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Part 10 of Matthew becoming a dad please! You're awesome. 😁

Yay!  I love my fans.  Here is Part 10, comin’ ‘atcha!  tiadoylee, drrxid, leonkassi, ca19990000, and blueeyedvirginiagirl, I hope you enjoy it!

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You wake up to an empty bed, and your heart sinks.  For a split second, you thought last night was a dream.  A horrible, kamikaze, yet intimate dream.

And then you feel a slip of paper under your pillow.

Good morning, beautiful.

I got called into work this morning.  I am so sorry I am not here to see you wake up.  I’ll be back this evening.  Dinner and a movie?

With all my love.

Smiling to yourself, you slowly raise your body out of bed.  Looking over at the clock, you realize it’s almost 10 am.  As you slink over to the shower, an idea crosses your mind.


“So…how did it go last night?” Shemar elbowed Matthew.

Grinning, he sighs.  “It was perfect.”

As Shemar’s eyes widen, he implores for details.  Following Matthew around, he begs for a summary.

“I never kiss and tell,” Matthew laughs as he picks up his script. The truth is, nothing had happened.  You both moved your stuff from your room upstairs into his bedroom, and then you both fell asleep blissfully in each other’s arms.  He kept recalling how warm your skin was, how soft your breathing was.

How comforting your body was.

“Hey, handsome,” Kirsten peeked around the corner.  “We have our scene, and then lunch.”

“Wonderful, I’m starving,” Matthew says as he picks up his script.


Looking in the pull-down mirror one last time, you smoothed out your eyeliner and fiddled with your hair.  You had finally gathered the confidence to wear some leggings and a sweater dress that showed off your delightful little pooch.  And you were jittery, because after your first attempt at surprise, it ended in…well…last night.

But you thought surprising him for lunch would be alright.

As you walked up to the entrance of the studio, a bodyguard stopped you.

“ID, please.”

As you rummaged thru your purse, you pulled out your driver’s license.  Smiling as he reads your name, the bodyguard steps to the side.

“Right this way, ma’am.”

As you walk down a long corridor, you hear chattering off in the distance.  You took your time, not wanting to interrupt a scene in progress.

As you got to the corner, you stopped.  You realized your hands were shaking, and your stomach was starting to flip again.  But just as you were taking a deep breath for confidence, a familiar face comes around.

“Oh…sh-!” Shemar catches himself.

As you take a huge breath in, you stumble backwards and Shemar catches you.  “Y/N!” he whispers loudly.  “What are you doing here!?”

“I came to surprise Matthew for lunch,” you said, your hand over your heart.

“Oh, he is gonna love this,” Shemar says as he takes your hand and pulls you over to a dark corner.

As you lay your eyes on Matthew and a blonde, you smile, realizing that all too familiar character.

You were watching Matthew.  Matthew and his passion.  Matthew and his talent.  Matthew and his life.

And that is when you realized that this was worth fighting for.  This life, this man, and this family…it was worth fighting for.


“Aaaaaand, that’s lunch!” a guy behind a camera yelps.  As Matthew sighs, the blonde shuffles him over to a group of people.  As they are talking and laughing, Shemar looks your way.

“You ready?” he asks.

“I don’t know.  What if they don’t…approve?” you drop your voice.

“At this point in Matt’s life, just seeing him this happy is enough for us,” Shemar coaxes.

Taking a deep breath, you start over towards the group with Shemar.  And just as you go to open your mouth, he yells, “hey!  Look who I found!”


Matthew must have held you for what seemed like hours.  The moment he realized it was you, he came barreling towards you, swooped you off of your feet, and held you close.

“Matthew…my stomach…” you groaned.

“Oh, god!” Matthew yells, putting you down.  His hands instantly drift to your little pooch.  Getting down onto one knee, he presses his lips against your stomach.  “Are you alright, little one?”

Smiling, you help him up and kiss him lightly.  “I figured you had lunch plans, and I was wondering if I could join in.  I…uh…sort of slept thru breakfast.”

“Oh, god, of course!  Come on, let me introduce you to everyone.”

Nervousness crossing your face, he cups your face in his hand.

“They will love you. I promise.”

Ushering you over to the crowd, he begins the introductions.  “Everyone, this is Y/N.  Y/N, this is Thomas, Joe, A.J., Paget, and Kirsten.  You already know Shemar.”

As everyone chuckles and says their hellos, Paget takes your hand.  “Don’t be nervous.”

Smiling lightly at her, you say, “It’s just…been a while.”

As everyone nods, you get a sense that Matthew has told them everything about you.

And by that, you also mean the death of your family.

Looking up at Matthew, you take his hand and pull him in close.  As the questions start flooding, the one named Joe takes the reigns.

“I think the woman is hungry.  Let’s get her and this growing munchkin something to eat.  We can do questions later.”

Smiling at him, Joe offers you his arm.  Taking it and releasing Matthew, he leads you towards the exit of the studio.

“Has Matthew ever told you the story about the time he kissed Shemar?”

As your eyes widen, Joe continues with the story as they meander off into the distance.

Thomas, coming up beside Matthew, crosses his arms.  “She’s beautiful, Matt.”

“I know,” he whispers.

“Are you scared?” Thomas turns to Matthew.

“Petrified,” Matthew sighs.

“Good.  If you were anything else, I’d be worried,” Thomas says as he pats him on the back.

“I love her, Tom.”

“I know you do.  And do you know what?”

Matthew looks over at him as Thomas swings his arm around Matthew’s shoulders.  “She loves you, too.”

As Matthew smiles, the group ventures towards the exit.  Watching you walk side-by-side with Joe, his heart flooded with joy. He hoped that these days would never stop, that these moments would never cease, and that these lunches would always be.