everyone does this i'm sure

The older I get, the more I’m convinced that literally everyone just bullshits their way through life.

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If we actually looked like the girls he dates, we wouldn't be here daydreaming about marrying him, we would be too busy walking fashion shows, so I see the anon point. No need to make anyone feel bad about their body, but yeah, boy's got a type, just like I do, and that's okay as long as you respect everyone which I'm sure Harry does. Do I see him with a black/fat/short or ugly girl? No. Do I think he respects them and finds everyone beautiful in their own way despite not being his type? Yes.

At first, I thought I shouldn’t answer this, because you know, this is the most disgusting, disrespecful and completely mental message I have ever gotten.

Did you fucking read what you wrote before sending this in? You say “no need to make anyone feel bad about their body” and then right after you go on to list things that, in your eyes, are bad, when in fact, they’re not.

Being black doesn’t make you less beautiful. Being fat doesn’t make you less beautiful. Being short does not fucking make you less beautiful. “Ugly” is your attitude and they way you’re thinking.

He may have a type, everyone does and I won’t deny that, but you ASSUME the only girls he’s ever dated are models when that is, in fact, not true - it’s like he’s only ever dated people after he became famous and never before that. Harry dates certain girls because those are the people that are in his circle of friends, the people he has access to. He doesn’t meet “average” women every day and taking as a fact that he wouldn’t date someone like this or that just because we haven’t seen him with someone that looks a certain way doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. 

If you want to assume someone having certain physical traits means they’re ugly, that’s ok, that is YOUR fucked up, mean and extremely disrespectful view of the world and that is your problem and you’ll deal with the consequences of thinking like that, because someday, this will turn against you. But don’t come here, on my blog, under the anonymous feature to say something so toxic and make others feel bad about themselves and expect to not be called out for it.

If you’re the type of person who thinks like this, you REALLY shouldn’t be a Harry fan - because you don’t get what his message is all about. A person who says “Everyone should love themselves & shouldn’t strive for perfection” would never approve and be happy to hear you saying what you did. 

I hope you never experience this kind of disrespect and I hope that, one day, your mind changes and you start thinking differently, because thinking like this just makes you a horrible horrible person and it’ll turn you into a miserable person.

Headcanon that Kanji is almost violently supportive of Yu and Naoto’s relationship, to the point where he makes both of their wedding garments from scratch about six times until they’re perfect.

Headcanon of the Day

All of the furniture in Byron’s house is made of metal. There are cushions, of course, but all of the supports are metal.   

It’s not an aesthetic decision. When someone asks why, he simply opens his wallet and hands them an old photograph. It features Roark (who couldn’t have been more than 4 at the time), his newly hatched Cranidos, and piles and piles of broken wooden furniture. Turns out Cranidoses don’t see any difference between the trees they headbutt to train and the wood that makes up a dining room table, for example. The pair got through two whole rooms before the destruction was halted. 

Remember that one time in fourth grade?

So this week is  for a Healing spell. Requirements of the activity  were no materials or tools used. You can do the whole thing without either although I have thrown in a few notes where you could get a “deluxe” version of this spell with the use of some add ins but those are not necessary.  This is in three portions. First step is a mental meditation/visualization.  Second step is a self massage. Third step finishes it off with a rest period. Also I got a lot, like a lot a lot, wordy with my instructions. Apologies.

• Specific Ailments
○ Bruises, Aches, Sprains, Internal discomforts, colds, any minor ailment where you’ve done what you can to heal and now you just need to sit and wait it out.
• General health
○ If you are just feeling a bit under the weather
○ You fell fine but would like to stay that way
• Mental Health
○ Help ground you in your body  if you are feeling a bit disconnected
○ Calm your mind as you calm your Body

Not Good for
• Skin conditions such as acne or sunburn
• Open wounds
• Wounds that should not be touched or manipulated in any way

As  always this is not meant to replace professional medical advice. You should always first consult your physician regarding any problems physical or mental and follow their advice.  I am in no way a health care professional and any claims of efficiency are from personal experience only.  Please do not do this if it causes you any pain or discomfort. If at any time it contradicts your own logic regarding what is safe for you, stop the activity, if it contradicts what a medical professional has told you, please stop the activity. Physical and Mental health are both very real and important issues that should be taken seriously  this is for an added boost only once you have already followed official avenues of healthcare. This is for self care purposes and your mileage may vary. /end disclaimer

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Does everyone know Tetrox is an octoling? I'm sure her teammates know but what about the rest of the teams? Wouldn't that be weird for Orange and Blue since they've been in battle against octolings?

They know she’s an octoling. (kinda hard to miss). The relationship between inkings and octolings is a bit better now (at least in my works) so it’s not totally out called for to see an octoling in inkopolis. 

But yeah, Orange and Blue are gonna be on their toes around her. ;)

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hi ! i was wondering what app you use for making transparent kitties :3 ? i really want to get into making transparent stuff and i'm not sure how everyone does it

Admin Pickles, Mod Sunny, and I (Mod Spooky) wrote a tutorial on how we make transparents one time! http://transparentnekoatsume.tumblr.com/post/135541118929/hi-have-you-ever-purrchance-considered-doing-a

Out of the 3 of us, Admin Pickles was the only one who used an App… However, every time I’ve tried using a Background Eraser app, it never saves properly to my phone… So unfortunately I don’t have any advice on using Apps.

If any of the new mods want to explain how you all make transparents, feel free to reblog this here and add your own commentaries!

-Mod Spooky

recently I’ve been thinking about the way I get, like, phantom flavors for things that don’t have tastes

like, I dunno about synesthesia and all that, I’m not actually TASTE-tasting anything but last night I almost burned myself on a curling iron and it felt, like, sour-salty?  and I was just listening to Work Song by Hozier and thinking it was…rich and fruity.  go figure.  it’s always kind of been a thing but recently I’ve been noticing it more.


So, I’m seeing things about TD sending anon hate? Now I know the people I’m following aren’t doing this cus ya’ll are not 13. However if you’re the one acting like a child, knock it the fuck off and get off the internet. No one needs ya’ll giving us a bad name and it’s disgusting and that’as the last of it that i’m going to say. Anon hate is disgusting. 

If it wasn’t you this message doesn’t apply to you–but if it does. Get off your damn high horse and go apologize to whomever it was too.