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concept: series ends with wedding. after kiss some b-rated disney villain wreaks havoc upon the town. MAJOR eyerolls n shrugs from everyone then emma pulls a sword out from under her dress (magic?) and charges into battle. tired pirate boy just wants to enjoy some cake. camera pans overhead out to the entire group of friends and family watching/cheering/screaming as emma is still charging forward. cut to black. end.


Some facts about The Beatles’ Girls by goddamnthebeatles

Cynthia Powell

  • Born 10 September 1939, died 1 April 2015
  • Dated John Lennon since 1958 and was married to him during 1962 until 1968
  • Mother of Julian Lennon
  • Cyn met John at Liverpool College Of Art, people used to say she was too good for him, George Harrison used to idolize her at the time
  • She found John and Yoko sleeping together in her own house, divocing from him immidiately after
  • Her dream job was being an Art teacher, which she accomplished for a few years
  • Paul McCartney looked after her and Julian during her entire life, being a loyal friend
  • She wrote the book “John” in which she talks about her and Julian’s relationship with John

Jane Asher

  • Born 5 April 1946
  • Dated Paul McCartney during 1963 until 1968
  • She came from a rich, high class family from London
  • Successful actress in her early years, later on she became a writer and a famous baker
  • Jane was the main inspiration for many Beatles’ songs, like “And I Love Her”, “Honey Pie”, “I’m Looking Through You” and many others
  • Paul wanted her to quit her acting career 
  • Jane and Paul broke up definitely when she reportedly found him in bed with Francie Shwartz

Patricia (Pattie) Boyd

  • Born 17 March 1944
  • Dated George Harrison since 1964, meeting him in the set of “A Hard Day’s Night” and was married to him since 1966 until 1977
  • She was a famous model since the late 50s, getting even more acknowledge in the 60s and 70s, later on in her life she became a photographer
  • One of the main reasons why The Beatles went to India in 1968 was through her interest in eastern mysticism
  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a crush on her
  • Inspiring muse of “Something” and many other Beatles and George’s songs 
  • Later on she married anotther famous musician, Eric Clapton
  • Pattie wrote the book “Pattie Boyd: Wonderful Tonight” in which she talks about her life, her childhood, her abusive stepfather and her troubled relationship with Harrison and Clapton

Maureen Cox

  • Born 4 August 1946 and died 30 December 1994 from leucemia
  • Married to Ringo Starr since 1965 until 1975
  • Part of the first Beatles’ fans, she used to watch the boys playing at the Cavern Club in the early 60s, at that time she kissed Paul McCartney as part of a dare with a friend
  • Maureen left school at 16 years old to become a hair dresser, her dream job
  • She’s the mother of Ringo’s children Zak, Jason and Lee
  • Maureen had an affair with George, leaving both Ringo and Pattie in dismal

Yoko Ono

  • Born 18 February 1933
  • Married to John Lennon since 1969 until 1980 
  • Mother of Sean Lennon
  • As a child during the WWII, lived in a concentration camp for awhile
  • It is said that Yoko met John at an art gallery where she had an exhibition, although Cynthia’s book reclaims it, assuring she used to send John letters and staying at Keenwood’s gate waiting for him
  • She’s a very well known and respected plastic artist, peace and feminist activist, she also was a musician, being part of the Plastic Ono Band and recording albums with her husband John
  • Yoko introduced Lennon to many new ideologies/phylosophies, she was also a great influence of his actions, there’s a great discussion wherever their relationship was abusive or not
  • Inspiring muse of many of John’s song, being “Woman” the most famous one
  • Yoko was present the day John was murdered

Linda McCartney

  • Born September 24 1941 and died April 17 1998, from a long battle against breast cancer
  • She was married to Paul McCartney since 1969 until 1998
  • Linda met Paul at a bar in London, before that she took pictures of him and the other 3 beatles at the Sgt. Pepper album premiere
  • Mother of Heather, Mary, Stella and James
  • Famous photographer of the 60s, keeping up her work in a more domestic way in her late life, she was also a animal rights activist and a musician, being part of the band Wings and recording albums until the late 90s with her husband Paul 
  • Linda was a Beatles’ fan, she saw the boys playing at the Shea Stadium in 1965, John Lennon was her favorite Beatle
  • She was the source of strength for Paul when The Beatles ended
  • Linda was the first woman to have a photograph featured on the front cover of Rolling Stone Magazine
  • She published several books of her photographs: Linda’s Pictures, Sun Prints, Sixties: Portrait of an Era, Roadworks and more

Olivia Harrison

  • Born 18 May 1948 in Mexico
  • Married to George Harrison since 1978 until 2001
  • Mother of Dhani Harrison
  • She met George through the telephone, she was a secretary at Dark House Records, they used to talk for hours before meeting personally
  • Olivia bravely protected George from being stabbed when a assailant broke into their house
  • She took several important roles on books, documentares, concerts and others regarding George after his death

Barbara Bach 

  • Born August 27 1947
  • Married to Ringo Starr since 1981 until nowadays
  • She met Ringo in the set of “Caveman" 
  • She was also a Beatle’s fan and watched the boys at the Shea Stadium in 1965
  • Barbara is a very famous actress and model of the 70s and 80s, mostly well known for being a bond girl
  • She struggled through years of Ringo’s dependency on acohol
  • Nowadays she’s a philanthropist along with Ringo, both run the Lotus Foundation dedicated to charity

Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning and I just–suffocate.

Lance starts being afraid of what he loves

(tryna color but obviously failing)

bonus slav:

they bond over mutual fear (shiro is not amused and hunk is low key worried about lance)

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

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Why does it feel like everyone is locking up shop? Did I miss something? Hope everyone is well.

Some antis (with assistance and guidance from some major trolls) have decided that getting rid of all unacceptable shippers by any means necessary is the order of the day.  So, they have created little teams where they target a shipper, cross check her follows and followers across SM, find other accounts they may have, and scour the web for personal information on them.  They then threaten to use this information to out their shipping to family and employers.

They do this because they have been told that it is right, that it is what Sam would want if he could actually say it, and that they are saving this fandom.  

But in reality they are ruining it, shaming Sam, and embarrassing themselves.  

Shy and Blind

Word Count: 2813

Player: Sebastian Aho (Carolina Hurricanes)

Feat. the Canes

Warning/s: mentions of alcohol and throwing up, long I got carried away

Originally posted by temipanarin

“Wait a second, am I drunk?”, you asked as realization dawned on you. 

Of course, you drank something like everyone else did too, but you lost count at some point and just expected that you had drunk a lot less. But it was weirdly difficult for you to walk in a straight line without help, and the room was spinning a little.

“Very.”, Teuvo replied with a chuckle.

You shot him a filthy look as he took out the key to the Apartment he shared with his best friend. Sebastian, who happened to be behind you to keep you from falling down. 

“That’s your fault.”, you muttered.

“You drank. Not my fault.”, Teukka grinned.

“But you dragged me to the Canes party. You provided me with the atmosphere to drink and you provided me with a person that gets me to drink.”, you chuckled, your words not as clear as you had hoped.

“I didn’t know that Skinner could take that much, to be honest.”, your best friend laughed, finally opening the door. 

You prepared to move forward, only to get tangled up with your own legs. So you stumbled backward instead. And you would’ve fallen flat on your ass if Sebastian wouldn’t have caught you by your arms, steadying you enough to lead you in. He settled you on the couch, where you waited without a plan. Teuvo threw you some clothes - the ones you kept in his Apartment in case you were sleeping over at his place unplanned - and set a glass of water down on the coffee table.

“Why am I wearing socks?”

“Because you didn’t want to wear your heels and we didn’t want you to get sick.”

You woke up several hours later, with the worst headache of your life. You blinked, trying to adjust to the sunlight in the room, but it didn’t help. It was burning out your eyes, blinding you and making you feel dizzy. Nausea had taken possession over your stomach, and all you wanted to do was get up and punch the stupid grin out of Teuvo’s face. He was watching you from the doorway, a coffee in his hands and curiosity in his expression.

“How are you?”, he asked as you sat up.

“Great.”, you groaned, hiding your face in your pillow. 

“You know, you’re better than I thought you’d be.”, he said right as the nausea was getting worse.

“I thought you would-”, he started, interrupted by you sprinting past him and into the bathroom.

You barely had any time to kneel down onto the floor, when the gagging already took over and threw up right into the toilet. 

“- throw up.”, he finished his sentence.

“Crap.”, you muttered, right before you threw up again. 

Whoever first said that Alcohol coming out was worse than going in, they were right. It was like warm acid that was slowly burning your throat. You were so out of it and exhausted, you just kept your head down, noticing that someone held your hair back for you. You had forgotten about your hair, so you were just glad someone else didn’t. You imagined Teuvo to be the one sitting behind you, but the hand that was slowly rubbing circles on your back didn’t feel that large. So it had to be Sepe.

Throwing up a couple of times, you felt like you would pass out on the bathroom floor. Leaning back, you noticed that it really was Sepe that was sitting behind you.
You wanted to mutter a thank you, but your throat didn’t let you. Instead, you just gave him a faint smile.

“You done?”, he asked.

You nodded, surprised as he scooped you up from the floor, with his arms under your knees and back. Too tired to protest, you just leaned against his chest, waiting to be back in the living room.
But that’s not where you ended up, which you only realized when your back hit a soft mattress. Your eyes fluttered open in confusion as you spotted the ceiling of Sepe’s room.

“What?”, you asked, brows furrowed.

“You need rest.”, was all that you heard, as Sepe pulled up the covers. 

You wanted to protest since it was his bed and you didn’t want to occupy it, but he didn’t listen. He just pulled the comforter over you and let the blinds down, leaving you alone in the dark room. 

At least your eyes weren’t burning anymore, and there was nothing left in your stomach to make you feel sick. And to deny that the warm feeling of the bed was better than the couch, would be flat out a lie. So you fell asleep, curled up against one of the two pillows.

You woke up to the sound of feet shuffling across the floor. With your eyes opening carefully, you realized that you were feeling a lot better. You didn’t feel that sick anymore, only the throbbing pain in your head made it difficult to concentrate. 

Sebastian shuffled through his room, quietly placing down the hockey bag next to the door.
How long had you been asleep if they already had practice? Did you sleep the whole day?

“How late is it?”, you asked quietly, stretching out under the comforter. 

Your throat was still sore, but you managed to talk, that was a plus point. Sebastian didn’t notice you at first, flinching when you started talking.

“It’s 5. Turbo was here before practice but you were sleeping.”, he explained, coming up to the bed. 

He hesitantly sat down on the edge of the mattress, looking at you with concern obvious in his eyes.

“How are you?”

“Better. Thank you for… helping me this morning. My head is killing me.”, you said, trying to grin. 

Sebastian just shrugged it off, handing you a glass of water and two pills from the night stand. You were thirstier than you thought, downing the pills and the water quickly.

“You want food?”, he asked.

“No, thank you. I should probably just head home.”

“Turbo said no driving.”, he chuckled.

You rolled your eyes with a smile on your face, thankful for being distracted from the pain, even if it was just for a minute.

“Then I’m gonna sleep on the couch. This is your room.”, you insisted.

But when you actually moved, although your head didn’t want you to, Sebastian gently pushed you back down.

“I don’t mind. Rest.”, was his simple explanation. 

He took the glass with him and stood up from the bed. A yawn escaped your lips and you realized that you probably wouldn’t drink ever again, or for a very long time. You didn’t want to feel like that ever again. The familiar scent of the pillow was lulling you back to sleep and you quickly had trouble to keep your eyes open.

“Can you stay?”, you whispered, almost entirely asleep already.

“Sleep.”, he shot you down, leaving you alone.

But you were already back to sleep before the door closed.

When Sebastian entered the room next - to retrieve his sleeping clothes and a blanket for the couch - you were shivering. Although you were wrapped up in the comforter like a burrito.

“Hey.”, he said, waking you up with a slight shaking of your shoulder. 

You jumped a little, shocked at the sudden touch of someone before your eyes adjusted to the dark. Before you could say anything, he took your hand and placed it on a soft object. Looking down, you spotted a dark sweatshirt that you knew belonged to him.

“I-”, you started.

If there was one thing you didn’t want to be, it was a burden. Sebastian had let you sleep in his room the whole day- two? how much time had passed? - and now you were supposed to wear his clothes? Of course, you wanted to wear it. You were cold and the soft material felt comfortable, but to risk that it seemed like you were using him? No.
But you using him was the last thing that Sebastian thought of. He knew you wouldn’t, and he was doing it because HE wanted to help you. He was concerned and wanted to make sure that you were well. So no was not an option for him.

“Yes.”, he insisted. 

He watched as you pulled the sweatshirt over the T-Shirt you were wearing, making sure that you were warmer. When he saw that you were better, he turned to go, but this time you snatched his hand before he could walk away.
Even though there was a risk to sound clingy, you still felt uncomfortable. You didn’t want to be alone. If it would’ve been Teukka you wouldn’t have asked. But right in front of you was Sebastian. That was a whole other thing.
Sebastian looked at your hand - that was holding his - in confusion, his eyes flickering up to yours.

“Please. Stay.”, was all you said.

Sebastian contemplated on what to do for a moment. Should he shoot you down again? Would that be mean? Should he stay? Would that be weird? A lot of questions beamed through his head. You gently tugged on his hand, getting him to come a step closer.
He waited for another second before he gave in to your wishes - although he wanted the same if he was being honest with himself - and came to the bed.
You moved over slightly, as he pulled up the covers to scoot under them. He lay down next to you, pulling the covers back up until they reached your waist, his head on the pillow.

“Thank you. For everything.”, you mumbled, scooting a little closer to him when you noticed the distance. 

“I like seeing you well.”, was his quiet reply.

He hesitantly wrapped his arms around you, with your back against his chest, causing your heart to pound against your ribs. It was comforting you, the scent now stronger and the warmth back in your body, so you started getting sleepy again.

And soon Sebastian heard your even breaths and knew you were fast asleep, both of you completely relaxing against each other.

The next morning, you woke up in the exact same spot. The only difference was that your head stopped throbbing and you were feeling like your normal self again. And you were definitely closer to Sebastian than you had been the evening before. Your back was now completely pressed into his chest. His arms were tightly wrapped around your waist, not leaving you much space to even attempt to lie differently, not like you wanted that. You were comfortable the way you were, just slightly turning your head to see that Sepe was still asleep, his face nuzzling into your shoulder. You smiled and turned back around to close your eyes again.

“Hey hey, Miss Tipsy.”, Jordan Staal snickered as you stood in the family suite next to Heather. 

You blushed, not for the first time that evening, looking up at him with an embarrassed look on your face.

“Please don’t mention it ever again.”, you begged quietly.

Jordan erupted into laughter and you quickly saved yourself into a corner, right as Faulk and his girlfriend came in, before they could join the chirping. What you didn’t know was that your corner was already the hiding spot of someone else. And that someone would be a very embarrassed looking Skinner.

“Oh.”, you said when you saw him, the blush still there.

“We will never live this down, will we?”, he asked you quietly. 

You bit your lip and shook your head, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Turns out for the Canes, you and Skinner getting drunk at that party was one of their highlights of the month and you couldn’t set foot anywhere near one of them without a nickname or a reminder that you had been as drunk as never before.

“At least I didn’t have practice the next day.”, you chuckled.

“Yeah. That was not that great. But I heard of your day.”, he whistled quietly.

You froze in your spot, a shocked expression on your face.


“Nothing. Turbo mentioned one thing or another.”, he joked playfully. But your eyes went wide.

“What did he tell you?”

“Oh, he didn’t tell me directly, I heard in the locker room like all of us. He just mentioned your sleepover at Sepe’s, you know? I think that they’ve been chirping him more than me. For what I am really grateful.”, Skinner snickered.

The blush returned to your face and you refused to look at Skinner, stupidly looking over to the others who were grinning widely. You caught the eye of Teuvo and shot him a death glare, but your Finnish best friend seemed to understand what you had just discovered. He chuckled and winked at you, before turning away to discuss something with Jordan.

“I can’t believe he told all of you.”, you mumbled quietly.

“Well, it was just some sort of confirmation for those of us who didn’t already know.”, Skinner shrugged with his famous smile.

“Know what?”, you asked this time confused.

“Your thing?”

“Wait what?”

What was going on? Why were they talking about a thing between you and Sepe when you didn’t know that you had a thing with Sepe?

“Oh, Turbo mentioned that you are blind and he’s too shy. So don’t worry if you didn’t know.”, he joked before he left you alone in your corner. 

Oh, you would so have to talk to Sebastian. 

“Sepe, can I ask you something?”, you asked carefully. 

You looked up from your book to meet Sebastian’s eyes as he nodded, setting his phone down on the coffee table. Currently waiting for Teukka to return from his run, you were sitting on the couch together. And you were still trying to figure out how to ask this in the best possible way without ruining your friendship.
You took a deep breath, spontaneously deciding to directly ask him.

“I was just wondering… could it be that you might… like me?”, you asked sheepishly. 

Sebastian didn’t reply. He stared at you with a flustered look. It made you wonder if he might have forgotten the words or if he was just too shy to reply. Or maybe Teukka and Skinner had been wrong. Maybe he didn’t like you like that.
That, however, would mean a big disappointment from your point of view.

“Sepe?”, you asked softly, as his cheeks got red in a blush. He quietly cleared his throat, sorting out his thoughts.

“Me- uh I… love you.”, he confessed after struggling with the words at first. 

Your heart fluttered at the confession and your stomach was dancing. But you were also shocked. The determination he said it with… did he know it for a little while? 

“Oh Sepe, why didn’t you tell me?”, you asked gently.

Sebastian avoided your gaze and looked right past you, just shrugging it off like his words didn’t matter.

“Time wasn’t right. But that’s why I worry about you when you’re not well.”, he admitted. 

It was by far the loveliest thing someone had ever said to you, but why were you even surprise? No one had ever taken care of your like Sebastian either, although Teukka came very close.

“What do you mean the time isn’t right?”

“You said to Turbo you didn’t want to date. You’re not interested.”, he said, sounding a little sad.

“That was months ago… Did you love me all of this time?”, you asked. 

You were about ready to cry because he was just so damn sweet. Sepe just nodded as if it was obvious, avoiding your eyes further.

“But I am interested, Sepe. I’ve liked you for a while now.”, you admitted.

His eyes snapped from the space behind you directly to yours, looking at you in surprise. Sebastian was unable to realize what you had just said. His mind was swirling.

“What?”, he breathed.

“I’m in love with you.”, you said a shy smile on your face.

You had finally said it, and you felt better immediately. It felt so good to get it off your chest. A small smile spread on Sebastian’s face as he took your hand in his and leaned forward, putting his lips to yours.
It was a gentle kiss and you just had to grin into it. You leaned further into Sepe’s direction deepening the kiss for a while.

“I love you.”, you muttered when you separated, just wanting to say it again.

“I love you too.”


Happy Valentines Day! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Daichi is the home tutor for Bokuto (and most of the time Kuroo too bc they’re neighbors and have been friends since they were kids)

at first i didn’t ship it and i really didn’t want to but now it’s my otp: an autobiography


Allen on Ice!
Uniform is inspired by Yuzuru Hanyu’s costume and the DGM uniform.
-edit: Uploaded a brighter full pic. For the record, I do fully intend to draw Kanda, Lavi and Lenalee in different costumes, then maybe double back on Allen in a costume more suited to his style. 


:D Oooo nonny, i’ve never done a maya and jack one before :3 How’d I do? :3

Thank you! I hope you like it! <3

Request meme

Thank you for 1000 followers!!!

Earlier this month I was super happy to find that domestic-hisoka has reached the 1K milestone!!!

I made this blog as just a bit of fun a few months back… and it turns out a lot of people really want to see hisoka doing the housework!

Even though I don’t update as regularly as I initially planned and have quite a few asks piled up, I appreciate all of you lovely people so much for making running this blog a fun experience!!

(I decided to do a little drawing for everyone instead of the usual silliness cause I felt that pasting hisoka’s face on a shutterstock image wouldn’t quite get across how much I appreciate all of you ♡♡♡)

Thank you again and I hope you all stick around to keep hisoka busy in his domestic life ♡


nobody is immune to nagisa’s charm 

this ova has slayed my soul goodbye world SOUCHAN-

somewhere-in-ambrose-asylum  asked:

Why is everyone so upset about the whole Vegan thing? They are acting like he did something horrible. Everyone has right to do what they want with their lives. He is mot harming anyone. You're Vegan? Great. You're not a Vegan? Great. Its a simple as that. Just let it be people. There are much bigger things happening in the world to worry and rant about. I'm just so confused by the anger.

Preach sis. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

I’m guessing anon may have felt attacked.

Pete’s tweet was about people who profess to be cruelty free, but still support business that perform animal testing.

Do with that as y'all would.

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(for clarification im riding the poverty line rn) i was talkig with my upper middle class friend a few days ago. he was one of the people who got me into hockey and i realized that one of the reasons most of my friends like basketball and soccer is bc they just Cost Less??? i mentioned liking them to my guy friend an we kinda figured out that hockey is a rich sport and soccer an stuff are Poor Sports. anyway thats a p interesting divide in my opinion (u just made me think of it sorry to bother!)

Ooh I kinda wanted to say A Thing but I didn’t want to generalize sports but I did notice something like that. Like growing up everyone around me played soccer and baseball bc it was just easier. Like playing outdoors all you needed were a soccer ball or a baseball, a glove, and a bat.

Then I got into a high school further away and in a fairly rich neighborhood and everyone played lacrosse or tennis, but mostly lacrosse. Like everyone’s house just had a dozen lacrosse sticks hanging around for the kids to play with. It was interesting to see the difference in sport of choice. Of course I haven’t done an econometric analysis of this since I have no hard data, but still, it’s been something I’ve been thinking about since I got into hockey

I love Hanschen’s new costume because it’s so “my family is richer than yours” and “I got this on my dad’s last business trip to Berlin and the rest of you have never left this village” which works so well for the character’s sort of pompous “worldliness” that probably is actually “I’ve been to a big city a few times and my mom still picks out my [expensive] clothes”.