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(Hi I'm going to scream here bc u said it's ok to do so) ur fics r a blessing. Btw now i kind of need the Compliment Yuuri Party to be a thing in my life. I have so many feelings about this boy; he's so freaking amazing He moved all alone to another country to achieve his dream. Even before vitya came into his life, he was already japan's top skater and made it to the gpf; and wle dealing with anxiety! I wish he was more aware of how amazing he is. Im so proud and just want to hug him, really

YES this is exactly the right place to come screaming about Katsuki Yuuri’s appreciation i’m open to it 24/7 and also aaahhhhhh you’re so nice im??? thank you;;;;;;

Okay hear me out we can’t have a real party because of dumb multiverse theories where the characters don’t really technically exist in this reality but I’m gonna throw the hot, sweet potato to someone who can and is absolutely in line with our constant “I love Katsuki Yuuri and everything that he stands for” mood.

(I posted this on ao3 too!)

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So everyone under the sun is either obsessed with 1)Third Year Angst, 2) Idol Serious Business 3) Aqours Finally Getting it. But what about Chika? I mean - this isn't the first time she had frozen up after things had gone wrong. Yes - she tried her best to get her act together as a leader, but she should be aware that it isn't enough. I mean - even You was waiting patiently for her to just let it out. She isn't really quite leader material yet. How do you see her developing?

The short answer: Chika definitely has leadership qualities. Her issue is that she’s trying to force herself to grow too quickly; ironically, this is exactly what’s hindering her development. In order to become the leader of a school idol group, Chika needs to learn how to trust her friends. Once Chika learns this, she’ll have a much better grasp of the group dynamics and can properly advance as the leader of Aqours.

As for the long answer: we’ll need to analyze not just one, but two former leaders in order to do this. Say hello to our old pal, the read-more cut.

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"I'm you daddy!" 5sos parent blurbs

A/N: just something I wrote after a touching moment I saw on T.V.


He was late, so very late and he knew there was no excuse but he just got caught up at the studio. Tonight was Michael’s five year old son’s first Halloween party that he would actually remember and Michael promised he would be there. Did everything in his power to make sure he would be and now he was racing home with only five minutes to spare.

“Is he ready to go?” Michael burst through the door of his parent’s house already kicking off his shoes and removing his jacket. “He said he didn’t want to be spiderman and hid in his room.” His mom gave him an apologetic look as he made his way up the stairs to his old room. He removed his clothing and quickly dressed in his Venom costume before heading to his son’s room. “Hey mini me are you ready to go?” He hoped that in the short time that his son changed his mind and put his costume on. “Almost daddy! No peaking!” Michael chuckled to him self. “Ok I won’t peak. I’ll wait down stairs for you, ok?”

Once he heard his son’s agreement he went down stairs and put on his shoes. “He said he was almost ready.” He told his mom who walked up to him from the kitchen. “Maybe he changed his mind when he saw you drive up, you know how he is.” She chuckled to herself, them both knowing full well how his son is. “I’m ready daddy!” Michael stood up and walked over to the stairs to see his son in black jeans, a Green Day bro tank, and black converse. “What happened to spider man?” Michael lifted his son up to rest on his hip. “I wanted to be my favorite super hero.” Michael thought that spider man was his favorite super hero and the way he was dressed didn’t even look like a super hero. “I’m lost. Who are you?” His son smiled wide showing his one missing tooth. “I’m you daddy!”


Being a single father was hard enough but on days like this it was the worse. His daughter was doing a school play today and he had to work. He had promised that he would be there and now he’s stuck behind his drum set laying down some tracks for the new album. Every chance he got he checked his watch to see that the count began to his daughter’s play, now it was thirty minutes till it started. “Alright Ashton that was ok, but you seem to be distracted, focus and lets go again. When you’re ready.” He nodded and started the beat again trying to put his all in it, the minutes ticking away in his head.

He just finished his third track when John walked into the room followed by his daughter and Ashton’s daughter. Ashton checked his watch and saw that her play ended and she was out of school. His heart broke knowing that once again he disappointed his daughter. John let her into the booth and she walked over to Ashton. “Hey sweety, how was school?” He lifted her up and sat her on his lap. She smiled at him and launched into a full blown story of how the play went and her lines and how they got a standing ovation. “And today was Hero Day. We were told to dress as someone we looked up to and admired and saw as a hero. My friend Cathy dressed as Black Widow, everyone else was dressed as other super heroes and famous people! Wanna see who I dressed as daddy?”

Ashton nodded his head and set her on her feet where she turned and showed him her outfit. She was in black jeans, boots, and a ripped tank top. He tried to think of who she was but it didn’t click in his head. “Who are you princess?” She smiled bright showing her own little dimples. “I’m you daddy!”


Luke was heading out for another tour, but this time he got to bring his daughter along with him. He had her a t a young age so he didn’t get much time with her when his career took off so he was glad to have her along this time. He checked his bags and her’s only finding one things missing. His guitar was gone. He could have sworn he put it at the front door. He ran up to his room and checked there, then he checked the music room he had down stairs. He hadn’t found it so he pulled out his phone and called Calum.

Calum checked his place and told Luke he couldn’t find it, then he suggested calling Michael who was at the studio. Luke tried that and got the same result, so he called his parents and they told him the same. He was losing his mind. He turned the house up side down looking for his guitar. He had others that he could take but this guitar was his first and he didn’t feel right going on tour without it.

He searched for two hours before Ashton reminded him to pick up Lucy from her moms and meet them at the airport. He really didn’t want to go without his guitar but he put his things in the car and drove to his ex’s house. When he got there he knocked on the door and his ex’s boyfriend opened it. “Luke.” He gave a curt nod to which Luke responded with one of his own. “Is Sam here?” The boyfriend nodded and let Luke in. “She’s in the family room with Lucy.” Luke nodded and walked off, knowing his way around the house.

When he walked into the family room he saw Lucy in her black skirt and Sounds Live Feels Live tour shirt, with his guitar resting on her lap. The case not far from her feet. He smiled and watched fondly as she strummed the few notes she knew of their latest single. “Sounds good penguin.” His baby girl looked up at him with a bright smile, her crystal blue eyes shinning. “I’m you daddy!”


Calum didn’t get to sleep in often so when he had the chance he took advantage of it. Today wasn’t one of those days. He wished it was but he woke up to the sound of his band mates playing their instruments. Knowing that they liked to play early in the morning he decided to just put in his head phones and role over to hide from the light. Once he was comfortable he went back to sleep.

He wasn’t sure how long he was asleep before he was shaken awake. He bolted up and looked around him for danger, only to find a apologetic Luke standing next to him. “This better be good Hemmings.” Luke smiled and nodded like he was a bobble head. “Dude you have to see this!” He seemed so excited so Calum figured he should humor him and see what had him in such a state.

He rolled out of bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes before gesturing to Luke to lead the way. He followed behind Luke slowly wanting nothing more than to go back to bed. “Look!” Luke pointed to the music room that they had made in the house they all lived in. When he was done rubbing his eyes for the second time he peaked into the room to see his six year old son sitting on the couch with Calum’s bass in his hands. He had a look of concentration on his face as he tried his best to play the chords to end of Hey Everybody.

Calum watched him with so much fondness Luke had to take a picture, the flash catching Cal J.R.’s attention. “I’m you daddy!” He said it with such pride and admiration that Calum chocked up and just nodded with a bright smile on his face.

Nope, sorry. If you wanted me to ignore you, you probably shouldn’t have publicly commented on my post. This is not the only comment like this. You are one of many people to try to find a way around what was said/meant/implied, whatever. Because there MUST be some other meaning.

First of all, the person quoted was not the only person to make such comments and they ALL mean the same thing. “I can overlook that she’s black because the costumes are well made.” There is nothing positive about that statement. Period. Just stop trying to pretend that there is. It implies that if your costume isn’t good enough, people won’t overlook the fact that you aren’t white. As if being black is some negative factor that should be counted against you. 

Second, you are also wrong about “literally almost all of the cosplays you did were of characters who are actually white”. No. No. No. I am going to assume you do not read comic books and correct your ignorance here. Out of the 10 characters I am cosplaying in that set, guess how many have black versions in the comics. Actually no, we’re going to say out of 8 because 2 are aliens. Martian Manhunter is NOT WHITE. He’s an alien who happens to shape shift into a black man for his secret identity sometimes. Dejah Thoris is also NOT WHITE. She is also from Mars but not the same comics as Martian Manhunter. White is not the default race of the whole galaxy, people.

 So that’s 8 characters left in the set and guess who are the ONLY ones out of 8 who DON’T have a black version in the continuity that I based my costumes on?? She Hulk and Colossus. Yep, the ones with full body paint. 2 out of 8. That’s it. That’s all. Everyone else is either black all the time, or black in the continuity that I based my costume on. 

This once again proves my point, that this type of discrimination is not based on ‘accuracy’ or anything else. White supremacy allows people to make the assumption that everything SHOULD be white, and that deviations from this norm must be noted, detracted OR if you’re so 'lucky’, can be 'overlooked’ if you’re 'good enough’.

I want to thank every person on this post who complimented me on my work, or expressed joy at seeing their favorite character represented, and even the people who negatively criticized my costume work based on my sewing skills not impressing them enough. Because they saw me as a whole person and not just my race being something they had to overlook.

How to Comic - Super basics

So I was asked how to comic, and I figured the best way to explain is with some visual aid. 

I suppose I would suggest starting with the story [ for beginners it’s best to write out the plot and key parts of the dialog first, I think. Actually maybe everyone should do that, don’t use me as an example, I just wing it.] You don’t have to write out every bit of dialog at first, this way you can leave some wiggling room for when you start the pages. I usually end up with more solid parts of dialog in different places, things that move the plot along and remain the same even as I start to draw.

After you’ve got a rough draft of the story [ or a more finalized draft, whatever works for you.] It’s time to sketch out the pages. Just doodle it out, consider the placement of the panels, general layout, and blocking in where the text bubbles are vs where the people are.

Important things to remember about the layout: Speech bubbles should linger near the top of the frame as much as possible, and the bubble tail should lead towards the mouth.

Make sure to keep a space for your words, and try not to have the bubbles overlapping anything important, unless there’s a reason for it. [ for example, someone interrupting someone else, or trying to block them out in some way with their voice.]

[this is not a great example for speech bubble technique.] 

For people, remember the ‘talking heads’ rule. Always very between shots on the page. Even if you keep a row of like-framed drawings where it’s just two heads talking, try to change the angle for the next set. If you have a few people talking to one another, maybe try a shot from above, or below. Switch it around so you are facing the speaking from behind the back of the listener, or vice versa. This is great for establishing a reaction or lack-thereof.

Have fun changing it up a bit, but be afraid of repetition or re-using a frame. This helps give the sense of time passing, or changes happening around the character.

Another important thing to remember is layout for printing. [ If you are printing.]

There’s the bleed and the live area to consider, as explained below.

Another thing that’s important is pages vs sheets. A sheet of paper has two sides, front and back. Each side is a page, so one sheet = two pages. When a printer asks how many pages, tell them exactly how many you have drawn. [ remembering that a two-spread page is two pages.] Most printers also consider the cover separately, so remember, only count the inside pages.

So in general, follow these steps:

  1. Work out your ideas, settings, designs, costumes, any significant languages or symbols.

  2. Create a rough draft of pages. Think about layout, placement, etc.

  3. Set up your workspace and pages with the correct sizing and bleed.

  4. Do that comic thing.

  5. Double check all spelling and continuity, and if possible, have someone else check it over for you as well. There are always things the creator misses.

  6. You’re done, probably, now celibate and get some sleep.