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TALESLINK9 is a Tales-only doujin event that took place today at Odaiba’s Tokyo Big Sight. As the name implies, a lot of fanmade merchandise were sold during this event! For however short the time was, it was great having the opportunity to buy from and interact with fan artists who have made this fandom an enjoyable place to be in!

Puyo Quest Popularity Contest #3.
I started this piece a year ago, but I was too busy to finish it until now. Oops.
#1 Arle アルル
#2 Schezo シェゾ
#3 Rulue ルルー
#4 Draco ドラコ
#5 Ringo りんご
#6 Carbuncle カーバンクル
#7 Raffina ラフィーナ
#8 Doppelganger Arle ドッペルゲンガーアルル
#9 Feli フェーリ
#10 Satan サタン
#11 Amitie アミティ
#12 Strange Klug あやしいクルーク
#13 Dark Arle ダークアルル
#14 Lemres レムレス
#15 NOT A PUYO CHARACTER ぷよじゃないだから嫌だ
#16 Lidelle リデル
#17 Popoi ポポイ
#18 Ecolo エコロ
#19 Seriri セリリ
#20 Yuu & Rei ユウちゃん&レイくん


Tagging @aochii9113 since you asked initially XD but yes here you go~ 

Funny thing was I was listening to Britney’s Toxic while scanning this XD ;_; to be honest this is way too precious to use ahahaha. But frankly the pockets for the can badges are really small shoot me it’s so cute too so I don’t think a lot of badges really fit. Buuut it’s such a nice item to add into my BSD collection >w<~ 

Again like, idk if you’re using this scanned images from here/me, credits not necessary but still appreciated.