everyone else can grow a beard

tetrisandwanderingowls replied to your post “The first time Tony shaves off his beard, no one in the tower…”

but then there’s just one person who recognizes him, maybe it’s Rhodey because he knew him back in college before he could grow facial hair so he knows what Tony looks like without it. And he comes in and is like, “ayyy Tony, looking like a respectable clean-shaven man for once!” and everyone is like, “~who~ are you talking to??”.

Yes, this is so great!

The only people who really recognize Tony without his facial hair is Rhodey and Pepper. Rhodey because he had grown up with Tony and Pepper because she had seen pictures from his college days. So they know how different he can look without his signature beard. 

Meanwhile, everyone else is like ‘rhodey?? tony’s not here?? it’s just this guy.’  And Rhodey, who is now confused, is about to tell them but Tony quickly shakes his head, discreetly holding up a finger to his lips. 

Rhodey then sighs and goes, ‘oh right, i don’t know what i was thinking.’ 

Then Clint says, ‘honestly, where the hell is tony today?’

Rhodey tries his hardest not to groan into his hands and Tony nearly falls off his chair because he’s laughing so much.


I think it’s a little silly that it took me getting some hate on Instagram to decide it was time to share what’s going on in my life, so for that, I apologize. When I was thirteen years old my hormones went a little crazy and I started to grow a beard, ever since then for the past ten years I’ve tried plucking, threading, shaving and waxing to try and make it go away so I would fit in with everyone around me. It was a subject of great shame and pain for me for a very long time, but this year, ten years after the pain began, it ended. With the support of some amazing people, my mom, my girlfriend and my very dear friend, I’ve started to grow my beard out. I don’t expect everyone to understand this decision, but I’ve found it to be freeing and I’ve found that it makes me truly happy. I don’t have to lie about who I am anymore, I don’t have to pretend that the only way to be beautiful is to look like everyone else, because let’s be honest people, what if beauty if not a concept designed by society to try and ensure we all look the same? I’m a bearded lady, I’m not transitioning, I’m 100% female, and I can grow an awesome beard. And if that bothers anyone, feel free to unfollow me. Because I don’t need that kind of person in my life.

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I just realized that when Zuko grows old he grows the same beard that his Uncle had in Book 2!! Can you do a small photoset or something that shows that? Thanks!

Actually, I think he looks more like a mesh of Sozin and Roku, but I don’t see why I can’t do all three.

Scarless older Zuko:

Zuko/Iroh Comparison: 

Zuko/Sozin comparison:

Zuko/Roku comparison:

Scarless Older Zuko with Sozin’s mustache:

Huh the beard actually looks like a mix of Iroh and Sozin’s beards. I guess you’re kind of right…as well as everyone else saying that he grew Iroh’s beard. ZUko’s beard seems much more well kempt than both Sozin and Iroh’s though.

The original Zuko, Roku, and Sozin edits are from here


Jade had opted out of going grocery shopping with everyone else, making excuses such as ‘Well what if someone recognizes me? It’s not like I can grow a beard like Oli.’ or 'I didn’t sleep much last night.’ Of course if she had known that the only other person who was staying behind was Jareth she would have jumped at the chance to go out.

It wasn’t that she hated him, it’s just that he scared her. The tall man clearly didn’t like the government, and by extension her, and whenever she saw him she couldn’t help but think back to the first time they had met, with a knife to her throat and words of death on his lips. He claimed he wouldn’t have actually killed her, but somehow she didn’t believe that.

When everyone else had left she rocked on her heels and looked up at him. “So…”