So, you now know I am
managing a new blog (if not here is the link). In this blog
(everydaysharks.tumblr.com) I will manage the technical part of the other blog (anoceantobe.tumblr.com) since in that one “I am the character"and so it will blow away all the fun of having a virtual blog, the magic and purpose of it, if I, the real person, get involved in the journal.

So I will sometimes use this space to tell you about the games I use, what I do etc.

These 3 are the main games I will use in the journal (if you are a gamer make sure you check them out, they are soo good). I did this cause I wanted to do something different and because I think I am a creative person and I love games.

Lets make that blog popular 😁

If you have any ideas to make the blog even better send me a message. 😎