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{ ‘Sacred Twenty Eight’ } part I - part II - part III

In the early 1930s, a ‘Pure-Blood Directory’ was published anonymously in Britain, which listed the twenty-eight truly pure-blood families, as judged by the unknown authority who had written the book (widely believed to be Cantankerus Nott ), with ‘the aim of helping such families maintain the purity of their bloodlines’. The so-called ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’ comprised the families of…

I’ve seen other people talk about it before, and it’s something that hits on my own mind a lot: there is so much societal value placed upon romantic relationships that I, asexual and aromantic, feel so stinted even trying to befriend other individuals.

Now I don’t want to degrade the beauty of romantic and sexual love, nor do I want to deny the happiness and commitment of those relationships. I am so happy for people who find their happiness in a deep romantic relationship. May you be happy! So please don’t take my words to be anti-romance. What I mean is that there is so much focus that romance is “best” and platonic relationships “secondary” that it’s very hard for me to fulfill my own needs of intimacy. In the relationships I experience, I’m always “second,” and my interactions with people… limited.

There are asexuals such as me who desire very close relationships, too. But because my allosexual friends are so driven to find their “number one” relationship, there’s a barrier between my friends and me ever becoming as close as I would need to feel emotionally satisfied. My friends will find a significant other, put that individual first, and choose to live with them. My friends might choose to be a roommate with me “temporarily” because the ultimate goal is to live with a spouse. My friends will spend a whole lot of time with me, but once they marry, it’s to the spouse of course they’re going to spend more quality time. My friends won’t click with me to the depth that we could click because romance comes first in their lives.

I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, just that it makes it hard for people who don’t think the same way about romance.

I would love to be in a relationship where we are just as committed to one another, just as close, just as much of a couple (or a trio) as any sexual, romantic relationship. Where we spend every single day together. Where we are committed to each other first and foremost. Where the primary desire of our hearts is each other. Where, if we choose to live with each other, it’s not some temporary situation, but something that demonstrates the fullness of our affections and loyalties. There can be dedicated, purely asexual, aromantic platonic love to that deep extent. But that’s so hard to find in a world where I know almost everyone around me will just run off and find someone else, someone with whom they can be romantically engaged, and make that person their number one. No matter how many years of friendship I can invest in those people, I can never get so close that I can strike that intimacy I would desire.

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Heyo I saw on your giveaway that you take submissions does that include gross tarkrennic or krennux submissions from garbage people like me?

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!! You’re the one who did the the googly eyes on them right!??! I actually keep forgetting to reblog that to this blog.

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Two Is Better Than One || AFI/LRH/[Y/N]

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Summary: You were an avid party goer, no surprise there. Moving out to LA at 18 was a decision your parents hated but there was no stopping you. Now 19, you were accustomed to waking up in a strangers house hungover, but you never regretted a single night in your life. When you met a lad by the name of Luke Hemmings and were introduced to his band; 5 Seconds of Summer, the parties became all the more interesting. Especially with his best mate, Ashton Irwin. 

Off of the prompt given to me by @drxnkxnpain

Relationship: Luke Hemmings + Ashton Irwin/[Y/N]

Word Count: 2598

Rating: M

Tonight was no different than any other typical Friday night. The streets of LA were buzzing with excitement of various sorts. Everyone and anyone was out tonight without a care in the world looking to spend their money and night away with whoever volunteered. You included.
Luke had invited you over to a giant house party he and his bandmates were hosting. You were excited to say the least. You and Luke had met through a mutual friend at a party around a year ago, ever since then you’ve maintained friendship with not only him, but his bandmates too. Michael, Calum and of course Ashton. There was no denying that you had a thing for both Ashton and Luke, them being the closets to you.  


“Look who finally made it.” Luke greeted as you walked through the door, giving him a hug. “I’m literally an hour early.” You laughed as you greeted the three other boys, giving all of them a hug. Luke requested that you came over to help them set up since Cal and Mike would just “dick around the whole time” instead of actually setting up. Of course you agreed, happy that Luke thought of you. “So, where do I start?” You asked as you crossed your arms in front of you awaiting the task you have to tackle. “You can help me with the liquors.” Luke smirked as you began following him into the large kitchen, heading to the island that was situated in the middle. It already had a various array of different poisons along with a few cups scattered, packages on the ground. “There’s more in the basement of course.” He spoke as if he read your mind. “You know me too well, Hemmings.” You laughed as you picked up a few bottles quickly inspecting them and then arranging them neatly. Luke had gone over to the fridge to grab a bag of limes, and then fetched some salt. You chortled at him as he placed them down in front of you. “These are staple ingredients for every party.” He commented as you rolled your eyes playfully. “Whatever Hemmings.” You commented but proceeded to place the salt near the cups. 


As the night went on, you became more and more tipsy having the time of your life with all the people who attended. It was only around eleven-thirty five at night when a giant group of you sat down in a huge circle, an empty beer bottle in the middle. Spin the bottle. You laughed to yourself at the childish game, but didn’t object. You were situated beside some random girl and Ashton on the other side while Luke was sitting directly across from you. “You sure daddy won’t mind if you play this?” You heard Ashton whisper in your ear as someone spun the bottle. You smirked as you looked over at him, “you know I’m not a good girl.” You said, fluttering your eyelashes, making him groan. See, you and Ashton had become more than friends per say. You were both lonely one night and decided to cheer each other up. Accidentally, you let it slip as you two were fore playing. Embarrassed at first, but Ashton had welcomed the term so skilfully, as if he had previous encounters with it. Although he enjoyed it just as much as you did, he would constantly tease you about. Subtly of course, none the less it was still prominent. You never minded it though, it was something the two of you shared making it your own. A wave of ‘ooo’s’ broke you out of your trance as you focused your attention on the bottle that had just landed on you, Luke being it’s spinner. You smirked as you cleared your throat, the two of you crawling into the middle of the circle as the game instructed. He wore a smug smirk on his face as he was now just an inch away from your lips. “What are you waiting for Hemmings?” You quietly teased before he connected his lips to yours in a deep kiss, earning various cheers and claps from the audience. When he pulled away you were left with the subtle taste of spearmint and vodka and lime, a weird but wonderful mixture. Retreating, he made sure to drop a quick wink before you gripped the bottle giving it a quick spin as it landed on a random guy, quickly kissing him you made your way back to your spot beside Ashton. 
The rest of the game you couldn’t keep your eyes off of Luke, him catching you a few times but he never seemed to mind. “Got your eye on lover boy?” Ashton smirked as he spun the bottle. “Maybe.” You said slyly as the bottle landed in between you and Ashton as he smirked. “Pucker up.” You teased as he pulled you in, a hand on your cheek another on your waist. His kiss was much more passionate than Luke’s, but equal in length. Him on the other hand, tasted like whiskey and salt more than anything else. 
The game continued for a few more spins before horny angsty teens went their own ways with their own intentions, leaving you with Luke, Ashton and a few other random people. You stood up to grab yourself another drink, Ashton following you. “So, Luke?” Ashton asked as he reached over you for the rum. “I never placed you as a Luke girl.” He commented as he placed the rum bottle down, now reaching for the Coke. “Oh really? Which girl did you place me as then?” You challenged as he finished mixing his drink. “Me.” He smirked as he took a sip of his drink, licking his lips. “Never said I wasn’t.” You winked before walking back over to where Luke was sitting with a few other girls. 


Now one in the morning you were only just beginning to have fun. Teasing both Luke and Ashton and stringing a few other boys on, just for the fun of it. “Can we have a word with you?” Luke spoke from behind you, making you turn around to face him and Ashton. “’course.” You giggled a little too tipsy, grabbing your cup they set it down on the counter and made you follow them upstairs. The alcohol pumping through your veins made this all the more intense as they led you into Ashton’s room. “Have a seat.” Ashton said, motioning to the bed. You did as you were instructed, having to jump a little to get onto the large bed. You were confused at what they were about to say but that didn’t lessen the excitement you had. “So,” Luke began as he paced over to where you were sitting, “Ashton here, has told me something about you I never would’ve guessed.” He smirked as he went to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “Some very naughty things.” He added as he bent down to whisper in your ear making you breath hitch. “Turns out, you and Ashton have been indulging in behaviour I feel as though I should’ve been included in.” He explained as he turned around to Ashton, who was now coming over to stand beside Luke. “Did he now?” You smirked your sudden burst of confidence coming solely from the alcohol you been consuming. “It’s about time.” You said as you stood up, wrapping your arms around Ashton neck, pulling him into a kiss. Surprising him at first but his arms wrapping around your waist soon after. Without saying a word you stepped back turning your head in the direction of Luke, stepping over to him and doing the same to him as with Ashton. “Let’s get the party started.” You smirked as you removed your shirt and helped yourself onto the bed. “Oh no baby girl, you don’t make the rules here.” Ashton growled as he got up onto the bed, Luke following. Luke on the right and Ashton on the left. “Fine.” You said defeated. “What are the rules?” You questioned, propping yourself on your elbows. “Well first off, you will only refer to us as daddy. Understood?” Ashton asked as you looked between him and Luke, nodding your head. “Good.” He commented. “Second, no coming unless we say so.” Luke added with a smirk as you nodded your head. “And lastly, the safe word is red.” Ashton said, stressing the word ‘red’ so you were aware of it. “Okay.” You said quietly. “Say the safe word.” Luke asked nicely making sure you really knew it. “Red.” You said as they both nodded. “Now can we start?” You begged as they both let out a chuckle. “Looks like someone’s a little needy, don’t you think?” Luke said to Ashton who was eyeing your breasts. “I think someone needs to learn some patience.” He smirked at Luke, who agreed. As Luke reconnected your lips in a kiss, Ashton’s hands travelled down to your pants unbuttoning them and sliding them off of you. “Would you look at that, she’s already soaking.” Ashton praised as Luke pulled away smirking. “Baby girl just couldn’t stop thinking of us.” He teased as he pulled of his shirt, Ashton following. You felt Ashton’s fingers come in contact with your clothed clit as you let out a gasp, your hands flying to Luke’s arms. “So responsive.” Luke humbled as he connected his lips with your neck, sucking harshly, sure to leave marks. You let out a moan as Ashton moved your panties to the side, running a finger through your wetness, collecting it. Luke’s hands moved to unclasp your bra, freeing your breasts. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He admired as he attached his lips onto your right nipple, sucking at it harshly making you squirm. “Oh god.” You breathed as Ashton continued to stimulate your clit. Luke now switching to the other breast. “She tastes so fucking good.” Ashton commented as Luke’s head shot up, looking down to where Ashton was. He slowly turned all his attention to your core as Ashton switched spots with him. Ashton went back to massaging your breaths and leaving marks all over them making you hiss as he bit at the sensitive skin. Your hips bucked at the sudden pleasure Luke had caused you. Pushing two fingers in as he rubbed lazy circles on your clit with his thumb. “You like that?” He teased as you let out a moan, relishing in the feeling of his fingers. “Oh god yes, god yes daddy.” You groaned as he began curling his fingers as Ashton squeezed your breasts. Your hands reached out to Ashton’s thigh as you squeezed it lightly, making your way up to where a tent was forming. He let out a groan as you lightly squeezed him. Ashton’s hands left your breasts as he quickly unzipped his pants and shimmed out of them, leaving him in only his boxers. “Fuck I need to taste you.” Luke said as you felt his warm tongue lick a stripe up your core, his cool lip ring making you shiver slightly. His strong hands held your thighs apart as he continued eating you out, his tongue flicking over your clit. Your hand was still gripping Ashton’s thigh, leaving little crescent shapes all over it. You opened your eyes to meet Ashton’s closed ones as his hand pumped his member slowly. “No, no, let me.” You moaned as he opened his eyes as soon as your hand covered his. Letting go he moved closer to your face as you slowly began pumping him again, as he let out small whimpers. You licked the tip as he elicited a loud growl before taking as much of him into your mouth. “Fuck just like that baby girl.” He praised as you began bobbing your head. Luke’s tongue mixed with his fingers now as he curled them, hitting your g-spot making your hum around Ashton’s throbbing cock, sending waves of pleasure through him. It wasn’t long before Ashton had pulled out of your mouth, panting and on the verge of coming. “Not yet baby girl.” He panted as you frowned but gripped his hand as Luke began edging you closer to your climax, then ceasing all his movements making you whine. Luke was still dressed from the waist down, erection evident. You sat up and crawled over to him, undoing his buttons and pulling his pants down for him along with his boxers. Luke wasn’t nearly as wide as Ashton, but he was longer which was no surprise to you. He sucked in a breath as you moved your hand along his shaft, tilting his head back. You kissed his tip before licking a stripe from the base all the way back to the tip and putting him into your mouth, earning a loud groan from him. “Oh god, yes.” He moaned as you felt Ashton’s fingers inside you making you groan. You felt your release come once again, as your legs began to tremble before Ashton stopped his actions, just like Luke did. Pulling off of Luke you looked up at him with doey innocent eyes before Ashton flipped you over. “Don’t think for one second you can fool us baby girl.” He smirked as he peppered kisses over your breasts as Luke grabbed a condom from one of the drawers. “Hands and knees princess.” Luke instructed as you did what you were told. Without warning Luke slid into you making you groan at his length while Ashton tapped your mouth with his cock, as you opened it taking him into your mouth once again. Luke started off slow but picked up his pace as Ashton began fucking your mouth, the two of them groaning. Luke moved his hand to your clit, massaging it quickly, the knot in your stomach forming once again. Ashton pulled your hair in a makeshift pony tail as you continued to suck him off. “Such a slut.” Luke moaned as he thrust into you deeper. “Taking two daddies at once.” Ashton commented as he let out a moan with your name. “Bet you dream about this every night.” Luke teased as you felt the knot grow bigger and bigger. “And now you’re gonna come, all for us.” Luke chuckled, “isn’t that right?” He teased, pushing you over the edge as you let out a groan, which pushed Ashton over the edge. Spurting hot loads down your throat as Luke quickly came after with a loud groan. The three of you collapsed sweating and breathless.


“That’s gotta happen again.” You laughed as you all began redressing yourselves. “God yes.” Ashton and Luke agreed at the same time making you laugh a little. “I’ll tell you, that was by far the best sex I’ve ever had.” You admitted as you examined your neck. “Luke, Ashton!” You groaned as you turned back to them snickering. “How am I supposed to cover this up?!” You asked rhetorically at the hickey’s that littered your neck, trailing down to your breasts. “Not our problem.” Luke smirked as he did the last button of his jeans. “Kinda is yeah.” You chided as you crossed your arms over your chest. “Relax baby, think of it as a memoir of this night.” Ashton joked and as mad as you may have been you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. “Whatever, I’m getting the both of you next time.” You warned as you all stepped out of the bedroom and joined the rest of the party downstairs, earning a few high fives. 




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My brother died of an heroin overdose this weekend and I’m so confused and just I’m sorry I haven’t been online a lot. I just went into the smack tag on this website to try and get some insight and I am so upset at all these people almost glamorising this stuff? Like videos of young girls shooting up? I’m sorry to bring up such negative things, I hardly ever post personal stuff here, but why is this allowed on this site? I hope everyone is healthy and safe tonight. Please be careful and kind to yourselves!