everyone changes it to pink so i did purple

Grafxkid’s Color Palette History

Before I release my current palette version, I’d first like to look back at my previous palettes that led up to my current palette.

46 Color palette - Early 2013

The first palette I have ever made. I made this when I was drawing mockups for my now dead dream of creating a platform game called One Life. I was using my old crappy Toshiba netbook when I made this in ms paint, which resulted in everything with a slight blue tint. It was terrible.

As a first attempt, it isn’t too bad. Though I do have a lot of colors I didn’t need at the time like the purples and bright lavenders.

30 Color V1.0 - April 20, 2014

This was my serious attempt at making a universal palette I could reuse over and over again. I know there are some pixel art palettes that commonly have 32 colors, so I tried my hand at making my own. I personally don’t like making art with colors I didn’t make myself.

My issues with this one is that the red, green, purples and magenta are too high in the saturation department, giving me “eye burn”. Also that dark purple mixin’ with that dark green. LOL.

LCPB - June 26, 2015

Started altering the flow of the colors. I wanted to unite all the colors in someway. So I made up the “Linear Color Palette Basic” as a starting point for base colors in a palette.

20P DX - July 5, 2015

Unhappy with LCPB, I wanted to start over with making my personal palette. By now I have been using my new laptop to create these colors. I wanted a warmer palette unlike my previous “cold” attempts.

Around these months, I had just graduated college and went into a depression primarily because I was struggling to find a job. Having no one to hang out with, I continued balancing the colors in this palette. It was a pretty lonely summer, but I did receive a new computer monitor on my birthday.

24P DX - August 19, 2015

I re-added the pinks and purples to extend the color range. Not much else to say other than the red is a bit too orange.

29P DX - October 9, 2015

The very last palette I uploaded to the webs for everyone to use. During the 2 months of moping, I was really stingy on uploading a new palette because I was changing so many small details like the contrast and hues.

My newest palette will not have a connected color range like my previous versions because the colors just link together now. It just works.

So that’s all my palettes that I have made the past 3 years. I don’t think I will make a second palette alongside my newest palette because, for me, making a brand new palette is very difficult.

ALL my art, excluding the vector art, uses my pixel palette since I mainly draw pixel art and vector art. Instead of making a bunch of palettes, I continue to fine-tune 1 palette I can reuse.