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(i accidentally called joe the coach and not manager and chapman isn’t a cub anymore but you get the point)


TALESLINK9 is a Tales-only doujin event that took place today at Odaiba’s Tokyo Big Sight. As the name implies, a lot of fanmade merchandise were sold during this event! For however short the time was, it was great having the opportunity to buy from and interact with fan artists who have made this fandom an enjoyable place to be in!


“Me (Sha Lin) and my team’s Maeve (we were in a party) played hide and seek with an enemy Evie cuz apparently her team was bullying her so she reached out to my team to hang out. Practically everyone got mad at us in the lobby but I don’t even regret it in the slightest cuz the Evie player player was so precious.”

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Made by Mod Sha Lin 🏹

SLBP VA Singing Voices

For those who are into seiyuus, I hope this post tickles your fancy! This has probably been done before, but I tried looking for songs the SLBP Lords’ VAs sang so we can get a better grasp of their singing voices! I tried picking my favorite songs from each of the voice actors!

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Cooking headcanons for the whole team!!

I LOVE THIS, YES. I NEED THIS, YES. I cook every night, and I’d be lying if I denied ever thinking of how the team would be if they were in the kitchen

– Ryan

• She follows the book to a T and times it to perfection.
• Watches Rachel Ray and other Food Network™ shows to get tips and input from professionals
• Adorable aprons
• Treats every cooking session like an episode of Iron Chef
• “Pidge you do realize this isn’t a competition– this is our dinner.”
• Occasionally experiments with recipes she find, whether it’s to substitute an ingredient, or to add a spice or something
• Although some of the things she pulls out scares everyone, like why is Pidge pulling out the horseradish when it’s just stew, there should be potatoes, carrots, beef, that’s it– but in the end it turns out fine
• Extreme concentration when she cooks it’s adorable
• Derives inspiration from Hunk, and greatly respects his advice and opinions

• Large fabulous meals
• Spicy curry and paella 24/7
• You will never be hungry
• But this boy learned how to feed a huge family from his mom
• Loud music and dancing around the kitchen
• Equally loud singing, and it sounds like an angel
• Also smells like heaven
• Even Hunk agrees that he’s excited when Lance cooks dinner for the night
• I can also see him knowing how to make chili chocolate?? you know the spicy chocolate??
• Lance being the chef that no one expected him to be though, but man this boy can be a major help in the kitchen
Spicy, spicy, spicy, hoooot and spicy foods yeS COOK FOR ME LANCE

• Also part of the adorable apron squad™
• As a connoisseur, Hunk makes rly good meals, and knows all the tricks of the trade
• I’ve always thought of him to be the one that cooks for everyone, honestly?? I don’t know if that’s a thing?? But he’s the one that feeds everyone on a regular basis
• This boy also will never let you be hungry
• Knows how to cook to the point where meat melts off the bone, and vegetables are grilled to perfection
• Just the smell of the food is enough to draw everyone to the kitchen’s entryway, really, they would eat right there, standing, in the middle of the kitchen there is zero chill
• He doesn’t use measuring cups or tools, rather, he doesn’t need them. He’s trained to the point that all he needs is to gauge the meal and how many mouths it has to feed
• I have a headcanon where he’d probably cook something completely different every day, not for the sake of fighting monotony, but to fill everyone’s palate
• Also to everyone’s comfort
• Perhaps one night is more vegetarian, or another is spicy, one meal is probably soup-based, or another one where rice is the staple of the meal, and so on
• He’s just as creative as Pidge with his meals
• Hunk just makes the kitchen his bitch, you know what I’m sayin
• Also much like Lance, he’ll be in the kitchen, jammin’ and rockin’ out to some tunes
• Swayin’ them hips
• He’s just in his element, and it’s gr8 to see him work that kitchen

• Poor baby is so awkward in the kitchen 
• Prob always confuses the salt for sugar
• Always needs a chaperone in the kitchen, for reasons that vary from the protection of himself, to the protection of the meal
• “Shiro, no! Remember: read the labels. READ THE LABELS!!”
• No one wants a repeat of the incident with the baking powder
• Or the vinegar
• ……Or the yeast
• Stays up the night before he’s assigned cooking responsibility just studying recipes, and everything so he can get it right
• Hunk had color-coded the entire kitchen for Shiro’s sake
• He’s also put a lock on the spice cabinet
• Surprisingly enough, Shiro is good at making bread
• I don’t know why bread, but I see him making, like, honey-wheat bread, or bread woven with herbs, or cinnamon. He’s creative when it comes to bread.
• It’s adorable okay I love making bread it’s perfect okay
• But he’s learned to pull out the ingredients he needs first, then measures them, then prepares, then cooks. He’s come up with a plan, and he learned to execute it
• Everyone sits nervously at the table because the food looks good?? Is this a trap?? and Shiro takes the first bite and his face lights up
• Everyone tries the food and it’s really good, and they know he worked so hard and he’s improving and they compliment him and Shiro almost cries

• We all know how horrible a cook Coran is.
• But the cooking he does is steadfastly traditional to Altea.
• But the poor bab always seems to burn everything he’s ever cooked
• But this hardly stops him from cooking and we all know that
• The only thing Coran can get right is, like, desserts
• Desserts like custard, and creme pie, and pies in general
• Really any dessert, but I’ll live for his pies
• Imagine Coran as a pastry chef tho really srsly I can’t handle this
• As he bakes, he’ll sing songs in Altean, and it’s pure and right
• The secret member of the adorable apron squad™

• Almost as awkward, but she looks graceful doing it
• The third member of the adorable apron squad™
• She’s going to be the one to cross over Altean food with Earth-cultured foods
• It’s quite a fusion, but it’s mostly colorful
• Altean food has a unique taste that everyone can’t describe
• Everyone says it tastes like licorice though
• Licorice and something smoked, like hickory or something
• She constantly asks Hunk what he can teach her of Earth cuisine, and takes notes along with Pidge when they watch their cooking programs
• She’s much better than Coran when she cooks, that’s for sure

• Instant noodles
• Hot Pockets™
• He’s p much a lazy cook, and doesn’t really put much effort into his dishes
• Unless he’s cooking Korean food**
• Then he goes all the fuck out
• Bibimbap, kimbap, tteukbokki, jjigae, soon dupu, you name it this boy can (probably) make it (GOD I love Korean food)
• Pickles his own radishes and kimchi
• Boy knows how to pickle his own kimchi
• When he cooks Korean for the whole team, its never just one dish, either, he’s got a good 3-4 dishes on the table
• Tbh he’s really only a lazy cook when it comes to himself (he’ll eat right, but it’ll be real easy thing like egg salad. if he wasn’t too lazy to hardboil the eggs first.)
• But deep down he really cares about what everyone else thinks of his cooking the poor bab
• Lots of traditional Korean dishes
• Literally no one expected this out of Keith but he just sits there like ‘what, you just gonna watch me eat?”

**I headcanon Keith as Korean

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