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69. Bed. Now.

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University has kept you a very very busy lady.  And the one thing that it has kept you from–or rather the one person–University has kept you from…You missed very much.

You’re pretty sure you’ve set a new record on how long it’s been since you’ve seen him.  It’s been three months and sixteen days.  Sure, FaceTime and Skype existed and helped your relationship greatly, but seeing him in person was different.

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Jensen x Sister Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Abuse (No descriptions), Bruises, Scars, Fighting, Hospitals

Words: 2,330

Request from Anon: I was wondering if you could write one where the reader is Jensen’s sister and she is in an abusive relationship and Jensen finds out when she ends up in hospital one day and he stays with her through recovery and so does Jared and Gen, Thank you you’re an amazing writer!!

I have slight description on the marks left on the reader, otherwise I didn’t go into detail about the abuse, for those of you that may be having trouble deciding whether to read or not. Enjoy Guys! Love you all! Remember abuse is not okay. Tell someone you trust and get help. Please…

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You Don't Know He's Famous-Liam (Mini Series) Part 1

     Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been thinking of a way to start this so…here goes! Bear with me here as this one is slightly different. 

    Liam’s POV: 

         ”Alright that’s a wrap for today lads! Thanks for coming out, the editing is all good and the article should be out no later than Sunday, drive safely everyone.” Paul wrapped up and hugged us all before we headed off to our own cars. 

        We had just gotten done with our interview for our newest music video and questioned on the Where We Are Tour, it was nice to have interviews here and there, I especially was loving this week because I had the opportunity to borrow a Lamborghini. I’d taken all the boys out for a spin already and I was only down to three days left with the car and I had to say…I didn’t want to give it back. Yet, who in their right mind would? I sighed, tossing my keys up in the air and catching them as I headed towards the car park. As I tossed the keys up again, before I could catch them, Niall grabbed ahold of them and ran towards the car. 

       ”Niall! C’mon give them back!” I half chuckled as I ran towards him, his laughter trailing behind him. 

    “You’ve gotta come and get ‘em,” he smiled, flashing the keys before my eyes only to place them in his pocket and continue to run around the car park, yelling like an idiot and waving his arms about. 

     ”Niall I swear-” I heard a gasp before I felt the burning liquid seeping into my shirt. 

     ”Oops,” the girl said as she handed me a napkin and threw her cup away, 

   ”Erm…excuse me, aren’t you going to apologize?” I asked, she turned around and raised her eyebrows. Although I couldn’t see her eyes behind her sunglasses, I knew she was observing me. 

    “Why should I do that? You bumped into me,” she stated, crossing her arms.  

     ”Well…I mean, you still burnt me with your coffee.” I replied and she sighed, 

    “Yes, and you ruined a perfectly good cup of coffee, now lets just agree that you and and your friend are at fault here and we can get on with our lives yeah?” 

     I didn’t respond…no one had ever really talked to me like that before, to anyone else it would sound as though she was being rude but I truly felt that this is how she was, daily. 

     She took my silence as an agreement to her previous statement and headed towards wherever she was off to before. 

     ”Whoa…spitfire eh?” Niall suddenly spoke and handed me my keys, I nodded and took my keys before clearing my throat and clapping Niall on the back. 

    “So drinks tonight yeah?” I reminded him and he nodded, 

  “Yeah Harry and Zayn will be there but Louis’ got some thing,” I nodded and hugged him once more before he was off to his car. 

     I couldn’t stop thinking of that girl…she was so outgoing, yet at the same time, treated me as an equal, someone who was the same person, not Liam Payne of One Direction, but just…Liam. It was strange but yet…refreshing? I sighed, starting my car and pulling out of the car park, my phone rang. 

       ”Hello?” I pressed the button on my steering wheel to answer the call, 

   ”Hey mate, what’s going on?” I smiled, of course I knew that voice. 

   ”Andy! Not much over here, just a big coffee stain on my shirt, how’ve you been?” I heard him chuckle. 

     ”I’ve been well, how about you go get changed and we meet up for drinks later, yeah?” I smiled, 

     ”Well the lads and I are going out later, why don’t you come along? We’re meeting at 100,” I heard shuffling on the other line until he responded, 

   ”Alright sure, sounds good to me.” We hung up shortly after that and I made it to my flat in time to get something to eat, shower and change before I was on my way again. 


     Your POV: 

        ‘Stupid boys, spilling a perfectly good cup of coffee.’ You groaned as you got into your car, your hand still itching from the burning of the coffee. 

       ’Up for tonight?’ your best friend texted and you sighed, after a long week, you were up for some fun…what could go wrong? You texted back that you would meet up with her and headed home. 

      After grabbing some cold pizza from the fridge, you decided on a red little number you’d gotten for Christmas, after pulling the tag off, shimmying into it and placing a small leather coat on your shoulders, you were off to meet at 100. 

       ”Hey!” (Y/BFF/N) smiled as she hugged you and brought you closer to the bar, 

     ”Hey what’s up? I got-” you stopped mid sentence as you felt a cool liquid running down the back of your dress and you turned slowly. 

     ”You’re fucking kidding me right?” you rolled your eyes as your sight adjusted to who was responsible. 

    “Not you again,” he crossed his arms, 

    “You ran into me you jerk!” you crossed your arms in response, mocking his stance. 

  “Well I guess we’re even then, that shirt cost me over €200,” you narrowed your eyes and sighed. 

    “Fine, just for tonight stay out of my way.” you uncrossed your arms and took a sip of your whisky. 

     ”Don’t worry, we’ll see each other again. Maybe next time you’ll have the decency to apologize for my ruined shirt,” he bowed mockingly and acted as if he tipped his hat before turning around and heading into the crowd.  

      “(Y/N)! What the hell! That was-” you rolled your eyes, cutting her off 

     ”Rude? I know, but I look forward to getting drunk and never seeing him again, now c’mon let’s get some shots going.” You smiled and shrugged off your brief encounter before toasting to a wonderful night and tipping the vodka down your throat. 


Sorry for the wait! Hope you enjoy, part 2?