everyone at this point i think tbh

I just thought of it but My Hero Academia is progressing pretty rapidly through the manga and at some point they’re going to reach the end of what’s there and they’re either going to deviate from the manga via Black Butler or start filler arc-ing the hell out of it via Naruto/One Piece

tbh i really hope they go the One Punch Man filler arc way with the manga legitimately adding substance to the webseries

honestly I would be completely satisfied if no Voltron ships become canon bUT Lance is confirmed to have had a big gay crush on all of the other paladins at some point in his life
Hunk? Childhood friends. Pining in middle school. A true failed friends-to-lovers aesthetic
Shiro came next, a huge celebrity crush tbh. He probably had posters in his room.
Then Keith at the Garrison. He’s…totally angrily in love at this point. Melodramatic abt it too, probably. Probably quotes Shakespeare at the mirror in frustration.
Then Pidge is in their flight squad. Many times Lance was found laying in Hunk’s bed, staring at the ceiling, and screaming “HES SO SMALL FISIFJSHDJSKNRUDUDAH”
Then when they’re in space Allura shows up and he’s ,, woagh ,,, a very beautiful space princess??? goals

Honestly I just feel like Lance is one to fall so easily like he legit develops a huge gross crush on everyone he meets.

I just think it’d be adorable especially to see their reactions when they find out ??
Hunk: oh yeah kinda figured tbh
Shiro: I’m…I’m sorry it’s nothing personal, but ?? you’re so young ?? a child ?? It just wouldn’t be appropriate….I appreciate you? You’re a valuable member of the team? But I ? (Lance: calm down shiro I know) I just ??? I’m.sorry ??? No ??
Keith: you…….what. i don’t….I can’t ….. you’re awful at coping with crushes aren’t u ….like in hindsight ,,, dude. d u d e.
Pidge, tears in her eyes: oh my….oh my god. [wheezing] you thought…I was…….cute …. [cackling on the ground] you thought I was cUTE (Lance: i know ,, let it go pls) yOU tHOUGHT I wAs A cUTE BOY
Allura: dude ,,

I just ,,,,,,,, yes
poor bb and his collection of one-sided crushes

until my feet bleed and my heart aches by @kazliin

“Either you actually do care about Viktor, even a little bit in that stupid fucked up head of yours, or you’re using him just like everyone thinks. So I’m giving you a choice. If you do feel something for him, you tell him and stop fucking him around. And if you don’t, you stay the hell away from him. Got it?” 

song: lowlife (slushii remix) - that poppy

Lets count the number of same sex kisses in “Just Friends”:

(There’s also a number of interracial couples; considering that we just elected a fascist, it’s probably a good idea to promote the acceptability of that, too.)

Considering the number of other references here, I’ma say that Pixie Cut and her girlfriend are a grown up Red and Blue from Gunnerkrigg Court.

There’s an older couple that many people have referenced, but I don’t think we see enough of them to see what genders they pass/present as, TBH. But fret not, for there are two more same sex kisses everyone seems to have missed:

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right–that is just the same two girls twice. But I said I was counting the number of kisses, not the number of couples, and they kissed twice. Thems the rules.

EDIT: It was pointed out that I missed one back up in the third panel there, which brings our total to

3 M/M kisses, 5 F/F kisses. Or, if you insist on going by relationships…

…still 3 and 5.

EDIT 2: TFW a post of yours explodes in popularity and then you notice a fatal flaw in it. Alas, I am a dirty, terrible misgenderer. I have no idea how this happened, and I have no excuse.

For some reason, I counted Steven/Renaldo as girls.

The counts above have been edited appropriately.

Pisces: The World is Delusional

**This post applies to those with a significant presence of piscean energy in your natal chart. Everyone has some piscean energy, so anyone is capable of relating to this post. However, it is more relevant and true for certain people. 

This many include those with personal planets in pisces, many planets in aspect to neptune/jupiter, planets in the 12th house, planets in taurus and libra*, or (possibly) planets in capricorn and leo*, especially if they make a 150 degree (inconjunction) aspect, and draconic placements in pisces (esp. draconic moon/venus in pisces). 

Pisces gets a lot of flack for being delusional, apathetic escapists. This sign seems to wander through life aimlessly.

The truth is, pisces has an incredible amount of raw, consuming desire for one very specific thing. However, the thing they want doesn’t exist in this reality.

Pisces, and neptune, is the gate to the universe. This includes every plane of existence and every possible reality. We live in an infinite universe where everything already exists. Even if the pisces can’t see this, they can sense worlds of endless beauty and magic just beyond reach. 

Movies, T.V. shows, music, books, and other exceptional constructs of fiction give us a glimpse of these alternate realities: universes more interesting, with the possibility of lives more fulfilling, than anything this world can ever offer. 

While Virgo finds beauty in the ordinary, Pisces can only see beauty in the extraordinary and transcendent. 

That’s because this is the true purpose of human existence. We were born to live extraordinary lives, be the heroes of our own stories, change the world, have superpowers, find the kind of love that makes us whole while tearing at our very souls, etc. 

Piscean delusion stems from painful clarity: they see what we were always meant to be, and what we’ve reduced ourselves to. 

They see people chasing things like sex, fast cars, popularity, relationships, boring jobs, fame, fortune, all the ‘best’ this world has to offer. They’ve been told that they should also chase these utterly boring, pointless things. Add to that the pointless wars, violence, people’s obsession with control, and you can see why Pisces are prone to shutting themselves away.

The only way to escape this hideous world is through death, and freedom from the cycle of reincarnation.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac because they have no desire to return, and any attachment they feel to anything in this world can never hold a candle to their burning desire to escape to a better reality. 

We see the world as it sees us: people see Pisces as delusional, apathetic escapists. Pisces sees everyone else as delusional (for thinking anything in this world is truly worth having) apathetic (for allowing war, destruction, and greed to destroy humanity) escapists (for trying to run from the truth that we were never meant to live for nine-to-five jobs, taxes, competition, whatever). 

(And tbh I have to side with Pisces on this one… They actually have an excellent point.)

Pisces may never be fulfilled in this life. The best they might do is find peace through detachment, and the knowledge that some day, some how, they will end up that better world. 

Meanwhile, they can channel that burning desire for something more into creating brilliant works of art and fiction. 

Pisces brings the knowledge, desire, and vision of a better world, before leaving. It’s up to the rest of the signs to make that a dream a reality. 

*See Mixing Colors


A/N: my first blurb-style fic, I kinda dig it. To the lovely anon who requested this, I hope you enjoy reading this and thank you for the support!

-  A xoxo

Request: this is kinda a weird request but it sounds cute in my head?? can you do like a short little imagine/blurb whatever w reggie about him mocking me/joking about me saying “wow” a lot?? i hope that makes sense but i really do say wow a lot tbh & everyone always points it out to me & i just think this would be cute to read. thxxxx :)

Warnings: so much fluff you might actually spontaneously combust!

Originally posted by everyone-born-to-die

The first time he notices you say it is when you’re paired up as lab partners. Somehow the two of you manage to cause a test tube full of green slime explode, causing the entire class to stare at you. At a loss for words you simply let out a bewildered “wow” to which Reggie snorts and mimics you in a stupidly shrill voice. That indiscretion landed you both in detention during which you became fast friends. The next time he notices you say it is in the hallway. He passes you as you and your friends Gawk at Archie Andrews, you are muttering a flustered “wow” as you take in his muscular physique. He, once again does his impression as you, making sure that you here his mocking and trying to dismiss the pang of jealousy he feels when seeing you show interest in his teammate and notorious redheaded rival. Both the third and fourth time he notices you say it is towards the end of his football practice. He gazes up at you distractedly as you sit atop the bleachers, nose buried in a book. Your eyebrows are furrowed in concentration and your tongue peeks out from your slightly parted lips. He watches you in awe until he is broken from his trance by your moving lips, he can’t hear you but his eyes – fixated upon your lips- manage to decipher the word “wow” escaping, addressing nobody but yourself. He smiles fondly up at you until the coach blows his whistle, the piercing sound snapping him out of his haze. He finishes practice and bounds up to you, removing his shirt absentmindedly to cool off. He taps your shoulder lightly, asking you what you’re reading and you whirl around to be met with the sight of his toned chest and arms, coated in slick sweat. Your eyes grow wide and your jaw slackens, letting slip a breathy “wow” without thinking and immediately blushing and clamping your hand over your mouth, feeling betrayed by your uncooperative brain and mouth. Reggie just beams at you, tongue in cheek as his ego balloons substantially and he repeats his previous question.

Originally posted by riverdale-slut

 It was at Cheryl Blossoms’ party that the tables turned. You had been lured into an unforgiving game of truth or dare and stupidly chosen dare, not wanting to be coerced into confessing your growing crush on the Bulldogs captain Reggie Mantle. However, your choice backfires as you are dared by Cheryl herself to kiss or rather “make out” with the dashing jock himself. Surprisingly Reggie approaches you eagerly, his teammates hollering encouragement from behind him. You are shaking with nerves, or is it excitement? You meet each other in the middle of a circle of teens, eagerly awaiting your actions. Reggie places his calloused hands on the small of your back, pulling you closer to his chest and you place a shaking palm on his chest and the other cups his cheek. He leans in slowly, searching your eyes for hesitation but they just flutter shut in anticipation. Your lips meet and meld together perfectly. They move in sync and you feel your skin heat up and Reggie’s heartbeat speed up significantly as the kiss becomes more passionate. You run out of air and pull away reluctantly, foreheads resting against one and other. You watch as Reggie swallows thickly and your eyes focus on his plump, swollen lips as he lets out a low, whispered, satisfied “wow”. You can’t help but let out a giggle and putting on your deepest voice and plastering the most Reggie-esque smoulder on your face you whispered a “wow”.

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Millie please make one of those amazing posts of yours for Howon too. I love it when non-Howon biased people praise him. Also he deserves all the love but there is still prejudice towards him (thankfully it's less now compared to few years back) So let's spread Holove 💜 - infnthoya

Of course I am more than happy to make a post about our wonderful HoyaYahoHoya! Especially for you @infnthoya !

You can see the previous posts (Sunggyu/Woohyun/Sungyeol) here!


Okay but before I say anything else, this performance he did on Hit The Stage with the amazing (queen) Choi Hyojin still reduces me to tears because it is PERFECTION and it really showcases the fact that Hoya can dance in a different style to his usual go-to hip hop moves!

The theme for that episode was This Love and although everyone’s performances were great, Hoya and Hyojin absolutely deserved their win because this was ART and totally projected all this raw emotion and I will never get over it. 

Hoya is INFINITE’s main dancer and it’s not hard to see why. Over the years it’s been amazing to see him improve and build on his skills and talents. He actually dropped out of high school to pursue dance, even though his family were against this decision. He did eventually get his high school diploma, but it took a while for his relationship with his family (and his father in particular) to be mended again. 

It’s great to see that nowadays, Hoya’s name is often mentioned when people talk about the greatest dancers in k-pop. He is more than deserving of it.


Although Hoya started out as one of INFINITE’s rapper line, he’s had vocal lines in songs for a looooong long time. However, not everyone noticed how much his voice had actually improved until INFINITE’s more recent albums. In 2015 Hoya opened up his own YouTube channel and surprised everyone by posting his first cover - Zion T’s Kiss Me. He followed this up weeks later with an English cover song, an acoustic arrangement of Ariana Grande’s Problem. Although he hasn’t been as active as we might like on the channel, it’s a goldmine that shows of how wonderfully soothing and great his voice is. My personal favourite so far is his cover of 이게아닌데 (This Ain’t It) by Taeyang. But for some nice visuals, check out my second fave (and another English cover), John Legend’s All Of Me. 

Then of course, there’s the fact that he got into the composing game just like fellow member Woohyun. The song One Day on INFINITE’s 2016 album INFINITE Only was co-written by Hoya and was performed on music shows during promotions for 태풍 (The Eye). He also wrote and composed his own track 아무렇지 않은 척 (Pretending It’s Okay), which he performed on 4Things Show. This song seriously gets stuck in my head all the time and I really wish he’d upload a full version on his channel or that it might feature on an INFINITE/INFINITE H album in the future. On top of all of this, Hoya has always been involved in writing his own raps ~~


One of the first things I watched that had an INFINITE member in it was Reply 1997. And in that (incredible) drama, Hoya played Kang Joonhee. And that character was an ANGEL. He played the role so well, so convincingly. I really connected with his character and Hoya was praised a lot for his role. This is my absolute favourite scene of all time. Excuse me while I go cry. 

Hoya has also starred in: Reply 1994 (cameo as Joonhee), My Lovely Girl (alongside member Myungsoo), Mask and as a lead role in the movie Hiya. Currently he is in both Strong Family and Radiant Office. Despite the fact that Lee Howon is an awkward baby, his acting skills are A+++++ so pleeeeeease check out everything he has starred in so far. 


I feel like I got way too emo in this post, but genuinely I love Lee Howon so much and wish he was my best friend tbh. Here are some more things I think everyone needs to know about him: 

  • His sexy, R-rated solo stages. Okay so… these speak for themselves
  • His weird jokes that only he finds funny. Honestly, prime DadJoke material. 
  • Hoya’s passionate hard work. Not only does he dance and dance and dance some more, even to the point of injury (that happened because he danced too hard on an existing weak ankle to ‘impress everyone in the audience’) and well into the night, he also worked hard to speak in Seoul dialect so he could be easily understood by fans. 
  • Overwhelming love and affection for his fans. Everyone always says Woohyun is the fan service king in INFINITE and while that may be true, Hoya is definitely fierce competition. Just look at how many V Live broadcasts the boy has done, his Instagram stories and frequent updates, and the song he covered as a dedication to Inspirit. 
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members, whether it’s the gag-duo of Sunggyu + Hoya (HOBAK GOGYUMA), the affectionate Dongwoo + Hoya couple (INFINITE H), awkward bros Woohyun + Hoya, brother-like love Sungjong + Hoya…. he matches so well with every member in different ways. 
  • Those eyebrows, that jawline…. His visuals are no joke

And here concludes me pouring all my repressed Hoya feels into one long ass post. I really hope you all enjoy it and please love Lee Howon just a little bit more than you did before

i’m laughing tbh this shitton of new information about skaters is coming out and there’s l i t e r a l l y nothing on victor besides his goddamn skating abilities chart LMAO at this point i’m convinced everyone in staff is just sitting there like ‘who the fuck is victor’ omgfomg

so what about victor’s past?

his childhood?

family? parents?

victor’s literal entire life besides the one (1) year we’ve been able to see?

  • Rafael Nadal when someone literally punches him in the face, probably: Everyone show emotion differently, no? I think they are maybe frustrated and showed it badly, but there are no hard feelings
  • Rafael Nadal when an umpire doesn't give him enough time to use a towel between points: Fuck you and the next six generations of your family
RFA playing D&D headcanons

Here’s a scenario I haven’t been able to get out of my head for a few days, hahah. I wanted to share!

  • Saeyoung is dungeon master, and he’s fucking incredible at it. He has this brilliant campaign planned out, and even when the players stray away from his expectations, he’s able to improvise something just as good.
  • Fun NPCs with cool voices, lots of difficult puzzles, and every now and then he’ll throw a totally infuriating challenge their way and watch everyone blow up with frustration that slowly melts into genuine investment and enjoyment.
  • He’d have fun playing a character himself (maybe a Bard?) but DMing is more up his alley, and he’s definitely the type to sideline his own enjoyment so his friends can live their fantasies, lol.

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But does it even need confirmation at this point? Literally everyone has talked about it. Its pretty clear there is an album. And the CEO of Columbia talking about it makes it pretty likely that he will /is signed with them. Him talking is not the same as Simon talking about it. At this point I don't even expect a confirmation tbh. I would love to have one but at this point Harry will just drop a single and be done with it.

I disagree. I don’t know how Harry and his team plan to release his music, but I don’t think he’s in a position where they would just drop music out of the blue without doing early promo. If they did do that, I personally think they’re missing a huge opportunity to get attention from new audiences and to get his own fan base excited. (That’s also another reason why I think releasing music after Dunkirk would make a lot more sense because he will be introduced to a new market there.) Maybe they feel he doesn’t need that, but I think that would be an odd choice and would rely way way too heavily on the loyalty of a fan base that has been ignored for a long time and could have moved on to different things by now. The Another Man shoot only required three posts on IG to sell out a few times over, but I think the album requires much much more because it’s not just about Harry and the numbers expected would be much higher. Maybe they have enough info to know that an album will be very successful among the current fans without putting a ton of money into promo, but I would assume that the label would want to promote not only the music but also that they were able to get Harry. And that label would also want that solo launch to be hugely successful for their own purposes. So…yeah I just talked in circles, but my opinion is still that there will be official promo leading up to the single to stir up excitement and that the way things are currently happening is strange for a reason. Just my opinion though. We’ll see what happens.

Super Junior Reaction

Anon asked: Just wanna ask, can you do a super junior reaction to seeing heechul go quiet and shy after seeing a hot girl pass by? I think I would start laughing at him cuz he’s usually the most talkative and savage of them all.

Sure ! ^-^

Heechul shuts up when a girl passes by


Originally posted by parkjngsoo

*quietly snickering*

I think Leeteuk, being the ‘mature’ leader he is, would just laugh or snicker under his breath. He would probably tease Heechul a little, but would probably be the one that’ll stop others before jokes went too far.


Originally posted by sherpabunbun


Yesung would straight up laugh, thinking how funny this moment is. Even when the girl passes, you would be able to hear his giggles.


Originally posted by yepponur

“Oh my god…”

I think Kangin would lowkey watching the girl too while watching Heechul from the corner of his eyes. The ‘oh my god’ comment would be for both the girl and Heechul’s reaction.


(why can’t I find any gif of him for this ???!!?)

Shindong would probably be somewhat like Kangin and Yesung. He would most likely laugh at Heechul and would be pointing at the girl, in a shocked manner (until Leeteuk hits him for being rude, because it’s rude to point).


Originally posted by longdistancefangirls

(he looks adorable UwU)

“What happened to– Oh…” *laughs*

Sungmin is really sweet, so I don’t think he would really tease Heechul. But, he would pat him reassuringly on the back, understanding. He would still laugh, only for a few seconds though.


Originally posted by monkeilii

“O ho ho, what do we have here? A shy Heechul?”

Teasing. He will not live it down. Poor Heechul would be teased for a while by him.


Originally posted by zhoumiblr

(tbh a lot of their reaction’s would be similar lol)

“Hold on, you–” *laughs loudly*

Another one that would laugh. Let’s face it: everyone else would too.


Originally posted by duckflyfly

“Ah, I’ve never thought this day would come, haha.”

This one would most definitely tease Heechul, laughing while doing so.


Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

“Oh-ho, look what have we here. The most savage person in the world turns into the shyest one just because of a girl?”

*looks over to the girl*  *laughs*

“I now see why.”

Siwon would be either teasing him or just simply enjoy the show, on the side. Or both.


Originally posted by ladymipha

“H-hold on” *trying to stifle his laughter* “Heechul is being s-shy?”

Ryeowook is also rather nice, especially when it comes to one of his hyungs, but not even he would be able to stop his laughter when seeing Heechul’s shy behavior.


Originally posted by curlykpopfan

*laughs loudly, almost dropping to his knees*

I have only two words for him: evil maknae. (I still love him tho)


Originally posted by that-pandorica-girl

(such a meme)

“Seriously, hyung?”

I think that Henry would put on a disgusted face just to annoy Heechul. On the inside, he’s roaring with laughter like everyone else.

And finally, the man himself, Heechul

Originally posted by whorechul

“No, guys, stop, you’re embarrassing me!”

“Wait, no, I d-didn’t mean that!”

*puts his face into his hands* “Kill me..”

(pray for him guys)

highlights of 4x02
  • Ilian is a bean and I love him already
  • Kabby 4ever holy shit that was cute
  • like Marcus recognizing the importance of Abby keeping her ring and not trying to override Jake’s presence in her life is SO GOOD
  • Octavia looks hot af
  • Monty’s so smart my baby I love him
  • Jasper’s shower scene
  • Raven’s awkward little “gooo”
  • “There’s nobody I trust more to do this than you” PRINCESS MECHANIC RISE
  • honestly Jaha isn’t that bad like he made shitty choices but so has everyone and he was just trying to help. and now he’s recognizing the wrong he has done and how he has to live with it and he wants to make things better so let’s just give him a chance guys!!
  • I missed happy Jasper and tbh he has a point…but also give my girl Clarke a break she’s trying so hard
  • Bellamy’s faith in Raven makes my heart sing
  • that was such a tough choice on Bellamy but I think he made the right one!! “we save who he can save today” my boy sticking to his guns
  • also Harper was so great this episode
  • AND Monty was too!!! being faced with the opportunity to kill his father’s murderer and instead freeing the slaves so they could do it…dark decision but honestly so intriguing I love him
  • Abby willfully giving up her ring and moving on to Marcus but also not forgetting her husband…good shit I tell ya
  • assassin!Octavia is not necessarily something I condone but…I am quite interested in seeing where/how far she goes
  • Bellamy definitely just adopted that little girl
NCT Dream as PTA Moms - Mark

i’ll just post this in parts i guess

Haechan | Renjun | Jeno | Jaemin | Chenle | Jisung

Originally posted by littlechloverstar

  • Tired Mom
  • is everywhere, not by choice
  • have they ever slept who knows
  • Perpetual eye bags
  • Thinks a night out with the squad is a vacation
  • “i wanna go home”
  • “mark, you are home”
  • “ur point is?”
  • wants to take a nap
  • never has time to take a nap
  • fixes all the problems
  • takes care of everyone
  • gets roasted constantly but if someone out of the squad messes with them everyone else about to throw mad hands
  • secretly talented
  • is humble and cute tbh
  • basically married to Lil Suburban Momâ„¢, not bc they want to
  • looks like they’ve seen Too Much and is taking it admirably well
  • “cha cha slide my way to hell” 

i think one of the biggest problems with the tcc is that we kind of,,,, normalize it for ourselves. cause i think it all starts off as basic interest and wanting to learn but then as we learn more and become more used to it we desensitize ourselves to tragedy & the reality of what these people did. we get used to it, develop a different view point, and thats why everyone thinks we’re a little messed up.
(( doesnt apply to people who unironically call murderers ‘daddy’ and genuinely have 'affection’ towards them. yall are kinda weird tbh ))

ingo and ganondorf

So like what if Ingo likes Ganondorf and thinks he’s the shit because he sees himself in him? Ingo worked hard in his life and still he’s just an employee while Talon sits on his big fat bottom doing nothing and is the boss, probably because he inherited the farm, I think
so when some random pariah dude takes over the kingdom Ingo thinks “right on brother!!!” and probably sends some stupid letter congratulating the king of evil on his new rise and Ganondorf is so surprised and amused he decides to humor Ingo and kicks Talon out and probably immediately forgets about it
Ingo is acting pretty evil but he’s actually super naive and simple person, he honestly doesn’t understand the implications of Ganondorf taking over, his entire life is focused in one little ranch. It’s cute how he thinks they’re totally bffs with the gerudo and is so scared when Link frees Epona he gives up on a position. Honestly this is adorable, as if Ganondorf actually gives a single fuck about this farm and their horse anyway, he probably couldn’t even ride it. here’s helpful diagram of what it would probably look like

i didn’t depict epona kicking  him in the nuts but she’d do that, too
(but of course the worst thing is that her color scheme doesnt match the colors of his attire and we all know aestetic is his deciding factor in most of his life in this point)

sims!d*s/ladybug camping trip

so my sims 4 screenshots have been piling up forever, so i’m just gonna drop the camping trip even tho it’s way off from where i last posted

also because these have been sitting on my hard drive since last year:

…and i’d like to get rid of them lmao.

Things to know:

  • Vix and Kou are married, and they have 3 kids: Nolan [teen] and Shiori [child, named for kou’s sis] who came with, and Olivia [nearly young adult] who stayed home cos there wasn’t room on the lot for her lmao. 
  • Adrien and Marinette are dating. They do not know about each other’s identities.
  • Adrien and Kou are best friends, and Shiori has a little girl crush on Adrien. [it was stupidly cute, she would seek him out anytime the fams hung out together lol]
  • Vix and Nino are work buddies [via their musical careers].
  • Nino and Alya are still only close friends but there’s UST 8D

anyway, prepare for action and adventure, drama and danger, love and betrayal lol…and just. lots and lots and lots of pictures under the cut.

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I kinda hope that our!Ciel's real name isn't revealed at all, that way nothing will really change and everyone can keep calling him 'Ciel'. I agree, I hate the fact we have to have a name change after all this time

Yeah, tbh that’s what I had thought before the current arc started. I used to think real!Ciel is dead and *stays dead*, but now that he has come back and appeared before our!Ciel in the latest chapter, I think it’s rather unavoidable that  our!Ciel’s true name will be revealed at some point :/

I’m actually curious as to how Yana will handle this problem. She must know well that we fans are very attached to the name “Ciel” and that it’s hard for us to get used to a completely different name after 10 years and 9 months of serialization.

anonymous asked:

Omg. like I do think that they prolly are just rlly good friends (perhaps even have unresolved feelings/tension for e/o) but there are just SO MANY IRON-CLAD moments that are just too ??? which makes me believe that they have yet to be exclusive but they are aware of where they want their relationship to head towards(?) Something like "not together YET but we're TOGETHER so EVERYONE, BACK OFF" IDEK AT THIS POINT TBH. Like that Billboard vlive. JK getting triggered by JM/NJ and JM consoling JK.

I agree with you honestly. Like i have about 2980 theories on jikook, but this one seems super plausible. There’s just so many things that hint to just slight romantic feelings, whether they are officially dating, or just flirt, maybe their friends with benefits?? idk, all ik is that jikook seem to have so many suspicious and weird things that go on and hint towards a more than just friends type relationship. Honestly,,,, i know people tried to disprove the whole “jungkook reacted to jin saying jimin would go shirtless” but i honestly think that’s what happened?? Like…. jin looked directly at jk while he said that, and then jk reacted all defensive and was all “what are you talking about?” and all the members were looking at jk while jin said that like ??? what else could that have meant?? idk, all i know is in 20 years when jikook are celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary and you guys can catch me still freaking out about them and telling all the antis that i told them so.