eye contact with him. You swallow hard and found yourself choking on the coffee a little. Jackson was quick to act, reaching out to pat your back, but you shoo him off. “No, no I – I’m fine –“ You say between coughs, laughing nervously. Jackson sat back down in his chair, eyeing you with concern in his eyes. “I was just… dancing? That’s how we dance to our music back home.”

“Ah…” He says with a slow nod. His fingertips caressing the sides of the hot tea cup. “Can I ask you something?”

“Are you asking for permission to talk?” You asked, raising a brow.

“Well – I mean, I –“ Jackson rock his head back and forth before catching on you were teasing him. “Ah! Jagiya! Don’t be so difficult.”

“But I’m such a good girl.” You say, mocking him from earlier.

“I just wanted to ask, as your loving husband who is very interested in his lovely wife –“

“Jackson –“

“As your loving husband,” he repeats, “I just wanna see you dance to it again.”

“Excuse me?”

“I just wanna dance like that too, jagi.”

“What for?”

“It was cool looking.” He says, crossing his arms with a pout, “What? Am I not allowed to learn about my wife?”

You scoff, setting your coffee mug down. “I can’t just teach you it.”

“Why not?”

“Because –“ You started, licking your lips and crossing your arms. You furrowed your brows feeling a little flustered, “It requires me to like… I have to…” Jackson leans forward, waiting for an answer that didn’t want to come out.

“What does it require?”

“We have to dance like… close.” Your voice softened towards the end.


“We have to dance close.” You repeated. Jackson eyed you questioningly. “You know. Close, close.”

“I’m not following.”

“I – We have to be close Jackson, what is there not to follow?” You huff. “It’s called wining. I have to literally grind up on you. Like – ass to crotch.”

Jackson sat up straighter, look down at you from his seat with ears and cheeks tinted pink. “Oh.”


“Well.” He says, straightening out his shirt and clearing his throat. “That just makes me want to do it more.”

Your face went deadpan. “I’m going to commit man slaughter on this set.”

Exo as Teachers
  • Xiumin: PE teacher. The one teacher that could be a student. Does the workouts with you. Passes everyone while running yelling hustle ladies.
  • Lay: Art teacher. All his students love him. Sometimes falls asleep while everyone's painting. Loves drawing animals. Always makes nice comments on everyone's art.
  • Suho: English teacher. Really strict but kinda not. Cares about his students mental health and how they are doing. Tries really hard at teaching. Pretty easy to get away with shit in his class.
  • Chen: culinary arts teacher. Makes class like cut throat kitchen. Has students who won last time judge. Students favourite or least favourite class.
  • Baekhyun: music teacher. Really really hyper during all his classes. Makes you do a song over and over again because he really likes the song. Gets chanyeol to help him show the students how certain pieces of music are done
  • Chanyeol: science teacher. Does really fun experiments. Has probably caught himself on fire at least once. Probably had a rap battle with Sehun in the middle of a class. Writes grades like "(B)etter luck next time"
  • D.O: Math teacher. Really strict. Probably teaches advanced math. Students are slightly terrified of him. Makes you wait till the last second to put your books and stuff away.
  • Kai: dance teacher. Students love him. Really helpful. Tries to make sure everyone gets what their doing. Really close with sehun and D.O. Female teachers crush on him.
  • Sehun: substitute teacher. Comes in to fill for Kai if he's sick or hurt. Sasses all of his students. All of his students have had a crush on him at some point guys and girls. Wears a lot of hair gel and walks around with sunglasses on all the time.
Everyone falls in love sometimes

I don’t know ‘bout you but it ain’t a crime / Neefi let me love you, love you, love you for long time baby / Neefi let me touch you, neefi let me love you ‘til the morning, oh

LUV by Tory Lanez

Multiple Anons and Users Asked: Part 2 of Caribbean [y/n] x Jackson Wang 

Anon 1: Omg I loveeee the dancehall scenario with jackson‼️ I’m Jamaican so it was so amazing to read I’m highkey currently listening to dancehall rn 🇯🇲 🇯🇲

doeszaddyjuminisgay: so is this (jackson x caribbean y/n) gonna be a thing bcuz…

hongkongpuppy:  Can I request a part two of that one story with Jackson wanting to whine with his ‘wife’ to Tory Lanez’s “Luv”? 😩😭 Tanks ✨🌺

and like… many mANY more deep in notes…

Guys deadass, I can’t write a part 2 of this drabble. I wrote the drabble for it to end there specifically. It feels too complete to me for me to be able to write another part. If I had known ahead of time people would want it to be an actual thing, I would have written it so that it could work in parts with a storyline. 


When you can’t make a pt. 2… just make a v.2

If this plotline becomes popular demand, I’ll try and turn it into a multiple part fanfiction. - Admin Dayna

Plotline: Got7 Idol, Jackson Wang and popular variety personality [y/n] has been paired on “We Just Got Married”. The concept behind their marriage; Modern Interracial (Chinese Jamaican) Couple / Jackson tries to bring a little bit of the islands to his homesick “spouse”.

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infp confession!! I fall in love with people so easily and idk man it's just like that freckle you have on your ear? love it dude. that beauty mark on your left leg? A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. that cute nose of yours? it's amazing!! you are amazing!! I love you so much!! i fall in love with the little things about everyone, sometimes even the things that people hate most about themselves. I just seem to think everyone is just amazing like that laugh you have you think is weird? I. LOVE. IT. I. LOVE. YOU.

Omg. This is wonderful. 

imagine minho going to a pride parade and he’s wearing a tank top with the pansexual flag colors and every time someone comments on it in a “you’re just pansexual to be cool this is a GAY parade you’re ruining our hard work” he throws glitter all over them and deadpans “i really don’t care and if you don’t shut up now i’m gonna punch you”

imagine newt going as well and he’s feeling rather feminine that day so he’s wearing a cute purple skirt and a black top and a pink scarf and white shoes (all colors of the genderfluid flag); and he’s holding alby’s hand as they walk through, and someone hisses “this is for gay people not for you fucking heteros”; and alby has to hold newt back so he won’t attack that person (but he still lets newt scream whatever he wants, so everyone can still hear him say “alby’s gay and i’m an androsexual panromantic genderfluid person you bloody idiot take your fucking trash out before i trash you”)

imagine thomas being there as well and he’s just casually chilling with brenda and gally and teresa and at one point he leans in to kiss gally and some nearby girl starts squealing like YOU’RE BOTH GUYS AND YOU JUST KISSED THAT’S SO ADORABLE and thomas is just like. whatever buddy. but gally’s face gets all red and he’s ready to snap at that girl in a “our love life is none of your business” kind of way, and thomas stops him by putting a hand on his shoulder and gally calms down again. but a few minutes later, brenda and teresa kiss each other and some dude catcalls them and makes some gross “can i watch” joke and before anyone can move, gally’s already jumped up and hit him in the face, and he growls “if you ever try to objectify any of us again i will find you and i will make dogfood of your brain, capiche" 

imagine frypan walking around feeling slightly nervous, because he’s not sure if he’s allowed to be there, because demisexual isn’t always seen as part of the lgbtqa+ community, and people still give him shit sometimes like "not everyone falls in love as easily that’s completely normal stop making up fancy words”; but his friends are right there with him and they assure him that he very much belongs there and shouldn’t listen to those people

imagine harriet and sonya being fabulous as fuck and they’re both wearing floral dresses and laughing and holding hands, and some girl walks up to them and asks “so which one is the butch and with one is the femme” and while sonya just stares at her in confusion, harriet says “it’s super rude to ask that and that assumption is based on nothing but heternormative beliefs and it’s gross and it reinforces the gender binary so it would be very cool if you could just fuck off because all i want today is to kiss my girlfriend and have fun" 

imagine jorge running around and dancing and calling everyone hermano and making out with at least nine boys and two girls 

basically just imagine everyone going to pride and smashing everyone who dares to speak up negatively

The One That Got Away (Jaebum) pt 1

D-3 to Jaebum’s birthday (ノ・∀・)ノ

thank you for requesting and enjoy! ^^ 

(edit: split into two parts!)

“So….I just…really really like you….” you swallowed toughly after your confession, your cheeks burning of embarrassment. You had no idea what got into you that made you confess to him, he’d always just give you a slight smile when he meets your eyes but it was enough for you to have a crush for him. Jaebum looked at you with the same eyes but somehow this time, it was filled with annoyance. “So….yeah…” at this point, you didn’t know what else to say. The scenarios that filled your head were either he accepts you wholeheartedly or he rejects you by laughing it off. But it was nothing like that, he seemed grossed out, unwilling to even keep a straight face. You inhaled softly, looking towards the floor, hoping he’d just answer you. After he made sure you were done with your confession, he snorted, like the badass student everyone said he was and scoffed at you, “pathetic.” He walked away, bumping your shoulders slightly, not in a playful manner but it certainly meant for you to “screw off”. You stood there, trying not to cry. He could’ve just said no, it was totally unnecessary to call you that…….

Almost a decade after the upsetting incident happened and you’ve already disregarded it since the first year. Jaebum didn’t want you but it didn’t meant the other boys were like him. A few, just a few boyfriends you’ve dated and you swore, they would be a better boyfriend than Jaebum ever would, especially with his ignorant and inconsiderate attitude. But it always ended up downhill, because apparently “everyone falls out of love” sometimes. 

You broke up with the last one because he didn’t intend to keep up with a long distance relationship, it was a peaceful break up anyway. You were enrolling yourself into a college which was quite far but distance is nothing when you’re accepted into one of the good schools. Second day there and you’ve made good friends. “I heard he’s coming later since mocks is soon,” your friend gossiped, gulping down her beverage. The canteen was packed and it was kind of hard to hear her. “Wait, mocks is happening soon?!” one of the boys yelped, causing laughters. “Anywaaaay, how long has it been since he’s in school?” someone chirped, probably one of the girls. “Two months.”

Two months?! Whoever this guy that they were talking about has huge ass guts to do that, and why does he even care about mocks if he was going to skip classes all the time? “Errr…who’s he?” you carefully asked, trying not to sound too curious. “Oh right, you’re new. His name is JB and no one knows his real name. He had everyone calling him JB, hangs out with us but he’s pretty tight with the popular kids.” If he was close with them, why not hang out with them instead? “Why?” “Well, he said sometimes you regret saying stuff because you’re popular and have to keep up “the” image.” You arched your eyebrows, “hmm.”

“Hello,” someone standing behind you voiced. His voice is so familiar…. “And he-llo, No-ra,” your friend winked, trying to be flirty. “Oh screw off,” the voice behind you joked. “JB, my man,” you friend stood up and gave him the brotherly bump, making space for him to sit….with his gorgeous girlfriend. He sat at the opposite of you, giving you a full chance to scan him. “Pathetic.” It’s Jaebum, the one with the shitty attitude. You see him squinting his eyes at you, possibly trying to figure out who you were. “So…yeah….” you finished off the conversation with your friend and that earned a surprise Jaebum. He took a sharp breath, composing his thoughts. You smiled, regardless of what he did, as a manner. “And who are you?” he grinned forcefully, putting his hand out for a shake. “She’s new but she’s totally cool,” someone remarked and you put out your hand as well. “It’s ____, nice to….meet you,” you stared into his eyes, feeling his slight embarrassment. 

The both of you shook your hands for quite a long time, eyeing each other and waiting to see if anyone of you would start blurting out stuff. His girlfriend was cockily staring at you, scanning. “He’s JB and I’m Nora,” she commented with a fake smile, trying to break his hand from yours. “You’re absolutely gorgeous,” you replied, she is, not even joking. She was nearly perfect, in your opinion. Pretty face, pretty body, she’s probably pretty smart too, if only she could make her “staring” a little less arrogant, than she’s the one. “Oh, stop it,” she swept her wrist, acting all modest. You coughed out a few chuckles, if only she could be more real…..

“JB….what does it stand for?” you questioned, everyone was having their own conversation, only the three of you were conversing together. “It’s just JB, isn’t that right babe?” Nora caressed Jaebum’s knee, initiating a steamy eye contact. Jaebum turned to you, “it’s my initials,” he explained briefly. You could see how he was noticing how sneaky you were, you knew so why ask? “Is that so…” you trailed off, sipping from the cup. “Mhmm,” Jaebum mirrored your actions, keeping the eye contact with you.  

Why are you here? Where did you come from? Do you remember me? Do you remember what I did? Most importantly, do you still have feelings for me?

Part 2, out soon! Stay tuned!


I’m probably too late for this, but I thought I’d throw my story into the tag since it’s such a wonderful thing to do before Ramadan.

Assalamwalaikum! My e-name is Rowan and I’m a desi 18 year old writer, artist, and nonbinary pansexual. I’m really queer, basically, and it took me a while to accept that. When I realized I wasn’t straight, it took a while for me to work things out and realize that there isn’t anything wrong with me for being pan, and I know a lot of people deal with it by thinking that it isn’t haram to be gay, it’s just haram to act on it. I don’t know if I agree or disagree- I just wish it was possible for me to fall in love like everyone else without it being wrong or unacceptable. Sometimes that thought comes along with self-hate, the thought that I’m broken for feeling this way, broken for not being cis. It would be so much simpler to fit into that pretty little box that is universally acceptable, and I would get frustrated that I can’t just click into place and be “normal” and “okay”. The only thing that’s ever worked to comfort me is the fact that no one ever really fits into that mold because everyone’s unique, and Allah created us that way, and loves us all. Even if everyone else thinks I’m broken, I know that I am loved by Allah and every creation is perfect so I am perfect too.

I came out to my university friends first (who are amazingly supportive and whom I love for that), and rather than planning it and coming out to my brother, he was the one who asked me “Are you gay?” His following words, when I came out to him – “I don’t completely understand but I support you. I support you” were really important to me. I don’t think I’ll ever come out to my parents, but I’m really thankful for the support I have, from my family and friends.

It was a big part of my journey to find out that there actually IS a Queer/Mogii Muslim community, and I was so happy I actually cried. I’m not facing this alone, there are others like me. We exist, we are perfect, there is nothing wrong with us. We are not haram.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Hi, Hello!

I’m starting to see a lot of hate about the Paper Towns movie all over the place, and while I expected this after The Fault in Our Stars turned into mainstream stereotypes, I feel a very strong urge to point something out about Paper Towns.

The question to be asked at the end of this movie is NOT, “Why didn’t Quentin go with Margo?”

The question to be asked is, “Why didn’t Quentin realize sooner that he was infatuated with a completely made up idea of a person?” 

The message of this movie is not, “Happily ever after.” 

The message of this movie is not, “Quentin should have gone with Margo.”

The message of this movie is, “Sometimes the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.”



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Not an interracial question, but what are the name of the songs in your playlist?

all of them okay.

One Love- Bob Marley

True Colours- Fredro Starr

Unthinkable- Alicia Keys

All my Life - KC and Jojo

Black or White - Michael Jackson

Everyone Falls in love sometime- Tanto Metro and Devonte

All About Him- Auburn

Love so nice - Junior Kelly

Aston Martin Music - Drake Rick Ross

Your Love is my Love- Terry Linen

They Gonna Talk- Beres Hammond

Dont Worry Be Happy- Bob Marley

Dilemma- Nelly and Kelly Rowland

Let me love you - mario

My Boo- Alicia Keys

Crazy - KC and Jojo

Shes Royal - Tarrus Riley

Perfect Two- Auburn 

Three Little Birds- Bob Marley

Long way to go- Gwen Stefani

Dont Matter- Akon

:) there you go