everyone enjoy and be safe this summer!!

About the eclipse in Oregon

@ everyone visiting the Oregon coast for the eclipse:

Please keep in mind many of these small towns, although they have been trying to prepare for -years-, cannot accomodate the massive influx of tourists in every way. Emergency response for medical issues will be stretched very thin because of this, energy grids here will be strained in spite of officials playing it off with a greedy smile, and cell towers will be fucked up, as will just about every other resource. Boating areas will be extra dangerous, especially near walls and enclosed areas.

Please be considerate to our home and each other so everyone can enjoy the eclipse safely! There is also a lot of wildlife here that people from the city are not accustomed to – paying attention and being a safe driver are extra critical in our rural coastal areas as these animals can run out from the woods along the road at any time, especially at night.

((Even on normal summer weekends when tourists come in, I watch the local ambulance drive on my 101 bridge 3-4x more often. … this is gonna be intense.))

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Hey! While we're there, do you have recommendations for WLW VNs (both nsfw and not would be ideal)? I've already gone through most of voltage's catalogue, as well as cute demon crashers, and i'm looking for some more good ones (and I trust your judgement on those such matters). Free or inexpensive would be ideal! Thank you so much.

LADYKILLER IN A BIND. Ladykiller In a Bind is so goddamn good. VERY nsfw but the dialogue system is completely unique and the music is stellar and the writing is great.

We Know The Devil is about 3 girls in a catholic summer camp who accidentally bring the devil in. It’s very good, spooky, atmospheric, haunting. I think about it all the time. It’s safe for work.

Magical Diary: Horse Hall is fun and the mc is bi. It’s a little repetitive but I enjoyed it. Safe for work. 

Black Closet involves absurdly powerful student high school councils and everyone is a lesbian

Kindred Spirits on the Roof involves ghosts and lesbians

Loan Wolf is about a gay werewolf and its short and sweet and good


@blondlittleboy & I had some spectacular adventures last weekend. I love waddling around in the wilderness in cute onesies and a padded butt!!

This space onesie from @onesiesdownunder is phenomenal, I adore the fit & it makes me feel so little!! ☺️. It’s also super duper breathable, which is nice for the really warm weather we have been getting in Canada.

If you want to get your hands on one of the many adorable onesies available, visit onesiesdownunder.com & use discount code “snuggledup” when you are checking out 😉

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and is staying safe!!

ASU ❤️🚼

that’s right!!! every saturday this summer the skamwlwnet will be hosting a sapphic movie night in honor of the summer and pride season!

movies will be shown twice, at 12pm GMT and 10pm GMT. we’ll open the rooms a half-hour beforehand in order to get everyone situated before the movie starts.

the movies for the month of june are listed below, with a link to the imdb parents’ guide, which should list any potential triggers that the movies may contain:

saturday, june 10: Pride (2014)

saturday, june 17: Fucking Åmål

saturday, june 24: San Junipero (Black Mirror Season 3, episode 4)

saturday, july 1: DEBS

(note: you do NOT have to be sapphic in order to attend these screenings. however, we want this to be a safe space for wlw to enjoy films about them, and we ask you respect that)

summer day

pairing: yoonmin

type: fluffy drabble, family au

word count: 1450

summary: jimin and yoongi celebrate their son’s first day at the beach

note: sorry for any mistakes, this was written very quickly! hope you enjoy it :)

jimin has no idea how he managed to convince his husband of doing what he’s doing today – it might be because he’s indeed so whipped for jimin, like everyone says.

or maybe for both of us, he thinks as he looks back at the backseat of the car, smiling fondly at his little boy dozing off while trapped safely to his chair, looking so cute on his floral shirt, khaki shorts and sandals. he then turns back to eye yoongi sitting next to him, hands on the wheel and focused on the road in front of them, wearing the same clothes as seojoon but in a larger size.

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                                     ‘Til Next Time Cali 👋🏾✌🏾

     This weekend was so dope despite certain restrictions that were put on me by @mysimbrotherskeeper 🙄, still had mad fun and it was nice to revisit the area that I used to spend my summers in as a kid 😊😊.

     Good lookin’ out @mavsoffthewall for hosting us and showin out with us for the one time 😂😂. It was nice meeting y'all @indyatellez ,@classymarzia && @thagirlking 🙃…and I’ll see y'all ass’ back in NY when y'all done with your extended vaca @ashter-blank && @kinginwitdario .

     Now for this flight 😣. Hope everyone enjoyed 1st weekend at Coachella 😎 stay safe & stay lit 👌🏾 🍻

August Movies!!!!

sapphic movie summer continues for one last ride through the month of august!

movies will be shown twice, at 12pm GMT and 9pm GMT. we’ll open the rooms a half-hour beforehand in order to get everyone situated before the movie starts.

the movies for august are below, along with links to the imdb parents guide, which will provide insight on any potential triggers these movies might have.

saturday, august 5: imagine me & you 

saturday, august 12: fun home (tw to suicide and mentions of csa. feel free to dm @stonebutchnoora for more details)

saturday, august 19: carol

saturday, august 26: but i’m a cheerleader

(note: you do NOT have to be sapphic in order to attend these screenings. however, we want this to be a safe space for wlw to enjoy films about them, and we ask you respect that)

hello -

if you decide to read on you’ll encounter racism, sexism, misogyny, poverty, and injustice. if you do not decided to read on, i will never judge you or hate you for it. we each have to decide how much we can bear.

there are sure to be a lot of triggering things in here, but i don’t know how best to tag them. if anyone has any suggestions, i’d welcome them.

thank you!

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but what if after the war, Harry turns Grimmauld Place into some sort of b&b / sanctuary ? 

  • Harry enjoys renovating Grimmauld Place all the summer with his friends
  • but then they leave and it feels empty and he doesn’t want to live alone
  • he has pets but it’s not the same as human company
  • he keeps telling people they can stay at his place but they crash for a night and leave and he feels alone again
  • he tells people to move in and they think he’s just being polite
  • so he gives in and he posts an ad in the Daily Prophet : “everyone in need of a place to stay and rebuild themselves can come to Grimmauld Square. A safe place will be offered”
  • Andromeda and Teddy are the first to move in because “oh Harry really must be lonely after all”
  • all sort of people move in, war widows, orphans adressed by Hogwarts, lost teens, people who lost someone and can’t see their house anymore…
  • one day Draco moves in too…

House of Vans Almost Summer Series - The Julie Ruin

As this show was one of the first in a long time, The Julie Ruin’s performance last night at our Almost Summer Series at House of Vans was totally worth the wait. The crowd was absolutely stoked as this was the band’ first NYC show since 2013. It’s safe to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed the set and are already reliving it through their Instagrams and Vines. 

Don’t miss out on the next show, RSVP opens May 14th

Photos: Jonathan Mehring

Shawn Mendes Imagine!

Alrighty, so this is my first Imagine with Shawn Mendes. Idk what it is about him, i think it might be his voice and eyes and omg i cant. My feels for him have gone through the roof today, oh lord. So I would like some feedback, i do have another imagine for Cameron Dallas, should I do it? Help me, you lovely people! :D

            -Oh my god. Please, God, don’t let that be him. Oh sweet baby Jesus.

            “Y/N, honey, are you okay?” Mom asked after seeing you abruptly stop and cause your best friend, Y/bff/N, bump into your back and nearly spill the lemonade she had bought.

            “Yeah, what the hell, dude?” She asked, stepping beside you and placed her glass down next to the lawn chair.

            “Hey, uh, we forgot to buy something at the food court, we’ll be back.” You said, grabbing your friends hand right as she was about to deny you guys forgetting anything. You guys passed your younger siblings that were playing in the pool and headed for the food court, you kept your head down until you didn’t think he could see you.

            “Y/N, what the hell is going on?” Your best friend asked, confused.

            “Look who’s not sitting far away from Mom,” You answered, slowing down your walk.

            “I don’t know who- oh shit, it’s Shawn!” your friend exclaimed, seeing your ex-boyfriend, who was also a part of Magcon, and turning back to you. “Holy shit, do you think he saw you?”

            “God, I hope not,” you answered, getting in line at the food stand. You and your family, plus best friend, were at a water park, not too far from home. You listened to your friend gush about how hot Taylor Caniff looked shirtless and thought about what happened with Shawn. You guys had met when you went to Magcon, with your friend, and he asked for your number and you guys seemed to hit it off. You texted and he called you at night; whenever he was near he came to see you. Not long after you began a relationship did it end, and the break up was painful. You loved Shawn, you had fallen for him so quickly, but he was feeling the stress of the distance, the fans didn’t like you because you were so closed off. You believed in what was your business shouldn’t be advertised to others.

            “Y/N?” You heard his voice and your heart dropped. You knew his voice anywhere, the first thing you fell in love with was his voice. Then his lazy eye. Then his smile.

            You turned around and saw him and Taylor. You smiled, “Shawn, hey,”

            His lips turned into a smile and headed towards you, “I thought it was you but you ran off before I knew for sure.” His arms opened and his body folded around you, his hot skin of his tight abs touched the skin of your stomach. His arms held you close and for a split second you wanted to back away and run, it had only been 2 months since the break up but everything was still fresh.

            You broke away from the hug and felt your arm heat up as his fingertips brushed the back of your forearm. “Um, Y/Bff/N and I forgot something at the food stand,”

            “Yeah,” Your friend said, “What did we forget exactly?” She was being a bitch. You guys didn’t forget anything, you had just wanted to get away from Shawn and him possibly seeing you.

            “Mom wanted a coke,” You answered, shooting her a quick glare.

            “Oh, mhm, yeah,” Your friend said then turned to Taylor. “Want to go for a swim? Shawn can keep Y/N safe,”

            It’s official, you wanted to ring her neck. You went to go decline when Shawn spoke up, “Sounds good, I need to talk to Y/N anyways,”

            You looked at Shawn confused and he gave you a lopsided smile. Your friend smiled and walked away with Taylor, you glanced up at Shawn and he placed his hand on your bare lower back, walking you towards where the line ended up. You stepped out of his hand and asked, “How is everyone?”

            “Good, how’re you?” He asked politely.

            “I’m good, enjoying summer and all,” You answered, being careful to not get sucked into his brown eyes.

            “I don’t really know how to say this, so I’m just going to come out and say it; I miss you, Y/N. It hurts so much, I don’t know how to deal with it,” He said quietly, standing next to you.

            Your stomach dropped, you didn’t know what to say so you said nothing. You went to go move up in the line when Shawn grabbed your hand and turned you to face him, “Please, please don’t shut me out.”

            “What do you want me to say, Shawn? You broke my heart over distance and fans. If you think I’m dealing with our breakup easy then your mistaken,” You said, swallowing the tears.

            “I need you in my life, Y/N, I don’t care if we’re just friends,” He answered.

            You looked down and whipped the tear away, “I can’t just be your friend, Shawn,”

            He touched your cheek and made you look at him. His eyes were sad, but still beautiful. They were sucking you in so slowly, it was almost painful. “Take me back, Y/N,” He whispered, his lips so close to yours. You had dreams of him kissing you again, of him pulling you into his lap and holding you tight. You didn’t think he dreamed of you either, but he did and he regretted the breakup the moment it happened.

            “Shawn,” You whispered but he didn’t give you a chance to say anything else because he pressed his lips to yours, ever so lightly. Your finger tips danced along his lean hips and let his lips move against yours, his teeth nipped at your bottom lip before he pulled away.

            “Y/N,” Shawn whispered on your lips, “I love you,”

            You couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone deserves a second chance, even relationships. You gave into the war raging on in your head once and for all, you whispered back, “I love you too,”

            Shawn smiled against your lips and pulled back, his fingers wrapped around yours and he joined you in the line at the food court. Maybe this time would work.

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(Oh, hi LaFontaine, I didn't expect to see you here.) So what're you doing in Iceland? Aren't you worried about leaving Laura alone with Danny? Something could happen while you're gone. You know, I think I overheard something about getting married-

Why does everyone think I am the bio major all of a sudden?  I am me, Carmilla, in Iceland, enjoying the volcano and fascinating lichen. Laura is perfectly safe at school – well as safe as Silas can ever be, what with the skirmishes between the Alchemy Department, Summer Society and Zetas.  She’ll have to resort to the tunnels to get around … but I think there’s a pack of coyotes down there.  Iceland is excellent and is doing wonders to my dark and negative nature.  I think I’ll stay a little longer.

‘Clearly’ (SNK; JeanMarco)

So this was for JM week, day six, a loosely interpreted mixture of both the ‘Summer Lovin’’‘Raindrops’ prompts. It’s late, but better late than never, right? sWEATS

Anyway, this mini fic is actually a prequel to the ‘Number Seven’ series, taking place before the original fic picks up. I guess. Idk, it’s kind of fuzzy, timeline-wise. sWEATS MORE

BUT ANYWAY, enjoy. (And note that while this fic does depict discussion of first-time sex, no actual smut takes place, so everyone can safely enjoy this one!)

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Even if websites are 18+ & enforce that strictly people will still be angry that content exists. Y-gal was a website dedicated to yaoi ships that was 18+ & would permanently ban anyone caught lying about their age (and IP ban them if they made a new account). It wasn't all NSFW but to protect minors from seeing such content no minors were allowed. They also had an extensive tag and filter system to make it easy to avoid content you did not want to see. People still hated y-gal (1/2)

People would make accounts on y-gal & use the tag/filters to find subject matter they thought disgusting & proceed to harass creators & repost works without the creators consent to other websites (where minors could see it) in order to mock how awful the works were/how disgusting creators were for liking such things. Last summer the website was hacked and the archive destroyed. Over a decade of art and fic lost forever, thousands of people’s work destroyed, works users turned to to cope or enjoy

Y-gal was a community of consenting adults that did everything in its power to keep the community adult’s only and provide a safe space where everyone could see what they wanted to see and avoid what they didn’t want to see. It was a place by women and for women, along with gay men. It was hated, for allowing problematic content, for being dedicated to m/m pairings because fanboys hated that girls ‘made cool anime about stupid romance and made good characters gay’. It was destroyed due to hate

It wouldn’t matter if AO3 were even better at keeping harmful content away from minors, it would still get hate. People don’t like that other people consent to engage in fantasies they find disturbing or enjoy works they think are bad. People don’t like women enjoying things. Especially this attitude that over 25 you’re not allowed in fandoms, forget that Christmas Cake nonsense women are people and can like things, including fandoms, shipping and romance. Quit shaming women for sexual fantasy.

I don’t think I have anything that i can add to this.