everyone else will be dubstep djs

I believe in the beauty of a rave. Baptized by music, raised by lights, inspired by energy around you. I believe I am your neighbor, I am your friend, I am a DJ, I am a dancer. I believe in the colorful plastic kandi-bracelet trading kids of the world. I believe ravers are the modern hippies of our generation. I believe in the outfits and costumes you create to transform yourself into a sparkly flower goddess of music. I believe gloving is a pure art form on it’s own. I believe in letting go of responsibilities, feeling the beat, letting the music flow through you. I believe in all those who live by P.L.U.R (peace, love, unity, respect.) I believe that there is nothing more magical than dancing in a giant crowd united as one. Worshiping the most talented DJ’s that are making music right before you, controlling the crowd with the beat. I believe in the amazing atmosphere of a music festival. I believe in EDC’s giant daisy lights guiding people to the stage. I believe in Paradiso’s beautiful backdrop scenery at the Gorge. I believe in Coachella’s diversity of tents hosting different types of music for all people. I believe in Tomorrow Land’s ability to attract people from all over the world. I believe in Sasquatch to bring together the hippie music lovers of Canada and America. I believe in Ultra to join the hottest people of Florida to just let loose and go crazy. EDM is more than just electro dance music, it’s a way of life for many. I believe EDM is home, it gives everyone a chance to belong and to just be yourself. I believe it provides new friendships and a reason to go on in life if you have nothing else to keep you going. Each type of EDM speaks for itself in a different way. Dubstep/trap when you’re feeling rowdy and alive. Deep house/trance when you just wanna vibe. Disco when you want to dance like no ones watching in front of your mirror. I believe in what each DJ stands for. The way they’re dedicated to the music, lost in their beats, and not lost in the fame or money. I believe in their commitment and relationship with their fans since all ravers are family. I believe in “the drop.” that they bless us with. The way the whole world seems to just stand still before the beat really breaks out and rocks your world. I believe in showing people new music and saying “Wait for it… Wait for it…” As you both anticipate the drop. I believe in Eyes, Levels, Pass The Love Around, Lullabies, Easy, Live For The Night, Latch, So Young So High. I believe songs are like the puzzle pieces to the crazy jigsaw of life, each coming together in their own unique way creating memories. I believe not everyone will understand this or have an open mind to it. But this is something everyone needs to believe, raves are not a drug crazed orgy. They’re not something to be scared of either. I believe times have changed from what your parents know, so move with the times. I believe in the beauty of all ravers across the whole world living their lives each day by P.L.U.R!