everyone commented thing on her voice

Do you ever find random songs on your iPod that you never remember listening to and sometimes they’re good

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Glad to see you back in action with being active on your blog. Considering all the shit you've been through with your crazy stalker and stuff. Hopefully people took in the consideration to help you out and send a message or two to her. But eh. Anyway, Keep up the great work, and stay awesome for everyone 👌🏻. If I may ask, got any words for upcoming videos for your YouTube channel (Holy chimichangas this ask is long)

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Yeah, the whole stalker thing is more annoying than anything. I just remove all of her comments (although she leaves so many I can’t remove all of them) and I go about my day. A couple of people did message her about it, she just ignored them and kept doing what she was doing though.

And as far as upcoming videos, there will be a lot more voice videos coming soon, but aside from that I can’t say anything because my upcoming projects are currently secretive.