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Today I learned about the 100 Mile Border Zone. It's not new, did everyone else already know about it? People should know, it's so very fucked up. (and I live in it) (and so do you, and a ton of other people)

Two-thirds of Americans live in that zone, in fact. The zone within 100 miles of the United States’ borders, both physical and political, is where  Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has jurisdiction.

This is NOT a “Constitution-free zone” as some call it, but the CBP does frequently act outside Constitutional bounds. From the ACLU website:

In practice, Border Patrol agents routinely ignore or misunderstand the limits of their legal authority in the course of individual stops, resulting in violations of the constitutional rights of innocent people. These problems are compounded by inadequate training for Border Patrol agents, a lack of oversight by CBP and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the consistent failure of CBP to hold agents accountable for abuse. Thus, although the 100-mile border zone is not literally “Constitution free,” the U.S. government frequently acts like it is.


The primary problem is not that Border Patrol exists, but the fact that in practise its agents abuse people’s rights and ignore the Constitution on a regular basis. It’s no coincidence that the majority of those whose rights they trample are those who can’t afford to take the issue to court with a Constitutional lawyer on their side.

Misinformation isn’t ignorance.

It’s not about what the people in charge understand, but about what they can get away with by playing on their supporters’ fears & hatreds & lack of previous knowledge & distrusts.

The point of a claim like “Obamacare is in a death spiral because it makes healthy people subsidize the sick” is not to be true, it’s to link up Scary Black “Liberals” with (healthy people’s) fear of losing money with the *presupposition* that it’s failing in scary ways.

It’s fear, fear, fear. Same feeling evoked in each part of the statement. That’s how POETRY works, frens, not communication of information, that’s the level this is working on. Deep, strong, convincing, because the connections it makes are not conscious ones. Note that humans are primarily pattern matchers/makers, especially in fight or fight situations, and also will follow/trust authorities more when scared. 

If an authority says something that’s scary enough, and is confident enough that they can make it safe again, people will doubt themselves rather than the authority. This is how human brains work: we convince ourselves we always agreed, and retcon our own thoughts to match. And that’s how you radicalize a population.

Now consider that a big part of the Republican strategy for like 30 years has been talk about wars on everything, and specifically about being under attack and persecuted. To make their base terrified of so-called Libruls & their war on Christmas, Marriage, Life, The American Way, etc. Of anything foreign, anything UnAmerican.

Oh and keep quietly shifting the boundary of Librul further right, too slow to notice at any given moment. Anyone who responds with scorn is an enemy agent.

Putting in the “scariest” of the “alternative facts” as a presupposition is fucking genius; presuppositions are extra hard to challenge because they’re presented as so universally known they don’t even need to be separately stated. So the person who didn’t know it before is even more scared because they were previously ignorant of the scary thing everyone else obviously knew already. Scared = further trust of the authority that did know.

“Which is why [falsehood]” is always phrasing to watch for; it’s super dangerous.

This is not ignorance. It’s reality-optional power brokering. And very very good at saying the words that get the effects they want from the people they want, over *decades* while we run off in the wrong direction entirely trying to fix their ignorance with facts that’ll just read as further evidence of persecution.

I mean yes fact-checks and pointing out lies are important but they’re so, so far from sufficient. It’s not going to stop “Well I didn’t vote for them but at least they’re doing things!” and it’s not going to stop that position from turning into lockstep over a few years. (what is memory who knows why the previous lot didn’t get stuff done surely it wasn’t people like Paul Ryan who caused that I mean look he’s getting stuff done it’s only Libruls who are divisive)

And I am no good at all at figuring out how to counter this sort of thing, and I’m terrified, but I *can* at least analyze it so yeah have a 3:30am tumblrpost from yr friendly cognitive linguist/semanticist.


sorry for being bad ❤️

  • -Please also check MOON & DOMINANT-
  • Aries: just because you talk loud doesn't mean you're right.
  • You are very aggressive and stubborn but you can't even make a valid point.
  • Please stop acting like you "just attract drama" and "can't help it"
  • Because you create the drama and like attention ffs just be honest
  • Taurus: You are so fucking stubborn.
  • To be honest it's a pain in the ass, please learn to act less like a brat and accept that you can't be right every time.
  • Also stop acting like you are a saint, because that act doesn't really work for you.
  • Gemini: oh my lord. Fucking hypocrites, like I can't even.
  • For example; You'll get mad when someone talks shit about you
  • But when you talk shit about them it's ok?
  • You aren't God jfc, get over yourself
  • Also control your mood swings, you're confusing as fuck and that's why no one gets you
  • So fix that and stop complaining about how you and your feelings are being "misunderstood"
  • Cancer: So so so so sensitive,
  • Like it's one of your best traits but also your worst
  • You cry about everything and you always act like you're the victim.
  • Maybe it works when you're 5 but when you're all grown up people will just see you as childish and immature.
  • Playing the victim won't help you in the real world.
  • Leo: hm i don't even know where to start, you are soooo full of yourself
  • You make friends to stay relevant and when you're done with them you just drop them.
  • You are kinda loud just like Aries.
  • you'll tell someone they are pretty and as soon as they turn around you'll just make fun of them
  • Virgo: you guys always want to be in control of all kinds of projects.
  • You like to have everything clean, neat and figured out.
  • You'll boil up your irritations when someone doesn't do something your way or "the right way" and then just explode and complain about everything
  • It isn't healthy and you come off as rude and unthankful.
  • Libra: You can be so two faced, honestly you're everything that the gemini gets hated for, and most people don't even realise it.
  • You act like you're so holy but talk mad shit and create soooo much drama, but somehow manage to stay out of it?
  • Scorpio: You have terrible mood swings.
  • And it's because you act tougher than you are, but you can't keep up the facade
  • You'll act all strong and shit and like you don't have any feelings.
  • But when you're all alone you could cry yourself to sleep.
  • The most sensitive of all the signs
  • Please stop hiding it because this whole tough and no emotions act makes you look unapproachable, nobody wants to be friends with some mechanic robot with unbreakable walls around them
  • Sagittarius: You are really what people say.
  • You just don't give a single shit about anyone's feelings except your own.
  • You'll pick out someone and make them love you because it's just for "fun", but as soon as they'll say the 3 words you just flee and go onto the next one.
  • You can drop the important people in your life without a single second of doubt, you're so impulsive
  • Watch out because you'll regret it
  • Capricorn: cold shits, you are almost incapable of loving.
  • You don't focus on the people around you, people are here for you
  • And all you do is put them aside to do the things that you want.
  • Every step you take is to reach another and higher destination.
  • But one day all of that will fade away and you'll be all alone because you ignored the ones that loved you and pushed them aside
  • Aquarius: You want to be unique so fucking bad.
  • No one is allowed to do something you do or steal something you already did.
  • Everyone else is boring and not good enough and basic.
  • You cut people off as soon as they say or do anything unoriginal.
  • You look down on people and it's not attractiv, stop it please you aren't God
  • Pisces: Every sweet thing you do is fake.
  • It's just to make people feel bad for you as soon as you fuck up (and you fuck up a lot)
  • As soon as someone gets mad at you you'll curl up into a little ball and act like they're the bad guy
  • They hurt you, you did all those things for them.
  • You're the type to make people feel bad for you being an asshole
  • stop being sweet to people without really caring about the
  • -
  • -
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Gone: Chapter Eight

What do you do when you’re left with just the aftermath?

Reader x Sehun
Angst, Fluff

You didn’t sleep anymore. You went through the motions, getting ready for bed, but you couldn’t even feign sleep. Your thoughts twisted around everything that you had done. 

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So I finished watching Akame Ga Kill and I had a lot to say about Lubbock. This is basically just me rambling and may be a bit hard to follow, so yeah. 

Lubbock was the one character I could picture doing something other than fighting in this war. Lubbock was not born a warrior. That’s not who he is. He became one because he thought that was the right thing to do. He is so much more than that. This fight did not turn him into someone better like it did for everyone else. Lubbock was already Lubbock when this fight started. It didn’t change him. He’s not one of those annoying characters who longs to be normal. I’ve never seen anything like him. He doesn’t want to be normal so much that it’s unhealthy and annoying; he’s simply thought about what he’s going to do after this fight. But he’s still willing to die in this fight. He dies with a smile on his face and no regrets because he knows he did everything he could for himself and for everyone he cared about. His death is the most dignified I have ever seen. He’s not angry; he’s not sad; he’s not happy; he’s not relieved; he’s just accepting. Lubbock was the kind of person who picked his battles. He didn’t take unnecessary risks. If he ran into an enemy that he knew he had a low or non-existent chance against, he was not ashamed to run. He chose fights he knew he could win. Only when his opponent did something that personally pissed him off was he willing to take a risk, and even then he always won. He didn’t have brute strength on his side; his imperial arms was not overly powerful. He had skill. He had intelligence. He thought his way out of tough situations. He used reason and strategy to win battles. Even when he was emotionally invested in a battle, he never let that get in the way. Lubbock always kept a cool head. He knew it wasn’t his job to save everyone. He knew that wasn’t possible. But he tried when he could. He always had the big picture in mind but he never lost sight of the little things either. He knew the end did not justify the means. That’s why he tried to make the means the least evil he could possibly make them. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he also knew that someone had to do it. Nothing he did was for recognition. He wasn’t trying to be a hero. He was trying to make a better world. And because of everything I just said, I love him to pieces. He made the show for me.

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The parents, most of them, wouldn't have been so bad if they weren't friggin' overbearing, abusive or just plain pointless as characters. (Sonic's parents were okay though. I'll forever wonder why they bothered giving Tails any WHEN EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY DID THEIR JOB FOR THEM and he was perfectly fine WITHOUT them. Locke was so horrendously bad, it's ridiculous)

Honestly, ‘pointless’ is the part that resonates most with why I disliked them. I just don’t understand why it was necessary to bring them back. That most of them were fucking awful is just the icing on the turd cake.

And yeah, Sonic’s were okay… but I felt a little sad that Uncle Chuck’s amazing role as Sonic’s father figure was made redundant, as well as kind of shoving all of the emotional trauma that all of the kids must have dealt with under the carpet like “haha it’s okay don’t be sad - your folks are back now, it’s okay! … Now go to bed it’s past your bedtime and you have school tomorrow” wut.

Argh the whole thing just jelled with me badly.

Oscar Wilde Told Me To Stop Reading Sugar Baby Advice Posts. I Listened.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
-Oscar Wilde

     This quote did not come to mind until much later but I wish it had happened sooner in my sugar journey. I joined the bowl full of hubris. I was pretty, petite, and better than everyone else that cautioned me that being a sugar baby was hard work. The rules did not apply to me. I was going to make a profile and land a whale within a week. How could I not? Except, I didn’t. Instead, I went on several low budget and disturbing dates. I handed out pictures like concert fliers. I got several low offers, but I was too good for those and turned them down.

     After gathering a small bit of humility, I came back to Tumblr and began to read all of the advice posts. I read the books that were recommended. Robert Greene’s books changed my life forever. I still failed.

     In a moment of self-pity, I turned unexpectedly introspective. I looked over my behavior with an objective eye. I knew I was doing something wrong and if I could just be honest with myself my mistakes would become apparent. They did. My mistake was simple. I was taking advice that wasn’t meant for me.

      Anyone that has ever given advice has done it. We think back to a similar situation in our lives. We pinpoint what worked best for us. We offer that solution to the concerned party. But that concerned party is not us. They do not have our personality. They do not share our lived experiences. They do not translate the world in the same way that we do. This is perhaps why the best advice is not advice at all. Instead, it is a gentle nudge to begin our own inner journey and arrive at an independent solution.

     I couldn’t remember every stress test, example script, or seductive step when on POT dates. So, I floundered. If I wasn’t following commonly accepted sugar advice, I wasn’t sugaring properly, right? I know that’s wrong now. I know that whatever gets me safely and comfortably to my goal is right for me.

     It’s sugar dating after all. Dating. We’ve been doing it since we were teenagers. Some of us have gotten really good at it. I did. I could be a serial monogamist if I chose to.

      Instead of taking advice, I chose to do what I was good at. Dating. When I date, it doesn’t matter who you are. I don’it care about your income. I don’t care about the level of power you think you have. Most of us are not as powerful or important as we think we are anyway. Instead we are just two people that could potentially satisfy something emotionally,  mentally, sexually, financially for the other person. If it becomes apparent that we can’t, that’s fine. I will not chase a flawed illusion and hope it becomes reality. If we don’it fit, we move on.

     Next, I forgave myself for all of my supposed faults. Then, I stopped calling them faults. There is nothing wrong with my personality, with who I am as long as who I am does not cause direct harm to another person. I am simply myself. These “faults” were things that made me, me. I stopped hiding them, tucking away parts of myself that a man would not like. Instead, I dug deeply into the darkest recesses of myself and gave myself permission to be free. Not cruel, not hurtful, not demeaning, but free. I do not have to hide, I do not have to be accommodating, I do not have to be flexible to earn a smile. I just have to be.

     I do not date men that block my ability to get to my me-ness. I do not have friends that block my ability to get to my me-ness. If I feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed, the solution is simple. I leave. I find that as my confidence grows, I run into these people less. 

     Men have fallen in love with me even if they are too scared to admit it. All of me. A complete me. I stopped hiding and started getting my way. I don’it have to remember tips or tricks. I just have to do what comes to me authentically. Life is easier now.

      I still read advice posts but only certain ones. If they pertain to my safety, I read them. If they’re from a woman of color and offering a makeup recommendation, I read them. If they’re outfit suggestions, I read them. If they match up with my personality, I read them.

      To be clear, this isn’t an advice post. These are the ramblings of a woman who harps on one thought and obsesses over it until it’s been fully flushed out. These are the musings of a woman who feels she’s had a little success and started to wonder what changed. These are the thoughts of a woman who just wants to be her complete self.

How about you? Have you done unconventional things to reach or begin reaching sugar success? What were they?

We ain’t never getting older

So finally, here it is the college au I promised. So a little contextualization,Luna’s parents found out that she was Sol Benson by chance, when decided to dig a little into Luna’s past,  Luna and Nina didn’t go to the same school that Ámbar and everyone else did, and they already know each other. And as Ámbar and Luna didn’t meet in a context where Luna was her rival they are kind of friends in this one.Also Ámbar is not as shitty as she is in the show.This is all in the fic tho.I know this isn’t much but it’s the beginning so.., I just hope you enjoy it.

Summary: The one where  Luna really needs help with calculus and Ámbar offers her ex boyfriend as a tutor, or also known as the one where Ámbar has a plan to get back with her ex that backfires incredibly. Alternative summary: The one where Matteo crushes into a pretty girl in the park and finds himself incredibly whipped and Gastón mocks him to no end.

Chapter 1

Luna Valente likes to believe she is a fairly intelligent girl, she is not a borderline genius like Nina or Ámbar, but she is smart and hardworking and if she doesn’t get something she will study as hard as she needs to be able to do it and that has always granted her pretty decent grades.Sadly for her, calculus doesn’t seem to be one of those thing she will master on her own with just hard work and dedication.

She has tried to get help but with Nina pursuing her more artistic interest and studying literature, not having any mandatory math classes, and deciding to register in biology for her electives she can’t really help her. Ámbar, who studies business and has calculus for economics, had tried but it ended up being a disaster with both of them shouting at each other and almost in the verge of tears (okay, maybe that was just her).

All of her other friends are on artistic careers also and can do nothing to help her, and it’s not like any of them  would want to touch anything related to math with a five foot pole. Yeah, she doesn’t make good life choices.

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