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I really felt there was something wrong with Tripp once he told Jemma that he believed her story. It's just a gut feeling but do you think he might be a traitor?

Hi @asdfsweets

I’ve discussed in previous metas how we need to be careful with all of the Avatars.  Because its very clear AIDA Is the Puppet Master and has manipulated that world in order to get what she wants.  It seems that nearly every hostage has a ‘guardian’ to keep an eye on them too.  

  • Fitz:  His father/Madame Hydra
  • May:  In the heart of Hydra
  • Coulson:  His students
  • Mack: Hope
  • Daisy: Ward
  • Mace: Trip
  • Jemma: was dead

Trip isn’t like Ward where we are a bit leery.  We (and the team) just automatically trust him because its Trip.  Trip accepting Jemma’s story no question is what our Trip would do, he always just kind of rolls with all the crazy stuff.  But yes, everyone just be ready.  Because in the end ALL of the Avatars are part of and programmed by AIDA.  

That being said we are really running out of time fast here.  They are out by the end of 21 or at some point in 21. 


Once Ethan got Chloe home, they both snuck quietly into the house and went into Chloe’s room to talk. And after a little prodding, Ethan finally got her to tell him what had happened at the party. All of it.

“You can’t tell anyone, Ethan. Not only do I not have any proof, if I do tell, he’ll show everyone what else he has in that video. That won’t exactly make it look like I’m telling the truth.”

“We have to tell Mom at least.”

“No! She’ll call the police and the school.”

“But, Chloe-”

“Ethan, no. He said he would put it on the internet and send it to everyone at our school. So…..no. I just want to forget about it. Please.”

“Forget about it?! Are you crazy?”

“No one would believe me anyway, everyone thinks I’m easy. And stupid. So just leave it alone.”

“No one thinks that.”

“Sure, they do,” she replied, seriously. “Because if you do stuff with a few boys then you’re automatically a slut.”

“Chloe, having sex with a few people doesn’t make you a slut.”

“Sex? No. I didn’t have sex with anyone.”

“Really? Not even once? You can tell me the truth.”

“I am telling you the truth. I mean, I did……other things. But I never had sex with anyone. Well, not until……”

“Tonight,” Ethan said, finishing her thought. 


Not knowing what else to say, Ethan wrapped his arms around his sister and urged her to lay down on the bed, “You should try and sleep, Chlo.”

“Will you stay with me? Like when we were little?”

“When we were little? You came into my room last week. But yes, I will stay here with you tonight.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now close your eyes, I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Okay,” she agreed and closed her eyes. “I love you, Ethan.”

“Love you, too.”

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Finally! Everyone has thought I was crazy for not liking sloths! I've never found those creepy animals cute.. I also don't like pandas

They’re horrible. I’m with you, boo. Big fat nope. You’re on your own on pandas though, those big dummies are pretty cute in my book.

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With everyone anticipating acowar like crazy your blog is the only thing that restores my faith in humanity and I just wanted you to know that. I'm so sorry that it's stressful for you sometimes but I'm also really thankful you're doing what you're doing. <3

You can always count on me!! I’m happy my blog helps 💖 And I feel you. The hype is so obnoxious…

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Omg thank you! finally someone who sees the flaws with how katara is written. seriously she is annoying me and my niece and nephew used to make fun of her for how much of a goody goody she is. seriously the painted lady episode was a good example of the the most annoying part of katara's character. Meanwhile Azula gets shit on by everyone well Azula worked very hard to get where she is. is she crazy? well yeah but shes a product of her environment.

I’m happy we agree! :D We’re certainly not the first to call Katara’s character out on annoying traits. The debate on whether she’s a Mary Sue or not is all over the internet. Search and ye shall find!

Clean Me, Daddy | 30.03.17
  • Phil: "Why aren't you cleaning us?" said Candice. Oh...
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: Last time I did a live show, I accidentally ordered 300 cleaning wipes.
  • Dan: I know. I've seen them.
  • Phil: So, you can have the honour of cleaning them.
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: The webcam. It's a bit grubby, so you know give them a clean. Give them a wipe. Someone just said "clean me, daddy".
  • Dan holds the cleaning wipe with regret. Phil burst out laughing and Dan starts speaking in a high pitched voice.
  • Dan: Yeah, I read that too. What is this?
  • Phil: It wasn't this weird when I did it!
  • Dan: There's a section of your live show where...
  • Phil: No, it's not a section!
  • Dan: ... you clean them?
  • Phil: No, I'm just saying we're slightly blurry and they'd like to see us in 1080pHD quality.
  • Dan: No, you planned this. It's a section where you clean the audience. Now everyone is saying "clean me".
  • Phil: They liked it. Just do it! I'll make the sound effect.
  • Dan: There's dozen of tens of thousands of people saying "clean me" right now.
  • Phil: Dan, clean them. Clean them!
  • Dan: Jesus Christ.
  • Phil: Do it! It's what you signed up to do.
  • Dan suppressing a regretful chuckle, Phil grinning so damn wide.
  • Dan: Oh my God, stop! The chat! Frick. Even the YouTube comments are going to be ruined. Oh, whatever you fricking..
  • Dan wipes the webcam while Phil makes the sound effect.
  • Phil: That's the noise of the cleaning wipe. Look how clear we are now though. My pores are here.
  • Dan: And yet, I feel dirty.
What I love of the signs

Aries: how flashy they are. How easily they open to the people. How authentic and funny is without trying. It’s someone I like to look at and I like it very much. 

Taurus: there are some Taurus that are so adorable. They are so kind and take care of everyone. I want to hug them all they.

Gemini: they are crazy af in a bad way. I love it. But if we had to spend a week under the same roof, I am not sure who would kill who first

Cancer: they are very cute, they are beautiful. They are in the small group of people that I want to embrace. High expectations, always dreaming and giving me desire to dream too.

Leo: their presence. They walk with confidence. I have to turn to see the king who has just entered.

Virgo: they look mysterious. I want to know what they are thinking.

Libra: how they could be eating like a beast and still being the most beautiful and delicate flower of the garden. I love it sO MUCH.

Scorpio: everything. Seriously. I love every thing about them.

Sagittarius: they don’t have a hard time saying anything. They think it, they say it.

Capricorn: I really love how direct you are.

Aquarius: they interest me. You are very closed, I want to know what there is inside your head. I like that you are aware of your problems, know why they are there and how to fix them.

Pisces: I consider them one of the funniest signs of the zodiac.

phil: *posts a video talking abt something tht happened to him*
dan: oh haha yeah i remember when he told me that story :) RIGHT after it happened :) like before he told anyone else :)) it was crazy to hear that story (first) before everyone else, i still can’t believe it!


Alex R. Hibbert for NY Times (Feb. 2017)

It was Alex’s grandmother, Hillary Frye, who took him to the “Moonlight” audition. She is now his unofficial publicist. “Every day since the film came she buys a New York Times paper at the 7-Eleven and looks for Alex’s picture in it,” Ms. Wellington said. “She’s going crazy, she tells everyone at work, ‘That’s my grandson!’”