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The way you draw Vlad's teeth/fangs is the best thing ever, I love them way too much, thank you for the beautiful teeth

i think i gave myself and everyone esle a teeth/fang aesthetic ehehe

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What do you think are Taekook's keywords? Like maybe hands, neck, backhugs, and laughing?

Sorry for not answering for some time

Well, I don’t really know much of those types of things that only taekook say or do, but some of them are really visible:

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The rest of the Nordics tease Sweden and Finland because of their height difference.  Finland has to either stand on his tips of his toes or stand on the tops of Sweden’s feet to kiss him on the lips.  

Bonus:  Sweden likes to give Finland piggy back rides to he can tower above everyone esle

first and foremost lets ignore my ugli ass corny edit :) i even had the audacity to put the to and from …..i


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i hope i didn’t forget anyone coz i just did this last minute :// ANYWAY ILY YALL 

as a black guy, I REALLY HATE hearing POC being used. To me POC makes it sound like there’s White people……then everyone esle. And with me having the ideological and impossible theory of that we should be a color blind society, it comes off more segregatory than “a powerful term to define minorities”.   If we want this social equality we claim to desire we need to look at small things like that. It’s not 1964, we shouldn’t be using that term to describe ourselves.

[ WHOA! Its been like a looong time since I still have this lovey Hsien-ko blog. And met alot of new cool peps for the past months later due to my lack of activity. but not anymore! I haven’t made a bia list in a while, but here it is!  I have already hit 600+ followers and its getting close to 700+, And I’m still happy for this blog and everyone esle! Thanks to all of you cool followers for still sticking up with me! I love everyone of you who followed this smol gal. there are some people here who made my RP experience in Tumblr more fun and greater! ]


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