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Wow, I cannot believe nor imagine this journey I have been on since roleplaying on tumblr this past month. When I started this blog, I made it to share my anime interests and I started off with 50 followers. Since turning this account into my Yuugi rp blog, I did not think that I would have come this far. I just… I want to thank you all so much for all of your support and the kindness you have all given me. Like, I am still speechless whenever someone follows me.

I did not think that my Yuugi would attract so much attention and I am just so happy and I feel so loved. We both feel loved and I cannot express how thankful I am to everyone of you. I absolutely enjoy my roleplays and I believe that you are all so very talented!

Despite the hate I have received a little while ago this week, I know better than to let that get to me. The way you all showed your support and told me that I deserved to be here, truly made me realize that I made a good decision in joining this fandom.

As a result, I would like to make a shout out to a few people, which I will add under a read more since I don’t want to make this too long for mobile and desktop users alike:

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Thank you to everyone that played along today! =]

You have no idea how much fun it was seeing everyone interact and getting to know each of you better! Not to mention the fab fluff and smut that came out of it ;) I’m about to get sappy but y’all best just deal! 

I created my blog at a somewhat low point in my life. You guys are what gets me out of bed and makes me smile when I don’t want to. Your comments and messages make me feel like I’m not alone in this big wide world. Thank you for being part of my family and sticking around this crazy mess I call a blog ;) 

A million thank you’s will never be enough and I can’t express my love for each and every one of you. I’m tagging just a few but there are so many more to include in this list! 

xoxo -Cherry

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Title: Sway With Me (Part 13.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Sisi (original female character)
Summary: Ike finally gets what he wants. 
Word Count: 2,991
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: So, I decided to merge the last two chapters together since it made much more sense in my mind lol. Anyway, we are at the end of this story, guys! Thank you to everyone who has read it and asked to be tagged, etc. I wouldn’t have done this without all of you. Your excitement made me excited and in turn, I continued to write, so thank you so much!!! <3 Also, huge thanks to @negantrashlucille23 for this wonderful request!!! :-)

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

“I told you not to get involved with men like Ben Diamond, Isaac!” his father exclaimed, shaking his head. “You know better than to stoop down that low and ask that pig for help.”

“Dad… I know.” Ike sighed, sitting next to him on the couch. “I came here to ask you for help, to talk to you.”

“Are you in trouble?”

Ike didn’t respond.

“Isaac… Don’t make me ask again.”

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Celebration time: fanfic milestones

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Some of my fics have hit some really cool milestones in the past month, so I wanted to make a celebration post to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s read, kudos:ed, commented, brainstormed with me over DMs, beta:ed, cheerlead, liked, reblogged and/or just generally been very awesome.

Thank you all, so much. <333

75.000+ (omfgggggg :DDDDD)

For Better, Worse And Mischief (I’m All Yours) (1D, Harry/Louis, E, 37K)

The one where 1Ds PR team decides that Harry should get married, and Louis comes up with the perfect solution to the problem. The solution is fake!boyfriends. Because fake!boyfriends are the best.


The Quid Pro Quo Verse (Shadowhunters, Magnus/Alec + side-pairings, E, 40K)

The one where Alec calls Magnus’ bluff in the “I’ll do you pro bono” scene, and the rest of Season One turns out a bit differently as a result.


The Sliding Doors Verse (Shadowhunters, Magnus/Alec + side-pairings, E, 110K)

Another Season One canon-divergence ‘verse. The Memory Demon scene unearths a different backstory for Alec and Jace and throws Alec’s journey of self-discovery for a bit of a loop. (Basically me playing with the idea “what if Alec came into the relationship with Magnus with more experience? How would that change their story/Would it change anything at all?”) in the plot context (sort of) of season one.

Seriously, thank you all so much. I absolutely love each and every one of you. <333

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BTS V Scenario (requested)

 Plot: Taehyung and the reader have known each other since they were young, they grew up beside each other and eventually went to war together only to be separated. The reader was raised as a boy, and because of this Taehyung always assumed they were one, when they were actually a girl. Throughout the years the reader kept up with this, and it wasn’t until Taehyung returned from war, that he found out the truth. 
This is loosely based off of Hwarang, though, I didn’t finish the show, so I made it more so just them going to war. It’s kind of like Mulan. 

Thank you to the person who requested, and if anyone else has anything they want to request, feel free to send me a message, the more details you give me the better I can do. 

V x Reader


   The war had taken a lot from Taehyung, it had taken a lot from everyone. He watched his friends die, he saw many people die, and that wouldn’t be easy to get over. The memories would leave a lasting scar on him, and it would take a long time for that scar to heal.

   When he first enter, he wasn’t alone. At that time he had his closest friend at his side, one person that he trusted more than anyone else in the world. However, soon he found himself alone, his friend disappearing from sight without warning.

   He worried for months about what could have happened, did he run away? Did someone take him? Was he killed? Was he safe?

   Each question was left unanswered, and new questions filled their place as time went on. He spent months trying forget his friend, so keep cheerful and optimistic, if he didn’t then what would he do?

   All the painful night, laying in the infirmary as his wounds healed, watching as the people around him sleep, lulled into a medicated sleep. That was the time when he let his thoughts take over, all distractions pushed away, and the simple clicking of a clock and hushed voices the only sounds.

   It was then that he let his mind drift to Y/N, how bright and happy his voice always sounded, the calmness that rested within his eyes that could always clear Taehyung’s mind. Y/n might as well have been his brother, they had known each other for the majority of their lives, they had grown up next to each other.

   There were always times when Taehyung felt as if Y/n didn’t feel the same way he did, that he didn’t think of him in the same light Taehyung did. There were times when he would push him away, refuse to spend the night together, refuse to play all the games Taehyung wanted to.

   It wasn’t until Taehyung returned home did he finally learn what had happened to his closest friend, and it wasn’t what he expected. The strange woman taking clothes off of the clothes line in the house Y/n had lived in confused him immediately, it wasn’t until him and the woman’s eyes met, that he realized what had truly happened.

   He felt hurt, knowing that the person he trusted most in the world had left him, she had lied to him for years, but most of all, he was angry with himself. He was angry because he hadn’t noticed it before, he hadn’t put the signs together, and that made him feel stupid.

   She had been found out soon after entering along with him, the higher ups noticing what Taehyung had failed to. Sending her back home almost as soon as she entered

   The face he knew better than any other, the soft flowing hair, and kind voice, the calm eyes suddenly filled with panic. Taehyung’s first reaction was to run, to run as far away from the house as fast as he could, or to act as if he hadn’t noticed, and simply walk into his own home.

   Instead he walked towards her, unsure of what to say, but needed answers to the questions that had eaten away at him for months, though only one question escaped his lips.

“Why?” That simple word asked a million different things, why did she lie? Why didn’t she say anything to him before she left? Why did he have to find out like this?

    As the gate closed in front of him, Taehyung realized that those questions might never be answered, and maybe he didn’t want them to be. Somewhere within him he didn’t want to know the truth, he didn’t want to hear the words leave her mouth, to accept that his friend wasn’t who he had thought they were, that they didn’t trust him the same way he trusted them.

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I’m relatively new at scenarios, so I’m still trying to figure everything out. 

Thank you for reading😊 

hi PSA running your game on low graphics isn’t the worst thing in the world and can we stop making it seem that way thanks xx

Ok, I gave in and did some shading! I worked super hard on this and I believe Tumblr makes the image look worse than it is so please click on it to see it better (if needs be). 

I am also selling this design here it would mean the world to me and be super amazing if anyone were to buy anything to do with this!  (Gonna see about maybe changing the pricing)

many thanks everyone ! <3 

You will know us a little more !

Rules : Tag 20 amazing people you want to get to know better !

Tagged by : We were tagged by @maadiissun ! Thanks for that !

Name : 

Gwen - Gwendoline

Eirin - Pauline

Nickname : 

Gwen - Gwen, The witch, crow, gwenou (only close friends)

Eirin - Too many ! But many friends call me Unicorn, Popo (only close friends) or Eirin, I just let everyone find a nickname for me when I talk with them in fact

Gender : 

Gwen - Female

Eirin - Female

Star sign : 

Gwen - Capricorn

Eirin - Cancer

Height : 

Gwen - 1m59

Eirin - 1,67m or 5′5″

Sexual orientation : 

Gwen - Honnestly I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m more into men but I don’t mind a woman, I can love anyone.

Eirin - I don’t use a term for my orientation, I don’t really care. I just fall in love with a person so.

Hogwarts house : 

Gwen - Slytherin

Eirin - Ravenclaw

Favorite color : 

Gwen - Black

Eirin - Purple

Favorite animal(s) : 

Gwen - Too much but some of them are : crows, snakes, cats, dogs, rats, owls

Eirin - I have a few favorites : wolves, foxes, dogs, beetles and owls

Hours of sleep : 

Gwen - Can’t say my sleep is to irregular and I often have insomnia

Eirin - I don’t know, I’m no regular with this at all

Dog or Cat Person : 

Gwen - Both

Eirin - I always had both around me and loved both

Favorite fictional characters : 

Gwen - Ow hm… hard to choose but I would say the Winchesters brothers of course, Crowley, Death (SPN); Christian Molochai and Twig (from Lost Souls), Fido (Excquisite corpse); Wenesday Adams; Dorian Gray; Elvira; Lestat and Louis (vampire chronicles); And probably a lot more ! 

Eirin - Is that a trap ? It’s so hard ! So, as you can guess, the Winchesters, Charlie and Crowley from SPN ; Solas, Cole and Cullen from DAI ; Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds ; Jon, Tyrion, Ned and Arya from GoT (both show and books !) ; Ezio from AC ; Lucia from The Last Kingdom and many others but I don’t wanna write a book !

Number of blankets I sleep with : 

Gwen - One or two

Eirin - One in summer, two in winter

Favorite band/singers :

Gwen - Too much, but I’ll tell you some : Sting, Dir en grey, Bauhaus, The Cure, Alestorm, Two step from hell, Combichrist, Equilibrium, Ghost, Nine inch nails, Gojira, Sycorax, Sidewalks and skeletons, Rammstein, Alice in chains, Nirvana, The Buttress, Radiohead, Ultra Vomit, Metallica, AC/DC, Scorpion, Beethoven, Chopin and a lot more 

Eirin - Oh. Okay, the trap is here. I have too many artists I love so some of them are : ONE OK ROCK, AC/DC, Phil Collins, Bach, Bon Jovi, My Chemical Romance, RED, Nickelback, Peter Hollens, Kansas, Elvis (don’t tell my father he won’t let me in peace as his ultilmate fan), Nirvana, Breaking Benjamin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hans Zimmer, Kalafina, Led Zepplin, Sting and so The Police, Elton John, Alestorm… I told you, too many !

Dream trip : 

Gwen - Going back to Germany as well as visiting England and Italy (because Renaissance). But New Orleans!

Eirin - Hum… A world tour ? Seriously, I wanna gonna too Italy (origins make that !), Germany, U.K, Irland, Japan, U.S (especially NOLA, Chicago and Austin, Houston, Dallas !)… Yeah, I’ll say a world tour !

Dream job : 

Gwen - Artist or working in anything that has to do with art

Eirin - Writter (for video games) and gameplay programmer

When was this blog created : 

3 mounths ago ! It’s a baby blog so be nice with him !

Current number of followers : 

Around 4928 right now (always changing!)

When did your blog reach its peak :

… We don’t know ? XD

What made me get a tumblr : 

Well, it was created just because of a will to do this kind of format with the show and sharing that with the fandom !

Tagging : No one, answer only if you want to ! We wanna know all of our little demons ! ♥

“Hey girlie, I’m up!  Wanna go for another round?”

Heavily influenced by @avindicta‘s portrayal of Tredd, I decided to draw him some fanart of everyone’s favorite glaive that doesn’t seem to have enough.

Still in the WIP stage.  As the person who drew this, I have 0 skill in coloring so I’m not sure when I’ll ever finish it, but @agi92, @captaindrautos, @hyperionknight, @scarletcommodore, and @thebulletsofmusicblues convinced me to post it and get better as an artist ^^.  

I really appreciate everyone for giving me feedback as well :3  Thank you very much!

Thoughts on that TRR Chapter

I know we all have a lot of feelings about that finale of TRR. I just needed to get one thing that really bothered me off my mind. As someone who was a Prince Liam stan through this whole book, I’m really bothered by the Prince’s reaction to everything. I know they’ve been setting up that the Prince has to engaged at his coronation or he forfeits the crown, but he is going to be the goddamn KING. Are you telling me he couldn’t put a hold on the proceeding to say “excuse me while we deal with this situation, then we’ll resume the ceremony.” 

Liam’s reaction was particularly bad because throughout this book he has been nothing but sweet and caring and seemingly attentive to MC’s needs above all others. He knows (through his friendship with Drake if nothing else) how bad the people at court can be to outsiders, and doesn’t seem like the type to confess his love and (if you bought the diamond scene) sleep with a girl, be seconds away from proposing, then not talk to her when new information comes to light. Liam said multiple times that the last thing he would want to do was hurt MC, and by not even bothering to get her side he did just that. This whole story was basically about MC proving she was worthy of Liam, but the one and only time he was given the chance to prove he was worthy of her, he utterly failed. 

I don’t think the writers can continue on in the next book with Prince Liam as the perfect gentleman/good guy trope without it ringing false to me. In this situation he was the ONE person with the power to give MC a voice, but he chose to believe a photo that could have easily been explained by MC and Drake (the people he supposedly trusts the most). This isn’t just a mistake that he can come back and apologize to MC for later for not realizing how detrimental his inaction was. He is now ENGAGED to someone else, the very someone who may have victimized MC. 

If/When Liam comes crawling back to MC in the next book, I hope we are given the choice to be pissed at him for not standing up for us. I’m gonna be really upset if the next storyline is MC begging Liam to take her back and apologizing for this violation of her privacy and agency (or worse still if we have to pay diamonds to prove our innocence). 

I may have to switch to Team Drake or Team Hana as they had appropriate responses for someone who is supposed to care about MC. 

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oH my god wcif that editing skills?? bc damn

aaaaaa, idk what you’re talkin about it! everyone just need to have their way to do things! i try to get better and better and i know everyone that tries like me will get the same results or even better! <3 Thank you so much!!

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Sonny Carisi for the ship thing please!! (This is barbabangme btw!)

*smooshes your cheeks in my hand with a sincere look on my face* Thank you … for delivering to me … my son …

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Forever bitter that Henry Cheng kinda took the place of Noah in the last book. Noah should've gotten more appreciate, more time, in TRK. Why did MS introduce a basically new character in the last book and just expect everyone to be okay with it? And for everyone to actually act like Henry is just in the group now? Henry is like a main character and Noah is pushed aside? No thanks. That's why I don't like Henry. Forever bitter. Noah deserved more.

listen, i agree that noah Deserved Better. like, i’ve talked extensively about how much it upsets me to see maggie sideline noah and treat him as Less Than the others, and i’m always going to be bitter that he didn’t get More, especially at the end. but like?? that’s maggie’s fault, not henry’s? henry didn’t deliberately take noah’s place. maybe don’t blame the one canonical character of color in the gang for the fact that the author failed to give him adequate pagetime for you to get invested in him, or for the fact that he became important only once noah was fading out. i love what we’ve seen of henry and i think it’s wonderful that the fandom is giving him the love he didn’t get in the books; i also love noah and don’t think he should be forgotten or replaced. the two aren’t mutually exclusive. 


fucking heCK i read this message too late but i whipped up something really quick because I LOVE MY HOME BOI KURAPIKA!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE KURTA everyone loves u can u stop being sad n come home to ur fam

Bethesda’s complete refusal to acknowledge New Vegas’ existence in things like Fallout Shelter reminds me of a shitty dad who’s kid left the house and went on to achieve great things. And nobody is allowed to say their name aside from the occasional grumbled complaint during dinner or holidays. “They think they’re better than this family…” “oh everyone loves new vegas but does anyone thank us for the engine? Noooo.”

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can you say something positive about this show bc i truly feel horrible and all i see are negative comments

sure thing fam! I’ve got a million and one great things to say about shadowhunters! 

the cast

  • let’s start with the cast…..oh man the cast, have you ever seen or heard of a lovelier group of people? a sweet and perfect redheaded angel? a cow-loving  farmer sunflower man? a sexy british rapscallion? a latina goddess who is the sweetest angel in the world? a hilarious but also very profound and extremely talent soft brooklyn hipster? the most talented dancer/human to ever grace the world who is also a complete wondeful dork? the sweetest and funniest and most wonderful person who ever did wear an ascot? they’re perfect 
  • nothing makes me happier than their friendships with each other and just their general sweetness :))))
  • i mean every dynamic of theirs is adorable and hilarious? kat and alberto’s friendship, domberto’s antics, the parabatri feels, dom’s lil crush on matthew, the esther/shelby/shumdario friendship! em being an older sister to kat!! how lovely are they all!!
  • and of course, of course, how earnest they are towards the show because they know how important it is to all of us, and it’s heartwarming to see all the effort that they put into the show, as well as the amount of respect and compassion they have while interacting with fans is the most wonderful thing 
  • and of course, the fact that the people behind the show always listen to and respond to fan feedback, positive or negative! they really care about us, and it’s lovely to see :) 

the show 

  • personally, i think the writing of the show has gotten amazing! season 1 was fantastic, but all of the sort of cringey dialogue and ‘wow, nobody would actually say those words’ is gone and everything is much more textured and real, and it’s really really really living up to the potential of its premise! 
  • it’s got a gritty NYC setting and its about badass angelic soldiers fighting a demon apocalypse, all while battling these insidious problems inside their own society as well, with no real moral high ground to be achieved, but really just a scramble for survival and trying to do the right thing,  and the tone of the new season is JUST PERFECT for that 
  •  i think the show has such amazing and dimensionalized relationships like i haven’t seen in a lot of much more highbrow fiction - the romantic stuff too, but i love how important and well-written platonic and family relationships are in the show! 
  • you look at a family like the lightwoods, and they’re so real - not just the love that they have for each other, but also the issues that they face, and the struggles between parents and children and siblings. amazing. well-written AS FUCK 
  • the bonds between alec and izzy and jace!! are so well-written, so well-acted!! the relationships between luke and clary/simon/maia!! astonishingly good
  • there’s so much texture and richness to all of them it’s crazy 
  • but not JUST those super close familial relationships - every single interaction has me floored with how great it is, including ‘rare’ ones like jace and magnus, or clary and alec, or clary and magnus, or magnus and izzy
  • every character has such great acting chemistry with one another, and so every relationship just comes across as rich and real in a way that a lot of lesser shows can’t accomplish 
  • let’s talk about acting! how amazingly has every cast member improved over the course of the show? even if they didn’t start off the first season as amazing, can you believe how great everyone is? how beautifully kat captured the grief of losing jocelyn in 2x05? how amazingly dom is portraying jace’s inner struggles and suffering about valentine and his identity? how much dimension and depth harry can give us in just one glance? how matt perfectly portrays the inner conflicts of a man who was never allowed to show his true feelings on his face? how beautifully alberto shows the struggle of not belonging anywhere that you used to call home? with what grace emeraude brings us izzy’s trials and suffering? how perfectly isaiah depicted not only the grief over losing everything - his world, his parabatai, the woman he loves, but also the struggles of having to get up from the pain and be there for his children? amazing. hats off to all and emmys all around 
  • every character also has so much - so much - dimension?
  • like, not a single one of the characters is the type of YA-fantasy caricature than you see so much in this genre - each of them is fully fleshed out with flaws and strengths, and each character interacts and copes with the horrible events of their lives in completely different ways, and it’s just lovely to see that kind of commitment to character even on a fantasy/action-driven show, and that not all of it has to be directly addressed and shoved in your face, but can be communicated through subtleties of acting and writing 
  • and each of them has their own critical/crucial role to play in the story? none of them are incidental or disposable and i love it! 
  • the special effects in season two are SO! damn!! good!! holy hell did you see the warlock fight this episode? beautiful! astonishing! 
  • i love the mythology of the show! it’s so crazy interesting to explore this world, because it’s not the type of world you see in a typical YA-low-fantasy type of setting - the shadowhunters’ society is such a new and refreshing mythology, with all of their customs and their ceremonies and their laws and myths and angels and runes - i love seeing them unveil more and more of it, because it’s honestly so original and interesting 
  • like did you see the rune ceremony in this ep? it was almost haunting b/c i just love thinking about this ancient order of angelic warriors and of course all of the complications of the societal hierarchies in relation to the other types of magical races
  • and don’t get me started on the other types of mythologies, especially warlocks! i love the idea of all these esoteric spells and potions and crap that shadowhunters don’t even know about and can’t even imagine the power of - it’s so interesting and i love how they’re fleshing it all out bit by bit 
  • and i love the merging of the regular urban NYC setting with the shadow word, in locales like the jade wolf, the hotel dumort, and even the insitute - how interesting and seamless it seems sometimes? it just gives the world so much texture
  • and of course, the romance is great! like i said, every actor has fantastic chemistry with each other - even if they’re not endgames like simon/maia or climon, they’re so well-acted and well portrayed 
  • malec is fantastic - i’ve almost never seen a relationship on a show portrayed with such gravitas and realness! i love how they didn’t let either character get subsumed by the relationship, but they’re also not ignoring the existence of it to give the character their own storylines independent of it 
  • and of course it’s so darn cute :) and harry and matthew put so much time and effort into it and im so thankful for them 
ok BUT

the most important lyrics for me in “Disappear” are “if you never get around to doing some remarkable thing, that doesn’t mean you’re not worth remembering” because like the angsty millenial teen that I am I have this big urge to change the world and make things better and I feel like I’m always pressured by my parents and stuff to get amazing grades then get an amazing degree at college and become a freaking doctor and discover the remedy to cure cancer or some shit, or I look around and see these amazing kids my age changing the world and doing incredible stuff and I can’t help but think: should I be doing something? Am I useless? Shouldn’t I be helping the world? And like freaking Alexander Hamilton I have this feeling that I need a great legacy and I need to be remembered, I need to be WORTH to be remembered.

and no one ever tells you that, you know? No one ever tells you ‘hey, it’s alright if you don’t change the world, you’re worth anyway’. Instead there’s all these people telling you how you need to work incredibly hard to make your dreams come true and do something good for which everyone is going to remember you and if you don’t it means you’re a loser and you haven’t succeeded in life.

so thank you, Benj Pasek, for this. because it’s something no one ever talks about; other way ‘round, actually. and it makes me feel better, like I don’t need to rush for doing some, ya know, remarkable things.

Hi everyone! Since I’ve reach 1000+ followers (IM SCREAMING YOU HAVE NO IDEA), i’ve decided to make another art raffle to celebrate! Thank you all so much for following me and liking my content, you have no idea how happy and grateful i am! Thank you again and I hope ya’ll enjoy this art raffle event! Also, I’ve added more prizes and slot winners because THE LARGER THE BETTER

I’m thinking of making the deadline on August 1st, but i might change it soon so we’ll see!