everyman hyrbid



An ending to EverymanHYBRID, written by me. Not actual canon, and is not intended to be.

Vince dies by the hands of Evan. Evan becomes un-inHABITED and slowly slips into complete insanity, wandering around screaming and clawing at random things and throwing things around while recording himself, while lamenting about everything he has caused and done.

Eventually, he meets Slenderman once again and instead of running up to him and attempting to kill him and taking violent force, he falls to his knees and begs to die. He eventually succumbs to death after several hours/days of madness.

A final video is uploaded, showing Evan “waking up” with Jeff, Vince, and Steph standing over him in the world that Dr. Corenthal created. He explains how they have to bring forth a greater cycle and re-iterate themselves into another life, and now that Evan is with them, it can finally be done. The four walk over to a gate of light in the sanctuary and stand there momentarily.

Vince looks to the rest and places his right arm horizontally out in front of him. The four begin forming a tight square formation.

Vince speaks. “Everyman.”

Then Jeff, mimicking Vince’s arm motion, “Everyman.”

Steph follows suit, “Everyman.”

Finally, Evan. “Everyman.”

The final shot is of the four walking into the light, holding hands, their shapes becoming black silhouettes, fading into dark gray and then light, and then finally nothing.

Exit all.