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the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)


LADY MIDNIGHT CHALLENGE: day eleven - a friendship 

“You drive too fast,” said Mark.
Emma snorted and checked the strap of Cortana where it fastened across her chest. “You sound like Julian.”
“It brought me joy,” Mark said, moving to stand beside her. “It was as if I flew with the Hunt again, and tasted the blood of the sky.”
Okay, you sound like Julian on drugs,” Emma muttered.


someday, someone will come along who will tear down those walls you’ve built around your heart. // insp.
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the small text shown above (in the book pages) are snippets from an actual malec love story - specifically, this gem by @abloodneed! thank you izsak for lending your lovely prose to this gifset and for entertaining me with talk of malec fic woes while i slaved over it ❤


2015 | WINTER | EXO 

Happy Holidays, everyone! I am always thankful for you guys. I hope you eat well, have fun, and spend a lot of time with your families. Here’s to a happy and safe end of 2015 and a bright start of 2016. Best wishes! 

Endless List of Football Players: Adam Lallana