More Eric Coulter hotness?

It’s not a lot but this is for the darling that helps me with a lot of heavy shit. May she forever have goodluck and fortune in her favor. May her eyes never stop shining so bright as they do. May her life be great as she deserves it. May she be the moon I look up to everynight and cry my heart out to. (<- OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ~ISH)

Thank you for everything… 당신을 너무 사랑해요 (Goodluck finding out what this means, or ask me tbh ill answer it.) 

  • Christmas with this boi?
  • You can imagine what happens in this holiday season
  • Dauntless gives a lot of good parties
  • As a mentor, Eric is forced to come.
  • Does he like it? No 
  • Only really Coming for you
  • His gaze only on you. Teasing, waiting. 
  • Maybe he would even smile.
  • A sad one at that
  • “Hello (y/n)”
  • His voice low and soft
  • only meant for you
  • Im not saying he would do the dick in a box but maybe when he is a funny mood
  • He would be a damn present
  • Even more of a risk person during these holidays
  • “Are all of your horny fuck dogs here or what.“ 
  • Eric would find all that PDA annoying as shit
  • But he would love if it was you and him.
  • Rough kisses
  • Would push you into a dark place.
  • Tying you up is on the menu
  • “What? You said I could have anything for christmas as long as it’s wrapped.”
  • Cue his oh so loveable smirk on that jerk face.

External image
  • You would have your hands full with him
  • And of him…. if you know what I mean ;)
  • Yes he can be a gaint prick
  • And asshole
  • Cold
  • But his rough, grabby hands would fix it sometimes.
  • Can you imagine his morning voice as he gives you kisses from behind
  • “Merry christmas little minx.”
  • “You are mine.“ 
  • "Seems my present is a little bit tied up at the moment.”
  • He would be so naughy these seasons. 
  •  “Santa said you have been a naughty little girl this year….”
  • “Guess I just have to punish you.”
  • His muscle arms holding you.
  • This man being very protective of you.
  • Protecting you from other dick heads.
  • “I’m the only who can talk to you like that.”
  • Those lips always somewhere on your body.
  • Be it neck, shoulders, lips, stomach or anywhere else.

Written by @fandomsfanman

Little Everyday Witchy Things

💖Say a prayer while your still in bed, before you get up in the morning it counts as a simple offering.

💖Make some tea and add cinnamon to your tea to increase luck and energy.

💖Put thyme in your tea for good luck.

💖The type of tea you make should depend on your mood.

💖If you want alertness, energy, and to dispel negative premonitions of the day make black tea, chai tea, or oolong tea.

💖If you want to detoxify your energy and clear your conscious mind make green tea, jasmine tea, sencha tea, or matcha tea.

💖If you want help with clarity, serenity, and wisdom make white tea or an herbal tea.

💖For an easy boost place a crystal next to your tea cup to charge your tea.

💖If you want to boost clarity use a clear quartz crystal.

💖If you want to increase your chance of love and beauty use a rose quartz crystal.

💖If you want to stabilize and ground yourself use an obsidian, bloodstone, or onyx crystal.

💖If you want to intensify your awareness and spiritual powers use an opal or lapis crystal.

💖If you want to increase courage use a tigers eye crystal.

💖While your tea is charging do some yoga, exercise, or meditate. You only have to do this for as long as your tea is charging. So like literally five minutes, trust me it makes a difference.

💖If you make breakfast give a piece of your breakfast as an offering. If you don’t make breakfast give some of your tea you made as an offering.

💖While you get dressed and do your makeup light a candle. This way you start your day off with a little light, light acts as a positive omen, and wakes you up more.

💖If you want purity and beginnings light a white candle.

💖If you want courage and strength light a red candle.

💖If you want healing, luck, and prosperity light a green candle.

💖If you want calming and spiritual awareness light a blue candle.

💖If you want psychic powers and control light a purple candle.

💖If you want positivity and beauty light a yellow candle.

💖If you want beauty, serenity, and positivity light a pink candle.

💖If you want stimulation and energy light a orange candle.

💖While doing your makeup place a rose quartz crystal next to your makeup supplies. It’s a simple tactic that really ups your look for the day.

💖If you shower in the morning turn it into a cleansing ritual.

💖Color coordinate your outfit for your days intent.

💖Carry an appropriate crystal in your purse to help calm, stabilize, or motivate yourself.

💖Carry a rose quartz crystal in your makeup bag to increase your beauty for the day.

💖Carry a spell bottle you made for keeping calm in stressful situations in your purse.

💖Carry a spell bottle you made for good luck to come your way in your purse.

💖Carry a basil in your wallet to attract money.

💖Carry rose petals in your purse to help bring all kinds of love throughout your day.

💖Wear thyme in your bra to make yourself more alluring.

💖If you curl your hair enchant your curling iron.

💖For simple divination open a book to a random page and read it.

💖Enchant and wear a crystal necklace.

💖Everynight before you go to bed charge your crystal necklace under the moonlight.

💖Stir your tea clockwise to conjure up happiness and health.

💖Stir your tea counterclockwise to banish negativity.

💖Stir your tea for your days intent, while doing this you can chant a few words making a new little spell each day.

💖For your morning tea use sun water.

💖For your bedtime tea use moon water.

💖Try to always have an incense lit in your room for aromatherapy, positive energy, general witchiness, and reducing anxiety.

💖Use essential oil as a perfume.

💖Go for a walk to connect with nature.

💖Read your daily horoscope.

💖Write sigils in your planner.

💖Chew gum, use flavor associations.

💖Text yourself emoji spells when you need a quick boost.

💖Enchant your pen, marker, pencil, etc. Enchant the words you write.

💖Brush your teeth counterclockwise to banish negativity from your day.

💖Whisper a silent greeting to the sun.

💖Play some of your favorite music to invoke spiritual energy.

💖Whisper a “goodnight” to the moon before going to sleep.

💖Energy work, if you have the extra concentration to spare. This can go very quickly and is so versatile.

💖For protection carry a salt packet in your purse.

💖Carry a sugar packet in your purse to sweeten up your day.

💖Try weaving glamours into your foundation, clarity and true-seeing in your mascara, and authority in your lipstick. Red lends power to your words. Pink offers charm.

💖Put an appropriate tarot card in your purse or planner to give you a burst of energy.

💖Keep a Grimoire/BOS on your phone.

💖Wear a crystal to boost your energy while working out at the gym.

💖If you need to take a nap place your crystals under your pillow to charge with you. You need a break to recharge just like your crystals do.


Bellarke Week - Day 6: AU
▶ Post-Praimfaya: Bellamy gets drunk and hallucinates Clarke.

tom holland in england: adorable cozy boy who wears soft clothes, walks his dog, drinks tea and hangs out with his mom. practices lines in the morning, goes out to pubs and gets a lazy happy kind of drunk. is asleep by 10 pm everynight without fail. probably cries while watching titanic and likes the smell of grass

tom holland in new york: This Bitch™ who wears tight clothes that are all dark like his soul. titties are Hard and tattoo gun is Out. goes boxing every day and probably is always in the mood to make out with somebody. lowkey sleepy all the time. he’ll kick your ass he’ll kick my ass he’ll kick his own ass

tom holland in california: a fuckboy with a heart of gold. never wears a shirt, probably doesn’t even own shirts anymore bc he burned them all then lit a joint on the flames. eats raw fruit a lot and drinks only ice cold water. smells like sea salt and always has some sand in his hair. he loves life he loves himself and he loves his friends. good vibes man