everyone else on tumblr can see it


the writer. messy notebooks, messy desks. messy head. scribbling all over their arms. night owl. never being able to finish a project. losing too many ideas due to forgetfulness. passionate about everything. know-it-all. not knowing their own limits. trying to make flowers bloom, even during heavy storms.

the poet. quiet. visual mind. head filled with ideas, struggling to find the right words. not being productive for three months and then writing six poems in an hour. reading the entire dictionary several times. noticing little details that no one else does. laughing quietly. wishing to be enough, someday.

the painter. failing at consistency. having paint all over their face, clothes, and desks. spending more money on art supplies than on anything else. notebooks filled with doodles, tears, and flowers. radiating sunshine. heavy mood swings. supporting, and being supported.

the performer. loud. not hesitating to speak up, for themselves, for others. trying to see the good in everything. rain, and the smell before rain. drinking more coffee than their body can handle. reading every book at once. laughing and crying at the same time. being honest. the helping hand everyone needs.

to all of my followers, and especially my younger ones, please don’t believe in all of the tumblr ideology without thinking about it critically. while tumblr can be right sometimes, a lot of it is just virtue signaling and mob mentality. if you don’t agree with something you see on tumblr please don’t think it just because that’s what everyone else is doing and you don’t want to feel ostracized 

People are poisonous
I can’t remember who I used to be because I’m being suffocated by human beings
I can’t remember what I want because all I can see is what everyone else wants
I can’t remember if I’m happy or sad because of what the world tells me to be
I can’t even remember if it’s okay to be mad
Because of an avalanche of what people would think
So tell me people are good
No, people are poisonous
I’m sure I’d be me if it wasn’t for society
Why are they trying to hide the real
In everybody
—  Who do you think you are?

Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to redo my commission sheet for a while and since I’m in trouble again financially, I’ve been working hard to get it done ; v ;/

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job is still impossible so any help would be appreciated! The prices are not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message, or email me at skaroycafe@yahoo.com. I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

I draw:

  • Splatoon OCs
  • Original OC’s
  • Furry OC’s
  • Fanwork
  • NSFW (will cost extra!)
  • Gore
  • Mostly anything! Feel free to ask if not sure!

More details on what the menu means below Read More! Feel free to ask about things not listed like bust, heads, etc! If you can’t buy anything, signal boosting this would be amazing! Thank you again! <3

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Undercover Cops/Warning for Drug Blogs 6/13/17

Hey everyone sorry for not posting on here for the last week, I’ve been laying low after a frightening incident that happened to me regarding undercover police and someone I met here off Tumblr. Yes, police are targeting people (drug users primarily) on here by making blogs that have nothing on them (no reblogs, no personal content, not following any other blogs but Tumblr Staff and YOU) and messaging drug addicts in private telling them that if we help them score they will give us money/let us keep like half the amount of stuff they’re asking for, etc.

I was debating on whether or not I should post this since the person this is about doesn’t know I know they’re a cop/working for cops, but I want to keep everyone on here safe from this kind of stuff happening to them, so I might as well share my experience.

Basically a blog on here that had nothing posted on their blog and that wasn’t following anyone except for me and Tumblr Staff (two key sketchy signs right there) messaged me asking for help getting H saying that they had just moved from out of state and needed help with a new connect and offered me close to $100 each time for helping them. It seemed sketchy but I desperately needed the money, so I decided to help.

I met with them twice before the third time, being extremely cautious the first two times (watching my surroundings, asking important questions, sending someone else to bring the stuff back to them instead of me, etc.). Then on the third time they asked for a much larger amount than they had asked for the first two times (which is something cops trying to do an undercover buy do, they buy a couple of decent sized amounts and then on buy number three they buy a large amount and try to pop you with it when you return back to them with it.)

On buy three I carefully watched my surroundings. I noticed undercover cop cars around keeping an eye on me, after I walked off I had a bad feeling.

I got a confirmation that my sketched out feelings were right when while the person was waiting on me to come back with dope my friend that knew what I was doing gave me a call and told me that they were over in the area that that person I’m helping is in and that there’s over 5 cop cars and a drug task force vehicle waiting on me to come back so they could bust me. There was also unmarked vehicles with cops looking out the window with binoculars driving up and down the streets looking for where I went. I’m not going to say what happened after this in case the person I wrote this about finds it. I did the smart thing and decided to be safe instead of sorry.


I’ve met probably close to 20 people off of Tumblr, some just to hang out, some for whatever else, and none of them were sketchy people until this last incident.

DON’T HELP BLOGS THAT ARE NEW AND DON’T HAVE ANY CONTENT ON THEM! (aka no reblogs, no personal content, only following you and Tumblr staff or a very unusually small handful of people.)


If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If anyone has anymore questions about avoiding these types of situations, about signs and tips on how to spot an undercover cop, or anything else feel free to message me privately. The area I’m in recently hired 110 more undercovers to do drug busts right now, I’m sure Seattle isn’t the only place with this sort of thing going on right now.

PLEASE, PLEASE BE SAFE EVERYONE. A get well, a high, or a chunk of cash isn’t worth a felony and your freedom.

Please reblog this message so everyone in the drug community on here can see this and be made aware. Tumblr isn’t always a “safe place” like we would like to think it is.


We are NO LONGER days away from the Netflix premiere of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! So to celebrate, let’s get in the spirit and spread some Miraculous love on Tumblr!

We want to see your best Miraculous-themed Valentines! We’re turning to the best fandom to channel your inner Cat Noir, come up with your best puns and one liners, and post your best valentines featuring your favorite characters of Miraculous. We don’t even care if you use comic sans. ;)

Don’t want to make a valentine? Don’t worry, the initiative still needs your help!

We want to see your best Miraculous Valentine’s Day fan art, cards, poems, comics too! If there’s anything else you want to share to celebrate (like recipes, clothing designs, anything!), go for it!

Our goal is to spread love and positivity the way Miraculers know best…. Use your mind, and your heart! We can’t wait to see what you make!

Don’t forget to use the tags #miraculousvalentines and #miraculous ladybug on Tumblr so everyone can share and reblog to spread the Valentine’s spirit! But also, please remember that there are younger members of the fandom who may see your work!

We’ll be reblogging things from you guys all throughout the weekend, so get ready! Spread the word, reblog this post, follow our Tumblr for updates, and stay Miraculous! 🐞✨

Graduating from Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in Dance Ethnography on May 21st, 2017 | Wearing Adrianna Papell for Senior Ball 2017.

I want to send love and positive energy to everyone else who has sustained their blackness, their joy, honored the good and the bad, and maintained resilience. I know can be hard to see light and feel proud of yourself through struggle – but you did it! We did it! 

Instagram: kimmy.neil 

Tumblr: fragile–fighter 


{How To Start A Digital Bullet Journal}

Before I start explaining how to write a digital bujo. I have to say thank you to the lovely @sushi-studies because of you I get to know GoodNotes so I can start writing xoxo

I’m using iPad Pro 9.7-inch and Apple Pencil
I never used other brand’s stylus before so I’m sorry I can’t suggest or compare the stylus for you.

-GoodNotes 4
This is the app I’m using to write my bujo.
The GoodNotes app is actually a simple note taking app. You can create lots of different notebooks for yourself. It has different kinds of style of papers that you can choose. It give you a feeling like you’re writing on a notebook but just a digital one.
-Photoshop Mix

☞Why I Love Digital Bujo

No need to bring lots of things in my bag anymore!!!
Before I have my digital bujo, I need to bring lots of things in my bag (my bujo, pencil case, stickers, tapes…) Plus if I want to add some pictures on my bujo. I need to go find a printer to print it out first and then stick on. It just waste me lots of money and time on it. Lots of tree die, too. But after I go with digital, everything just perfect♡♡ Although the feeling of writing on the real paper and writing on a tablet is different. But I love it so far!

☞How I set my digital bujo

My setting is just like everyone else. For example, I start a monthly calendar to start a new month. Habit tracking and then weekly planner. My weekly planner change every time when I start a new week. I keep trying new setting when I see someone’s awesome post on tumblr! All the lovely posts give me lots of inspiration.

♛I guess that’s it! Not sure about what else do you guys want to know. And there’s nothing else I can think of to share with y'all right now.

If there’s anything you want to know, ask ask ask! I won’t bite :) Even if you’re too shy then just be one of my nonny ♡ xoxo

HARRY HOOK: a list of things


 - so lowkey my power went out during the movie for ten minutes and my dvr fucked up so I missed some key shit during the film that tumblr let me see but… 

 - I’m sorry but if the directors can look me in the eyes an tell me he wasn’t there for sex appeal…. 

 - His unawareness of PROXIMITY to other characters teaches us what? NOTHING but he’s a flirty Mf! 





 - I think his “relationship” with Uma is super insignificant only cuz of the way he behaves with everyone else! “Ooooh the way he looks at her.” IS THE EXACTLY SAME WAY he looks at Carlos tf? 


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GAHHHHHHHHH! *wet emoji*

Welcome to JeanMarco Month 2k17 (June 7-July 6)!

Yes, fair JeanMarco denizens, you heard that right - there will be a whole MONTH of prompts and fanfare for our faves! What better way to celebrate the fact that we just got brand new canon Marco content in the second season of the anime? We think one good turn deserves another, so let’s amp up the fanworks and get this ship lit!

For mobile users: full URL of post is here http://jeanmarcomonth.tumblr.com/post/160196490100/welcome-to-jeanmarco-month-2k17-june-6-july7 to open in web browser, since the tumblr app is often horrendous.


The month-long celebration will take place between June 7 - July 6, in the year (and birthday month) of our Freckled Lord.

What Can I Contribute?

Literally, anything. Recs, headcanons, fic, art, cosplay, mood boards, AMVs, translations, meta, playlists - anything under the sun!

Crying with extreme emotion over JeanMarco is also fine. Post a picture of your tears and we’ll reblog it as the masterpiece that it is.

How Days Work

Most theme weeks focus on prompts, but since we’re doing an entire month, we came up with a diverse roster of ways for you to love on JeanMarco. There are three different types of days interspersed:

  • 1. PROMPT DAYS (aka, Content Creator’s Delight): Good, old-fashioned prompts designed to inspire! Check out the huge array we’ve put together to help you create gorgeous new content. Details: http://jeanmarcomonth.tumblr.com/prompt-days
  • 2. GENRE DAYS (aka, Dust Off Those JM Recs): These are the days when it’s time to get your rec on and celebrate the amazing content people have created for JM in the past. Recommend and yell about others’ work, as well as your own. Spread the love! Details: http://jeanmarcomonth.tumblr.com/genre-days
  • 3. GENERATOR DAYS (aka, When AUs Attack): These days are for AUs which will be produced randomly by a generator. How it works: respond to Jean and Marco in the context of the specific AU however you like! Write, draw, narrate headcanons, post screenshots of your fave AUs – all are welcome. The more diverse, the better. Details: http://jeanmarcomonth.tumblr.com/generator-days  

Content Requirements

There are only two requirements when it comes to your contributions: tag your work NSFW or SFW, and have fun. The second one is direly serious and consequences will be severe for Fun Deserters.

Where Can I Find the Full Day by Day Schedule?

The full day by day schedule of can be found here: http://jeanmarcomonth.tumblr.com/schedule

Late with a contribution? No problem! We will continue to reblog and give mighty praise to your response even after the theme month has ended!

How to Participate and Share

There are many ways to share once you’re ready to share a response to a Day!

  • Tumblr: Post on tumblr using the tag  #jeanmarcomonth and we’ll reblog it here. Make sure it’s in the first five tags, though, or else we won’t see it! You can also tag this blog with the trusty @ symbol.


Check out the FAQ at http://jeanmarcomonth.tumblr.com/faq or send us an ask at http://jeanmarcomonth.tumblr.com/ask

There’s something for everyone this JeanMarco Month, and we’ve been planning for literal months to provide an epic JM love fest. Go forth! Our ship has gotten smaller but our commitment is mighty. But most importantly, have fun!


@kimreesesdaughter You know I struggled through a lot of my life feeling like my skin was a burden. That being one of the darker people of my family made me less beautiful. And here you are on Tumblr showing me and everyone else that it’s okay to love your skin and to appreciate it and I just wanted to thank you for that. You might not see this but I want to thank you for shedding light on the things we deal with, fighting for us and starting this amazing day so we can have a chance to show our beauty. ❤❤❤

brillek  asked:

Tumblr tells me that 1/2 of your recent post contains sensitive media. Do you think Tumblr fucked up on my side or your side?

Can’t believe flowers and tiny dragons are now considered SENSITIVE MATERIAL to tumblr…
Honestly…I have no idea what to do about this. 
Tumblr screwed up so badly.
My blog NEVER contained any sensitive material except perhaps one or two swear words being used in some of my comics.That’s it.
But tumblr has marked my blog under sensitive material in a way that I myself cant view and have no control over. I have no idea how to end this and my anger grows with each day because I never know if my next post will be marked as “not safe for work” and wont appear under the safe tumblr search.

If anybody can help me in this matter, please do. Right now Im just shrugging it off because I ran out of ideas on what to do.


They say
Don’t compare where you are
To where others are-
But how can you ignore
The tears
That form behind your eyes,
The torment
That holds your mind hostage,
The quickening heart rate
That speeds up
When you look around
And see how everyone else
Has moved on
To living the life
You so desperately want
But can’t seem to acquire?


anonymous asked:

Hey if you need a prompt to write I really like the idea of Lance with synesthesia. I find synesthesia reeeeeaaallly cool and it could make for some interesting stories. Also I live for langst and I've been going though your blog looking at your past stories and amazing cosplays like all day and you are like my new favorite person on tumblr. Hope that's not too creepy. ❤️


I had to do a lot of research on this so I hope I brought it justice. 

Slight Reference to Bullies 

Lance was around 6 when he realized that he didn’t see the world the same as everyone else. He saw things differently. He tasted things differently. He smelled things differently. 

Lance never talked about what he experienced until one day he told his mom that he didn’t like the word ‘Blue’ because it tasted weird. 

Lance didn’t quite understand why she laughed at him when he said that. Everyone can taste words right? 

Lance had never been more wrong in his life. 

After a few months of being picked on by his siblings and the laughing stock of his parents he was finally diagnosed. Synesthesia.

It wasn’t anything bad, just made him very different from other people. 

Lance didn’t mind, he simply started to learn what made him uncomfortable. 

The words Blue and Pineapple were a no go for him. It made his mouth feel weird and he was always had an awful taste in his mouth when he said them. 

The number 17 was always yellow. 14 was purple and 349 was vibrant pink. Lance didn’t mind the colors and numbers that much, only when the colors were with there right number. It would always make him slightly uncomfortable when he saw 17 in pink or 14 in green. It just wasn’t normal to him. 

The sensations that moved over his skin likes waves, were the worst. Everytime Lance smelled broccoli or raw meat his skin crawled. He couldn’t get it to stop until he was away from the smell. 


Lance grew used to bullies throughout his years in school. It didn’t take long for people to notice what made Lance uncomfortable. Once they did, they would use it against him. 

They would write numbers in the wrong color, they would trick Lance into saying blue, they would eat broccoli right next to him. 

Lance couldn’t escape it. Not even at the Garrison. 

Lance thanked every God under the sun that he got a understanding roommate, a boy named Hunk. Hunk was very supportive of him and tried to make Lance’s days as easy as possible. No broccoli or raw meat, no horrible words, no wrong color numbers. 


When Lance joined Voltron, he was faced with 5 new people that knew nothing of his situation. 

Lucky Lance never had to look at numbers but sometimes the food goo would smell a little too close to broccoli. Those meals were always the hardest for Lance, he couldn’t exactly get up and leave the table. 

Even when Lance was on Earth his mother would serve broccoli and tell Lance to suck it up when he started to shift in his seat and rub his arms. 

Of course Lance had to pilot the Blue lion, and he had to say the word ‘Blue’ more than he ever wanted. 


Lance eventually started to use his  synesthesia to his and the entire team’s advantage. He was able to remember certain passcodes due to the colors that he familiarized with certain numbers. He never knew the code perfectly but he would see pink in his head and know the number. 

Lance was also more creativity than his team so he found himself helping Pidge and Hunk come up with new machines. 


He still hadn’t opened up to his team (excluding Hunk) because of his fear of how they would treat him. However after living with the team for a few months he didn’t care what they thought or how they reacted. 

Lance entered the bridge where everyone was standing, Lance filled his lungs with oxygen and spoke loud and clear. “I have something to tell you all.” 

Sorry it took so long! 

I can see why you’re interested in this topic! Once I started to research I couldn’t stop <3 

I hope you like it!

Thank you <333

Also I’m happy that you like my blog! 


Dear Global Cluster,

Sense8 inspired @a-womans-courage to draw this..

And inspired me to write fanfiction after a year of giving up on writing.

How did Sense8 inspire YOU?

It could be anything: drawing, writing fanfiction, drabbles, headcanon, episode analyses, or poetry. It could be photo editing, or video editing. It could be that Sense8 inspired you to be a better person, or changed your perspective on some things.

It doesn’t have to be something new. It could be something you’ve done, drawn, written, or felt years ago.

Please share with us (Your cluster <3), and everyone else how this inspiration manifested itself. Share your work and thoughts for us to see and appreciate.

Use the tag #Sense8InspiresMe here on Tumblr and on Twitter so we can show others how much this show has touched us all.


Anytime! The point isn’t to get this trending, but to show people how important Sense8 has become to us all, and how it brought out the best in us.

Please reblog so others can see this and take part.

Thank you, Sensies!

Here it is! The time is upon us! We have officially entered the month in which Tangled Before Ever After and Tangled the Series will air! WELCOME TO MARCH 2017!

In anticipation of Tangled Before Ever After airing on the Disney Channel at 8:00 PM on March 10th, we’re going to be kicking off Before Tangled Before Ever After, a fan event further drawing the community on Tumblr together in celebration of this momentous occasion. We’ve set up a prompt a day for the week leading up to the Disney Channel Original Movie. To participate, simply post your art, edit, fanfic, gif, or whatever else you want inspired by the prompt, on Tumblr and tag it Before Tangled Before Ever After, BTBEA, Tangled Before Ever After and TBEA, as well as anything else you want, but this way you have the best chance of everyone seeing your work! (And if, for some reason, it’s not showing up in the tags, feel free to send me a link so I can reblog it.)

  • Friday, March 3rd: Friends
  • Saturday, March 4th: Family
  • Sunday, March 5th: Best Day Ever
  • Monday, March 6th: I’ve Got a Dream
  • Tuesday, March 7th: Weapon of Choice
  • Wednesday, March 8th: New Adventures
  • Thursday, March 9th: Life After Happily Ever After

Feel free to participate all, some, or even just one of the days! No amount is too little or too much! If you have multiple ideas for a prompt, feel free to submit more than one thing! Submit early! Submit late! Just so long as it’s fun for you! Even if you live outside the United States and won’t have access to the movie on March 10th, we encourage your participation! (Please, though, no smut, since we’re encouraging people to look at the submissions for what is a family show.)

I intend to reblog everything with the tags Before Tangled Before Ever After and BTBEA, so we can always look back on this week of thrill and anticipation.

Have fun, everyone, and happy creating! WE MADE IT!

Overcome by this choly
of the melan variety
For no reason at all I can see.
It’s just me.
And everyone else I know
Whether they hide it or no
We all bleed not-so slow.
—  Me

I’m starting to realize how disgusting the ace discourse actually is. Like seeing the ugly underbelly of something innocent. I thought I wanted to make my own inclusionist sideblog in order to talk and communicate with both sides, share my own experiences and thoughts, but the longer I waited (at first due to other obligations) the more I realized how the exclusionist side is seeped through with stubborn hate. People who would proudly wear an anything-phobe term, normalizing a type of hate they should be fighting against.

Not even TERFs wear their term like a badge of honor. It’s so disgusting that these people think we have to rationally discuss or even talk to them, when all they want us to do is see us dissapear. ‘Ace/Aro is valid’ my ass, even those who claim they’re non-aphobes constantly interacts and normalizes aphobia because ‘uwu clearly it’s not real, i talk to people who normalized it for me, like a nice little package i can consume’.

This is even OFTEN coming from people who aren’t ace/aro! Who would have no idea how to even relate to people not in their exact situation. The completele lack of empathy for people even slightly different is so gross! But so many ace/aro people realize how similar our experience are with other lgbt+ people. We can relate, dammit! We grow up knowing we’re different from the rest. We just, APPARENTLY, don’t get the benefit of finding somewhere we belong!

I’m so angry! The amount of erasure ace and aro people have to deal with is staggering. At first I knew it was ignorance. I’m 25 and I grew up not knowing what ace was and I felt fucking broken for 20 years of my life, because ace wasn’t a thing in my society or culture. And my country is fucking open for LGBT, my country is amazing in that regard, but I still felt alone. Erasure is a real goddamn problem, but now we have to deal with it WITHIN the community too.

Kids can’t made pride icons with ace/aro in it without being 'called out’ for being insensitive. People can’t embrace being ace/aro unless they’re 'lgbt enough’. People want us to delete content, EVEN IF IT’S CREATED BY ANON REQUEST, because, what? We don’t fit in? Like we don’t fit in in a heteronormative society? Like YOU don’t fit in? And to think, that some exclusionist wants us to pull away and make 'our own community’ so we can exist in our own little bubble of being different from EVERYONE ELSE! BECAUSE FUCK US RIGHT???

I am so done with this. I used to think that this discourse was split on opinion. That exclusionists simply had an opinion about what ace/aro was and meant, that they had trouble relating, that they had a view of lgbt (or should I say lgbtpn) that they found difficult to split from. And I could respect that. I used to think they could be talked to. That I could respect their opinion of what lgbt+ was, how they wanted their safe space, but I realized there are no unproblematic exclusionists.

Exclusionists live from aphobic rhetorics. Even if they say we have valid identities, they normalize the shit we go through by talking to those who wants us gone. Are ace/aro 'priviliged’ in the fact that we are hidden and easy to ignore in the heteronormative society? Perhaps. But we’re not fucking part of that society because of that. Our erasure is not a fucking excuse for your sorry exclusionist ass to keep 'YOUR’ community perfect like some goddamn purification project.

The best part is that exclusionists are trying so fucking hard to gain traction in a constantly losing battle. They know it. We know it. I see it every day on tumblr how inclusion becomes more and more normal because exclusionists attack everything they can get their hands on, alienating everyone in the process. They make this intracommunity discourse issue more obvious for the general lgbt+ public and the everyone else recoiled in response. 'Of course ace and aro are part of the community’ has become more and more common to see from downright shocked lgbt+ people.

Of course THEY expect us to just, behave and be civil while they desperately try to claw their way out of a sinking sand pit. That we should act nice as they become more and more irrelevant and lash out in response to this. 'help us dammit we punched holes in our boat and we’re sinking.’ they would say. 'no,’ i say, 'you never had a fucking boat to begin with.’ Exclusionism is a done and dead ideology. I thought I wanted to make a calm, positive inclusionist blog to discuss with, but not anymore. I’m done.

I still hate the generalization that is rampant in the discourse; painting every exclusionists as bad, painting every inclusionist as bad, because of a few. But I’m done with people who wear aphobe like a badge of honor. I’m done with trying to be accepting of exclusionism at its core. For a while I thought I wanted to pull away from the lgbt+ community because of the hate.

But no. We belong, whether exclusionists like it or not. We’re part of lgbt+ like we always were. Exclusionists can’t erase us anymore. May we all have a goddamn fantastic time!


There’s so much here that I don’t even begin to know where to address it, aside from one chilling detail–TERFs often do wear their label like a badge of honor. “Radfem” is more common, yes, but many of them will gladly call themselves TERFs because they want to take our power away from the term.

That’s another piece of exclusionism rhetoric that is shared between TERFs and aspec-exclusionists. They want to take our terminology and remove the power we put into it. That way whenever someone says “aphobe!” they can laugh. It becomes a joke word.

It’s horrific.

This is a very emotional rant that I can relate to in a lot of ways. Yes, stop normalizing exclusionism.

–Mod Mercy

I’m too old for the Tumblr discourse.

Everything is absolute.

There is no shades of grey. No compromise. There is no understanding or trying to see the perspective of others. Everyone else is just horrible people and you yourself is fighting for The Objective Good.

A perspective particularly damaging in regards to sexuality and gender. Sexuality and gender ISN’T EASY. It isn’t clear cut. It can never be. There’s life times of triggers and traumas depending on everyone’s cultural and generational context. It’s different for everyone and THAT IS OK.

And sometimes people do stuff that isn’t ok but ostracizing people for a spelling error they made when they were 12 isn’t healthy. Give people room to make mistakes, because you know what? You also make mistakes. And you will make more of them. 

That is life.

Creating an environment where people are terrified of making mistakes, or asking questions, which equals LEARNING, isn’t healthy at all. It’s the opposite. A person that feels like making a mistake is the end of the world, and is never allowed to forget it, stagnates in their personal development.

Give people some damn room to grow.