oKAy so if you’re just like me who’s frustrated and mostly tired of commuting everyFREAKINday then this is my advice for you (hey @/self listen):

read notes(or flashcards)

so you are on your way to school and you are still not quite confident for your quiz on a particular subject or you just want to read or advance read your lesson, do it while commuting IF AND ONLY IF it does not give you a headache(you do not want to enter class with a sickening headache). FLASHCARDS are the best tools for me if you want to read while commuting because less words —-> less headache(amiright)

listen to good music

if you don’t really have to do anything academic-wise, you can just listen to good music while commuting, something that will cheer you up (in the morning) and will soothe you (on the way home). I recommend some feel good indie songs (there’s actually a playlist on spotify). though sometimes I break my rule and just listen to punk music on the way home (*guilty*)

do some dumb things(internally)

HAH I usually create dialogues in my head like what might be the person in front of me is thinking or like create an imaginary life for the person in front of me lol yep that’s me I’m bonkers

take pictures(or not)

you should totally take pictures IF 1. it’s safe 2. you’re not shy OR you should just enjoy the scene and feel the wind slapping your face


admit it, some life-altering decisions or ideas come while you’re stuck in a public transportation medium right right. reflect on how your day has gone and how you would face tomorrow *cue What’s Up* . Review your assignments and appointments.

or you could just ignore all of the above and (re)watch anime while commuting (it me)