everyone else's wages are stagnant

anonymous asked:

If the government gives you money for you to feed yourself, don't fucking waste it on tattoos or Prada bags. If you're spending it on that shit then you must not need government money to live on. Poor people who do that shit are scamming pieces of fucking scum and deserve to fucking starve.

the money that people on welfare or unemployment get is a pittance. it is nothing. getting welfare is a massive pain in the ass, for very little money - do you really think anyone who wants to commit fraud is going to go for welfare? seriously? 

rich people steal incomparably more money than the poor do. they have insanely low tax rates but commit tax evasion anyway. they double and triple their own damn salaries, causing wages to remain stagnant for everyone else. they lobby the government to start wars we don’t fucking need so they can make money. we can’t pass any goddamn gun control laws because rich people make money off that shit, too, and don’t care how many casualties there are as long as they’re lining their pockets.

the greed of the rich is literally killing people, it is fucking you and me and everyone else over, and you’re yelling about the impoverished, who i can guarantee are not spending money on fucking prada over food. but it’s the poor you wanna focus on. really. are you serious. are you honestly for fucking real