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Our love is something like…childhood friends. I’ve protected you, often looking at the way you tried your hardest in life, just like everyone else, sometimes falling down and being picked up by none other than me. In the pictures you burn that often remind you of bad times in your life, you don’t see me, but I was there by your side. Sometimes I wish I was just like you, that I could easily forget you, but protecting you is my life…it has been my job this whole time. The clock ticks and your eyes widen when you notice the wings that peak out of my back, a smile that magically lies to you as I whisper the words that hurt me more and more each time…

Please, forget me.

And you always do.

A Concept, if you will.

Okay, so, Grand Prix Final Gala, Yuri wins gold, of course, and is selected to dance at the end with the other winners and whatnot and it’s a grand old time.

But then!

Just as everyone else is exiting the rink with suspicious smiles on their faces Yurio and Phichit spin around and grab Yuri’s arms. They drag him to the middle of the ice and threaten him to not move until the end before they too leave. Anxiety crawls up Yuri’s spine as he’s left there, the audience staring at him in anticipation.

Then a light comes on rink side as Victor fucking Nikiforov skates onto the ice.

He grabs poor confused Yuri and does a lap to show him off to the crowd, before planting him against the wall at the front. Victor asks Yuri to keep his eyes on him and him alone as he drifts back to the center.

“Stay with Me” begins to play as Victor dances his heart out for Yuri. When it gets to the last bit, right where Victor is a hairsbreadth away from Yuri, he breaks choreography and grabs Yuri’s arms, dragging him with him. Music practically forgotten, they dance together so emphatically that Yuri doesn’t even notice all the other skaters returning to the ice.

It doesn’t occur to him until he finds himself completely encircled by friends and competitors. They’re so close he can’t see where Victor is anymore. After a chorus of cheers from the friends they all skate backward, breaking the circle momentarily to reveal Victor himself.

He’s now on one knee.

A ring box in hand.

What I’ve learned in 2016.
1. Let things be, let people be. Stop controlling things around you. Everything has a natural order, let it evolve on its own.
2. Enjoy the moment, what’s gone is gone, and what’s next is uncertain.
3. It’s okay to not have all the answers, it’s okay to not have everything figured out, career, goals, life, etc.
4. Be with you family more, hug your parents; take your siblings out. They are the ones who’ll always be by your side.
5. Don’t place your happiness in other people. Look out for yourself, if you won’t no one else will.
6. You can’t control what people say or think about you, because everyone has their own perspective, but you can control how you let it affect you.
7. Everything is a choice and it’s always up to you to decide. There is no such thing as “I don’t have a choice”.
8. Open up to people. Share your soul with them. If they are really meant to be in your life they will stay and accept that part of you. The things that are really meant to happen will happen.
9. Nothing is miserable unless you think it so; and nothing brings happiness unless you are content with it.
10. More than love, friendship, respect or any sorts of cliché emotions what we crave for most is attention. And it’s okay to want so.
types of ships
  • gigantic deluxe cruise: 34705 search results on everywhere, dominates the fanzine market, badass edits with lots of heart-wrenching quotes since they’re probably the main characters. author probably shipped them as well, tbh. usually the “opposite personality” pair, overused tropes, nicknames, etc.
  • modest viking longship: has been there since the beginning of time, always appears as a side ship in fics, especially those with all the main cruises in one universe. yet has surprisingly little main fics considering how the characters basically aren’t shipped with anyone else but each other.
  • the “aww” submarine: that non-mainstream pair whose fanart pops up on your dash once a while. everyone lowkey ships them in a ‘in another universe where my otp didn’t exist’ way. see: “I don’t get why don’t more people ship xxx!” actually, they do.
  • the sturdy fishing boat: usually clashes with one of the mainstream ships. people either ship them, think they’re good as they are now, or oppose them with a passion. with enough supporters it may upgrade to a bigger fishing vessel, garner quite a bit of attention and start discourse with the cruise oppressors. mostly stays in their waters and are chill if u don’t insult them
  • the driftwood: tinier than the piece of lumber that jack and rose couldn’t hold on to at the same time. you need wood? you make wood. EMPHASIS: usually consists of couples that would theoretically be good together since a) they are minor characters and b) they have had zero interaction
  • the lone canoe: most perplexing of all. these characters are well known, have decent interaction, yet are never shipped together. when it is suggested people frown upon you as they are deeply rooted within their prejudices, but convert someone and you will be much more satisfied with the content than poor driftwood.
Shit Bonding Sessions

DM: So as you continue through the sewer, you see this room that is completely covered in rat shit. Just piles of it everywhere, floor to ceiling. But, there’s a sort of empty path down the middle, and at the end of it is a small bag.
All 4 players at once: I go grab the bag.
DM: Alright, everybody, roll initiative.
(I get a nat 20, everyone else rolls really low)
DM: So you all start forward, but then you (me) push the others to the side and grab the bag while they fall into the rat shit.
Fighter: I hate you.
Paladin (ooc): I give you a congratulatory hug.
Me: Wait, don’t.
DM: Too late, she hugs you, now you’ve got rat shit all over you too.
Paladin (ooc): Can I roll to push her into the shit?
DM: Sure
(she succeeds, I fail the dex save and she body slams me into a pile of shit)
Me: Ugh, can we leave now?
DM: You exit the room, but all your clothes are still covered in rat shit and you smell awful.
Me (ooc): What’s in this bag anyway?
DM: A cheap amulet and three copper buttons.
Me: Worth it.

i really adore lovelace as a character specifically because she gets to be fucked up in ways female characters are not often allowed to be. this starts with her motivations when she first appeared already, that kind of all consuming need to have vengeance for what was done to you, which women really only get to indulge in and still be painted sympathetically when it comes to sexual assault or abuse at the hands of men.

but it extends to the pragmatic cruelty she employs in order to do what she believes will keep her team mates safe as well. so often, when it comes to moral dilemmas like the one in “time to kill”, women only ever get to represent the more empathetic, compassionate side ruled by their heart, whereas men are the ones to make decisions based on cold, hard logic. lovelace on the other hand gets to act with the brisk rationality and bitter confidence that comes with knowing you’re right even if everyone else would prefer you weren’t, and being able to take on all the blame and animosity that entails. it’s great. i love her.

if anyone ever tries to tell you modern technology is bad and us millenials are rotting our brains or whatever, remember that i aced a bomb disposal equipment challenge once because the robot was controlled by analog sticks (one side for direction, other side for speed) and no one else could work out how to sync them smoothly to make the robot move around without jerking and stalling

i picked it up right away and did the whole challenge literally 5-7 minutes faster than everyone else (who were all like 20-40 years older than me) and when one of the engineers asked me how i did it all i could say was “look my ass grew up running people over and going for the kill streetracing on simpsons hit and run for the ps2 alright”

I feel like we don’t talk about Draco/Astoria enough ??

Like after the war Draco is basically hated on both sides because the death eaters are like “you’re a fucking coward and so are your parents” but everyone else is like “you’re a disgusting death eater” bUT here is this girl who fucking loves him to death and shows him light when he’s in a really dark place takes all the pieces of this broken boy and puts him back together and he loves her so much that he stands up to his PARENTS for her,,, (something he never does),,,and marries her despite what anybody thinks and they just love and care for each other so much that they lock themselves away from society and spend everyday together and decide to have a child for THEMSELVES. Not for the pureblood, not to continue the family name, for them and their love for each other. And Draco’s so devastated when she dies that he literally has to restrain himself e v e r y d a y from using dark magic just to spend one more fucking minute with her and I feel like their love is so overlooked and ??? Honestly I’m just really emotional about Draco and Astoria

Ok this is just a theory or me just overthinking it, but… Why is Rey standing on the dark side of the poster? She is standing next to Kylo Ren.Why is she not next to Finn and everyone else on the other side of the poster? Maybe, and hear me out, this could foreshadow Rey switching over to the dark side.

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Come with me to the Rom Com

Imagine you go to see a movie, and right from the start the two main characters have a special connection: the circumstances under which they meet are extraordinary, and right away it seems like they’re in their own little world. They’re happy together, flirting, and person A goes so far as to ask B if they have a significant other. Person B, as it turns out, is emotionally damaged and not up for a relationship right now.

This is classic boy-meets-girl stuff we’re talking about.

Person B, despite seeming reluctant, opens up to person A faster than they ever have with anyone else. Each shows the other sides of themselves they could never show other people. Person B tries to mold themselves to person A’s standards because they adore person A and believe that person is the best example of how to be.

Their connection is so obvious, everyone they meet comments on it as if the fact that they’re a couple is a given. Everyone sees the chemistry, the way these two people fit together despite not seeming at home anywhere else. Person A and B acknowledge the chemistry between them by joking about their relationship going further…but when A and B are apart, we see them admitting to themselves that there are just some truths they’re too damaged and afraid to say.

Eventually, A and B get separated by circumstances outside of their control. Person A, though they never recover fully, attempts to survive and move on and meets someone else. Person B comes back, there’s a sad reunion scene–person B cries about how person A is with someone else now (though they try to act like that’s not why they’re crying) even as they try to mend the damage done to the relationship due to the time spent apart.

Person A gets married. Person B, after being told it isn’t standard friend behavior to leave a loved one’s wedding early, leaves the wedding early, clearly upset and lonely. Because they can’t take it.

Imagine that through circumstances beyond their control, both end up single once again.

They exchange heartfelt sentiments about the deepest workings of their inner lives. They hold each other, comfort each other; person B’s hand wanders up the nape of person A’s neck so tenderly that you can almost feel it just by witnessing it.

But they don’t end up together. Despite all the years, and this new chance to make a go of it, the guy and girl never make the leap into romance.

Kinda unsatisfactory, right?

Now imagine you’re leaving the theater and you hear groups of people discussing the movie as you’re all walking out. They’re arguing over whether person A and B should have gotten together romantically, when someone raises this oh-so-valid argument:

“God, does everything have to be straight?”

I hate that argument, don’t you? Happens all the time.

Being best friends with Carl Grimes would include...

-Holding hands a lot
-Playing around with his hair, braiding it, putting it in pigtails, finding a hair straightener and straightening it, putting it in a bun, etc etc
-Laying in bed having sad conversations really late at night when everyone else is asleep (sometimes you both end up crying)
-Reading your separate comics/books side by side and telling the other when something worth mentioning happens (”[character] just died” / “[character] just proposed” / “Listen to this joke omg”)
-Always trying to protect each other (”Y/N get behind me!” “No, you get behind me!”)
-Sometimes getting in small fights, but you both forgive each other quickly (”I don’t want you going, Y/N! I’ve already lost enough people!” “I don’t want you going either, Carl! You’re not the only one who’s lost people!”)
-Watching Judith together
-Bringing things back to Alexandria that you think the other will like on the rare times you’ll go on runs
-Finding nail polish and painting each other’s nails (”Y/N you’re getting it all over my fingers.” “Oh jee sorry, it’s almost as if I haven’t painted nails in five years, oh wait, I haven’t!” “I’ve never painted anybody’s nails before and I’m doing a better job than you!”)
-Having lots of inside jokes
-Reassuring him that he’s wonderful and you love him (because the poor boy’s probably insecure af)
-Hugs. Long hugs, short hugs, thank you hugs, don’t be sad I love you hugs, tired hugs, every kind of hug

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Hey Ink! What do you like about Error the most?

…what I like about Error the most?

Well, I can say one thing for sure - if it’s one thing that I have to pick, it’s that Error can relate. To most monsters even the concept of there being a multiverse is a foreign thought - not even to speak about traveling it. Not Error though. He’s seen a lot more than almost everyone else in the multiverse. He can relate being an out-code. And his job involves similar topics as mine, even though it’s on the other side of the spectrum.

So I can casually talk about AU’s and stuff and Error knows what I’m talking about.

“Wendy shook Prince up and made him laugh. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to him and tell him what she thought. She came furthest of anyone I’ve seen of pulling Prince out of his shell,” observes Susan Rogers. “He adored her and felt comfortable with her. Everyone else was more or less intimidated by him. I remember one time, it was in the summer, and Prince was sitting at a keyboard. He was playing with no shirt on and Wendy reached over and pulled his underarm hair. He brought his elbow into his side and said ‘Don’t!’ and resumed playing. She reached over and pulled it again and he said ‘Cut it out!’ And they had a mock fight, kind of slapping each other. Not even his girlfriends were that informal with him. She was the only person who was that way with him, and he loved it.”

- Susan Rogers, Dance Music Sex Romance by Per Nilsen


Pietersite, Erythrite, and introducing!!!!!! Cinnabar (and Cinna’s human disguise while they’re hanging out on earth)

pieter was a loyal homeworld officer, always trying to do good. they recently came to earth on a lead to investigate the Stolen Important Technology™ that sno ran off with (to keep out of cinna’s hands) while everyone else was distracted by rose’s rebellion. pieter had never been off homeworld before and was not aware of the real destruction the gems cause for other planets. pieter has since grown fond of the humans and has been questioning their loyalty to an authority that wishes to destroy earth.

cinnabar and their gang went rogue after pink diamond was shattered and tried to take the opportunity to get their hands on so called Important Tech™ and use it to overtake homeworld and earth while both sides where busy and weakened by fighting each other, but sno got to it first and fled. cinna’s gang has since been looking for lil sno, and their search has led them to earth.

and ery is an awful pink gremlin who needs to be punched in the face.

untitled preview

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You stood at the river’s edge and stared out across the black water. Your eyes caught in a daze wondering what your life was like if you had just been born like everyone else. What your life would be like if you had come from a womb instead of test tube. You had always dreamed of crossing the other side, to see what life was like outside of the city you were placed in. But as you thumbed the folded piece of paper in your pocket you knew that you would never get the chance.

You slipped the paper from the confines of your pocket and re-read it for the 55th time. Your first donation was scheduled a week from tomorrow. You had to report to the hospital in 5 days for preparations and blood work to make sure that your perfectly created body was still perfect.

Jungkook’s smile flashed before your eyes and a lump caught in your throat making it hard to hold back the sobs that were trying to escape your lips. He was waiting for you back at the hospital. It was after all the eve of his second donation. Even though you had been through this process almost a hundred times before, it still made your whole body shake with nerves.

And now it was your turn.

You looked at the paper in your hand and over to the black water lapping at your feet. You adjusted your feet against the chain link fence, the only barrier between you and the unknown, and leaned forward. You watched as the paper floated on the surface of the water but it wouldn’t sink. You gripped one hand on the railing and the other reached forward.

The silver bracelet on your wrist suddenly came alive as your hand hit the floating paper. The cold water stung your fingertips as the alarm from you our wrist went off. You pulled back and planted your feet back on the earth beneath you. The bracelet continued to sound an alarm through the silent night, a red light blinking where the metal had been sealed into one.

It wasn’t long before the sound of tires pulled up behind you. You didn’t turn around as their footsteps approached, you being the target. It wasn’t until one of them cleared their throat that you gave them the satisfaction of turning around. “It’s time to go, Y/N. Jungkook is going to be worried about you” the man told you.

You cocked your head to the side and scoffed, “So the rumors are true, watchers do exist”

“Favorite” Negan X Reader

summary: Negan confesses you you’re his favorite wife

 was requested so i hope requester enjoys it :D 

It’s been a few weeks since Negan purposed to you. Oddly it was one month later you barely got to the Sanctuary saved by him. You did find Negan attracted and he was kind to spare your life but now your own of his wives now. You didn’t understand him sometimes he was just so soft around you and not to anyone else. You can tell the other wives are jealous but you don’t care so much as you enjoyed his soft side.

One night you were in the girls hang out area and everyone was doing their usual things gossiping around the sanctuary, talking about Negan and sometimes even about you. You didn’t mind you mostly sat by the window and look out for anything as you hold onto a big pillow.

Suddenly Simon comes in with Dwight, “Knock knock!” he chuckles. Dwight rolls his eyes, “chop chop ladies” he tells you, “it’s time to go to your rooms and get some beauty sleep.” The girls say goodnight to each other even to Simon and Dwight as they head out. You nod and head off to your room… well Negan’s room.

You didn’t know why but ever since you and Negan got married he’s always wanted you in bed. Sometimes not even for the sex he just likes to hold onto you and cuddle you in bed. You smile at that thought and head upstairs.

As you enter the room you see Negan setting up a table with candles in the middle. “What going on?” you ask. Negan turns as he was setting down two plates on both ends of the table; he makes a warm smile, “think you’re going to bed this early?”  He chuckles and pats the chair. You walk over and sit down as he scoots the chair into the table like a gentle man.

He walks over to the dresser and has a pot of leftover chicken, handing you a piece and some for himself. You smile and sniff the chicken, you are pretty hungry and at least negan did this. Negan puts some veggies besides it and walks back to the dresser, grabbing a bottle of wine, “look what I found!” he chuckles pouring you a cup, “it’s your favorite.”

You blush, as you’re flattered, “how did you find this?” you ask. Negan just shrugs and sits down across from you. You start to dig into the chicken and smile as you eat. It was a nice, small romantic thing for Negan to do. You know he’s not good at romance but every small thing he does is very sweet of him.

Negan swallows a piece of Chicken and stares at you dreamily as you eat. You notice and smile at him, “yes?” Negan just sits back on his chair, “(Y/N)” he says, “I want to tell you something I never told any of my wives right now.”

“What’s that?”

“You’re my favorite” he smiles warmly at you, “honest… the way I feel about you… I never had this feeling towards anyone in a long time.” You blush more and look down smiling, “oh Negan” you say.

Negan walks over and knees down at you, “I love you” he smiles. You smile back and kiss him deeply, “I love you too” you start to giggle. “What?” Negan asks and picks you up bridal style. “Honestly… you’re my favorite boyfriend I ever had” you tell him and kiss his cheek. Negan chuckles softly and set you down in bed, “well now I’m you’re husband” he says and gets in bed with you; holding you from behind, “goodnight… my queen.” You blush softly and tell him back, “goodnight my king” you smile.

He gives you a goodnight kiss on the forehead and continues to hold you as you two fall asleep.

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