everydays a drinking day


It’s been more than a day and I’m still laughing at how the Squire pact in TOZ-X is now just a friendship bracelet while Mikleo and Sorey apparently have each other on telepathic emergency speed dial LOL.

inb4 bro gaydar jokes

hey who wants to get married and move to like the middle of no where in iceland and have a sheep farm and all day everyday we r bundled up drinking hot cocoa and kissing and cuddling a lot

  • Me: *has bad habit*
  • People: hey thats not healthy you should stop doing that
  • Me, having realized Bad Habit will get me Attention: *does bad habit even more* *only ever talks about bad habit* *centers identity around bad habit*

The group during finals


- Is a literal walking panic attack

- Constantly two projects away from a mental breakdown

- Lance: *Staring at textbook* Who the fuck needs to know this that’s it I’m dropping out and becoming a stripper wallowing in student debt why fuck do I have to know this what is calm

- His room looks like a tornado ran through it, yet somehow knows where everything is

- Hunk: Have you seen my good highlighter

Lance: Yeah I borrowed it, it’s next to my shark plushie under the pile of graph paper by the knocked over lamp

- Is vibrating from caffeine all day everyday

- Energy drinks are his best friend

- Holds things off to the week before it’s due because of anxiety and immediately regrets it

- But seriously, he will do anything to get out of final projects

- Hunk once came home to the living room covered in tin foil because he had spent that past four hours watching alien documentaries

- Hunk: Lance why did Keith call me saying you asked to borrow his motorcycle so you could drive to Seatle

Lance: You can’t worry about midterms if you launch yourself off the space needle

- But no matter what, he somehow manages to get at least six hours of sleep because he still cares about his skin

- Stress eats whatever Hunk cooks but easily burns off the extra calories with the amount of pacing he does in their apartment


- Distracts himself with cooking, but is too anxious to eat any

- Seriously, their entire apartment smells like a bakery for an entire month

- Since Lance can’t eat everything, Hunk will just hand stuff out around campus, and it’s actually really cool for other people

- Starts out really organized but by the end of the month his room is just as trashed as Lance’s

- Their apartment is a wreck ok

- Doesn’t need caffeine, he has the power of adrenaline and pure anxiety to keep him awake

- Likes to study wrapped in a fluffy hand knit blanket his mom’s sent him

- Finds candles really relaxing when he gets particularly stressed out


- Is eerily calm

- When she isn’t hunched over a computer or textbook, she’s staring into the void

- What is sleep??

- Literally runs on coffee and Ritz crackers

- Looks like she’s about about to kill a man

- or like she already has

- Wears the same green sweatshirt and sweatpants

- Studies in the most obsure places

- Matt has found her with her laptop in insane places, including but not limited to on top of the fridge, under the sink, behind the tv stand, in the bathtub, in the dryer

- As soon as she leaves her last tests, she drops face first onto the nearest piece of furniture and doesn’t move until she’s gotten at least twelve hours of sleep


- This guy literally disappears the entire month

- No one sees him in class, but somehow his assignments get turned in

- Keith will check on him by stopping by his dorm or calling him just make sure he isn’t, you know, dead?

- Keith: working hard bud?

Shiro: I haven’t slept in three days

Keith: …

Shiro: I watched a six hour Compilation of Nyan Cat instead of doing my chemistry essay

Keith: …

Keith: great so I’ll see you at our exam tomorrow?

- When he finally shows up for exams he looks like death

- I’m talking wrinkled clothes, eyebags heavier then his soul, probably hasn’t shaved in a week

- Once he’s showered and gotten something to eat he just sort of… latches onto you like a cat?

- mostly Keith or Matt

- he needs to make up for that human contact ok?


- What is calm?

- Definately more on edge then usual

- Will bite your head off for using his favorite eraser

- Around the middle of the month he’ll sort of just blow up?

- He just starts yelling about how stressed he is and all shit he has left to do and how his goldfish died when he was seven because Shiro’s cat ate it and this boy just needs to rant about everything and nothing

- When he’s finally done he’ll just slump onto the couch and bury his face into your shoulder

- the first time it happened with Lance, Keith fell asleep as soon as he came into contact with him

- Now whenever one of them is stressed out they’ll just snuggle and procrastinate together

Keith, after an outburst: So anyways I have two presentations, six exams, and a fifteen page essay due Friday and haven’t started on any of it

Lance: Aww babe, you wanna go watch the Bee Movie so I don’t have to work on my French paper?

Keith: Yeah :)

- this boi. Stress eats.

- scarfs down whatever is in sight at a pace that makes everyone worried he might choke on the wrapper

- A bag of Cornnuts is almost always within three feet of him


- “Lol what are finals?”

- time management? Don’t know her

- Covers his crippling panic with memes

- Pidge once walked in on him hunched over a textbook crying and laughing at the same time because the parapgrah he was reading talked about the mitochondria being the power house of cell and it was all he could think about

- No can tell if he’s joking or not???

- Matt: I haven’t slept in two days lmao

Matt: I have three essays due for separate classes and haven’t started any of them lol

Matt: I’m gonna drop out and make a house out of these textbooks:))))

Pidge: dude are you ok

- Will always start out being really productive, but any study session somehow ends with a two hour vine compilation

- Matt, pouring three Five Hour Energies into his double espresso: ride or die bitches


- Has her shit together

- probably uses dark magic

- seriously, how is she still getting a solid eight hours of sleep???

- Takes everyone under her wing to help them study

- her dorm room basically becomes the study group hub (“Also you have the cool snacks from your uncle!”)

- leaves exams feeling confident

- likes to celebrate the end of exams by going out for lunch when everyone else is half dead in their dorms

Oh and another thing. You want to eat well and take care of your body? Eat the foods you like, prepare them in a healthy way you like. If you like fried foods that’s okay too! Just don’t eat them every day for every meal. Don’t cut out entire food groups, it’s not healthy and will backfire. Just remember all things in moderation, and the concept of “cheat days” is ridiculous and harmful. It’s not cheating, it’s eating the food you enjoy. And if you want to lose weight it’s all about caloric intake vs caloric burn. Eat breakfast everyday, eat dinner every day, drink loads of water and do try to minimize the amount of Coke you drink. Fruits and veggies are good. But so is protein, fat, and sugars. Diversify your foods. Have a colorful plate. But eat what you like.


Yes, YOU can be that Instagram Baddie too!

Goal: Get that aesthetic on fleek from the inside out bee!  

Skin care

Daily:  - Wash my face 2 times every day (in the morning and before going to bed.



Cleanser/ Any natural soap with your hands

Toner/  D.I.Y Rose water- Witch Hazel toner

Serum/ Vitamin E oil

Moisturizer/ Rosehip Oil

SPF cream/ D.I.Y Sunscreen moisturizer


Cleanser/ Any natural soap with your brush

Exfoliate (1-2 a week)/ D.I.Y fine sugar based exfoliator, exfoliating gloves, exfoliating brush

Mask (1 a week)/ D.I.Y Clay based mask

Toner/ D.I.Y Rose water- Witch Hazel toner

Serum/ Vitamin E oil

Night moisturizer or natural oils/ Rosehip oil

Spot treatment (wipe affected area first)/ Tee Trea Oil  

*Apply castor oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows every night  



Cleanse/ Any natural soap

Moisturize/ Cococnut & Shea butter  


Dry Brushing (1-3 a week)/ Use a brush in rotating motion

Cleanser/ Any natural soap

Exfoliate (1-3 times a week)/ D.I.Y sugar or salt based exfoliator, Exfoliating gloves

Mask (once a week)/ Any D.I.Y will do

Moisturize/ Coconut-shea butter  

*Spot body treatment*

Goal - Even skin tone  

Armpits/ D.I.Y Baking soda, lemon, etc mask + exfoliate 1-3 week

Elbows and knees/ D.I.Y mask + exfoliate 1-3 week

Inner thighs/ D.I.Y mask 1-3 + exfoliate a week

*Trim body hair every week or bi-weekly

And those feet too, girl!

*Apply oils on your nails daily for them to grow  

Pedi at home (once a week or bi-weekly):

Cleanse/ Any natural soap

Soak/Foot soak (water, lemon, baking soda, essential oils)  

Trim, file and shape nails/ no explanation needed

Scrub (stone)/ Scrub with a stone and d.i.y foot scrub  

Moisturize/ with any oil

Soothe (spray)/ D.I.Y Foot spray (infused tea, infused fruit)

Wear soaks

Mani (once a week or bi-weekly):

Cleanse/ with natural soap

Trim, file and shape nails

Soak and exfoliate/ D.I.Y hand soak (infused tea, essential oils)

Oil up/ Any oil will do the trick

Don’t neglect that breath tho


Daily/ Twice a DAY

1- Oil pulling (in the morning)

2- Brushing & cleansing your tongue

3- flossing  

4- Rinsing with apple cider vinegar or any mouth rinser

Weekly/ Do a tooth whitening mask 1-3 times a week

Every year/ Visit your dentist 1-2 a year



- place your things in order after school


- Change your sheets and pillowcases

- Clean your room

-Clean your exfoliators  




Daily/ Moisturize your hair with a D.I.Y Hair spray (infused tea, essential oils and carrier oils)

Weekly/ Do the L.O.C Method

Bi-weekly/ Wash your hair  

*Without protective style:  

1- Pree-poo with any oil, onion juice

2- Clean your hair with any natural soap or a shampoo

3- Apply a store-bought conditioner or a natural one

4- D.I.Y coconut milk Deep conditioner, ayurvedic  

5- Let it hair dry and do the L.O.C method while styling it.

*When you’re wearing a protective style

1- Onion juice pre-poo treatment

2- Shampoo (dilute it)

3- condition

4- hair spray & natural oil

Monthly treatments/ Protein treatment, henna

Every 2 months/ Do a protective style when it starts to get cold

Every year (or as needed)/ TRIM your ends



1- Walk at least 30 minutes everyday

2- stretch your muscles for flexibility

Weekly/ Workout 2 to 5 times a week

Monthly/ Challenge your body and your mind

Every trimester/ Upgrade your fitness level  

*Make it fun ! It’s not a punition but rather a blessing. Treat your body right and it will love you back!  

NUTRITION, VITAMINS, MINERALS, NUTRIENTS… Because a healthy outside starts from within!

Goal: Make sure to intake as much vitamins and nutrients as possible.


1- Start your day with a cup of green tea followed by a detox water (apple cider vinegar, water, infused fruits, mint)

2- Breakfast: Drink your smoothie/ or a green juice. You can also eat a more consistent breakfast when you have time (ex: oatmeal, bread, cereals, homemade parfaits (berries, yogurt, nuts, seeds), fruit salad, etc.)

3- Lunch: Make sure to eat plenty of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and any source of protein.

Dinner: Eat lighter during the evening. Focus on good proteins and vegetables

Snacks: You can snack whenever you get a littler hungry but not enough to eat a meal. Snack on fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc.  

Supplements: Take 2 pills of omega 3, 1 pill of vitamin D, 1 pill of cranberry and 2 pills of chlorella

MAKE SURE TO DRINK AT LEATS 2L OF WATER EVERYDAY! Drink more if you’ve worked out that day.


1- From time to time, you can indulge in not so healthy foods. Do the 90-10 rule. Don’t become obsessed over food and dieting -.- You already know where it leads you.

2- Try new recipes  


1- Get a professional massage

2- Go to a natural hair salon  

3- Do a photo shoot  

4- Buy some makeup !!

5- Buy new clothes  

6- Eat in a fancy restaurant

7- Get some Vitamin D gurl

I need you, Juggie

Word Count: 1443

Warnings: depression, cursing, alcohol (if that’s a warning haha)

A/N: this one shot was requested and I absolutely loved the idea! I hope you enjoy!

Request: Jughead is battling depression but won’t let his best friend know about it.

    Y/N had been Jugheads best friend for as long as he could remember, but he couldn’t put a finger on when he fell in love with her. Y/N had always been there for him, and at this point, it seemed like she was the only thing keeping him going. Ever since FP, Jugheads dad lost his job and his mom and sister left, Jughead had been depressed. It tore him apart not seeing his sister and mother everyday, and things only got worse when his dad took up drinking all day every day. It didn’t help that Jughead was constantly going through bullying, especially from the football team. Y/N was of course there to pick up the pieces anytime they happened to fall, and to Jughead, she was the glue that held those pieces in place. But lately, the pieces had been falling more and more at a time, but he refused to tell Y/N. She already worried about him enough, he didn’t want to be a burden. No matter how hard he tried to help it though, Y/N knew him too well, and was starting to notice.

    “Juggie!” Y/N yelled, running through the hall to catch up to him. He gave her a small smile, and she beamed back. Oh man, how Jughead loved that smile. He swore it was the light of his life. “Pops after school?” she asked, lightly bumping into him.

    “Isn’t that the plan every day?” he teased and she rolled her eyes.

    “Yeah but as of lately you’ve been kind of distant towards me and I just wanted to make sure.” she said, a hint of worry and a tinge of hurt in her voice. Jughead remained quiet, even though he wanted nothing more but to spill everything to her, to tell her everything that was breaking him slowly. “I haven’t done anything, have I?” she asked.

    “No, absolutely not!” Jughead exclaimed, turning towards her. “Y/N I-” Jughead bit his tongue, not quite ready to admit his feelings for Y/N in fear of losing her. “I’ve just been really tired, that’s all.” He lied. He watched as her face fell, and he knew she could tell he was lying.

    “Okay, well I guess I’ll meet you by your locker after school so we can walk to Pops together.” she said, trying to smile up at him. Jughead could see it was a forced smile, and he hated himself in that moment, because he knew she was upset and it was all his fault.

    “Sure thing.” he said, but it came out harsh. Y/N turned and walked down the hall, and Jughead just stood and watched.

                               • • •

     "Hey Juggie!“ Y/N beamed, walking up to Jugheads locker.

    "Hey,” he mumbled, throwing things into his backpack, and slamming his locker door shut.

    “You ready to go?” she asked tenderly, noticing he was in a mood. Jughead turned to walk towards the door.

    “I can’t go today, I’m sorry.” he called over his shoulder. Y/N felt anger bubble up from her stomach, and in that moment she had no control over what she said or did.

    “Of course you can’t!” she yelled, and people in the hall stared at her. Jughead turned around, and saw tears streaming down her face and her fists in balls. He had never seen her so angry before, so hurt. “First, you lie to me constantly, and now you’re just distancing yourself from me! Jughead, I am trying so damn hard to be there for you, but you make it so impossibly hard that it’s exhausting! What do you want me to do?” she practically begged. Jughead felt tears stinging his eyes, but he refused to show any emotion in front of the tens of kids staring at him.

    “I don’t care what you do Y/N, worry about yourself.” he spat harshly, turning and walking out of the doors. He could faintly hear her start to cry, and Archie calling his name, but soon all he heard was his heart beating in his ears. He could have sworn in that moment, he heard it break, and he hated himself even more for leaving her back there. No matter how badly he wanted to turn around, run into the school and hold her in his arms, kiss her and tell her he loved her, apologize and never leave her side again, his body wouldn’t let him. He forced himself to keep walking, leaving a trail of fallen pieces behind him, because he no longer had the glue to keep him together.

                              • • •

    It had been days since Jughead had last talked to Y/N, and it was slowly killing him. Jughead had snuck into his dads house every night the last couple of nights, and stolen some alcohol. He watched as his dad attempted to numb down the pain with alcohol, he decided he was going to try it too. Living with the pain that he hurt Y/N so badly, and that he lost the one person he truly loved was too much to bear, so he drowned himself in alcohol in the Twilight Drive In after hours.

    There he sat, a bottle of whiskey in hand and tears streaming down his face, he looked at the pictures on the wall. One of him and his sister from when they were little, and one of him and Y/N. He looked at the two girls, and smiled, but drank when he remembered they we’re both gone.


    “Jughead?” a small voice from the other side called. His voice caught in his throat when he realized it was Y/N.

    “Go away.” he called, trying to sound as sober and mean as he could. He heard her sigh from the other side.

    “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.” she said. “You weren’t at your house so I came here. What are you doing here so late Juggie? The Drive In is closed for the night.” she asked, but Jughead ignored her question, hoping if he stayed silent she’d go away.

    “Jughead please,” she sobbed, no longer able to hold back the tears. “I just want to help you. I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately but I’m worried, and I can’t sleep or eat or pay attention in any of my classes because all I can think about is you!” Jughead felt tears roll down his face as he listened to you beg for him. “You are my best friend, you are my most favourite person in this whole damn world! These past few days have been hell without you! I just want you to open up to me again Jughead, I just want you to let me in, to let me help you for fucks sake!” she yelled.

    Jughead opened the door and wrapped his arms around Y/N, and she held onto him for what felt like forever. Jughead forgot to close the door behind him though, and Y/N opened her teary eyes and pulled away from Jughead, pushing past him to see the room filled with alcohol bottles, a makeshift bed, and clothes littered all around.

    “Oh Juggie…” she mumbled, turning to face him. He dropped his head in embarrassment, and she cupped his cheek in her hand. “I’m sorry, I had no idea.” she whispered. Jughead looked up to meet her eyes, and in that moment he couldnt stop himself anymore. He leaned down and kissed Y/N, his hand flying to her face.

    “Don’t be sorry, none of this is your fault.” he whispered, eyes still closed and his forehead rested against hers. “I’m the one who should be sorry, I’ve been living here at the Drive In for awhile, ever since my mom and sister left. I’ve been feeling incredibly depressed and alone and I’ve been pushing you away… and it’s been slowly killing me. Y/N, I love you, you’re are no doubt the best thing to ever happen to me.” He opened his eyes and looked down at hers, to find her crying. She leaned up and kissed him this time, pouring all the love and passion she possibly could into it. When the kiss broke, she pulled him into a hug.

    “I love you too, Juggie. You will never be alone though, and I won’t ever leave you. I need you, Juggie.”

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this is only for my motivation. if u want to lose weight, please do it in a healthier way. u are worth it. stay safe and hydrated.

↬ never eat more than 500kcal on weekdays

↬ every second saturday is a cheatday

↬ every sunday is a fasting day

↬ don’t eat till 4:00pm

↬ don’t eat after 8:30pm

↬ do at least the “lazy girl’s workout” everyday

↬ stretch everyday

↬ drink more than 2,5l of water a day

↬ take your vitamin supplements

↬ never eat in front of your tv or while you’re on your smartphone

↬ never eat with only your hands

↬ take your time while eating, don’t rush it

↬ always drink a glass of water before eating (and of course while eating)

1. the cheat day will boost your metabolism by upping leptin production, helping the body burn more calories after overeating. but still try to eat as healthy as possible!

2. if you want to eat, distract yourself. learn for school or learn languages, tidy your room, write your thoughts down, draw, read, write stories, play with your pet, watch videos on youtube or movies/animes, look at thinspos/k-idols, listen to music, go for a walk or just sleep.

3. if you’re about to binge, chug a whole bottle of water and/or brush your teeth.

4. spicy foods raise metabolism as well as green tea, egg yolk, apples, citrus fruits and interval training.

5. mistakes happen. it’s okay, you’re human.

remember why you’re doing this. keep going, you’ll be fine. 💜

cute summer alternative meeting AUs for your OTP

it’s that time again

  • we’re both sitting in our backyards by the pool/sunbathing when I sneeze and the you say “bless you” from the other side of the fence and I jump and swear because “holy shit you scared the hell out of me warn a guy” and we end up talking over the fence for hours and everyday for a week until we finally see each other and oh, hello you’re hot
  • you’re the hot lifeguard at the pool and I pretend to drown so you can “save me” and give me mouth to mouth but it sort of backfires because your boss realized I was faking it and now I’m banned from the pool for life but at least you walked me out and gave me your number
  • we’re both in summer school re-doing a class we failed because we didn’t pay attention enough since we both had massive crushes on each other and since we’re the only two here we finally get the courage to say something about it
  • our parents both dragged us to a remote bunch of cabins in the woods for our family vacation this year and there is absolutely no internet or phone access, but hey, I guess that means more time to make out 
  • I’m doing a road trip by myself and I stupidly ran out of gas and you’re a cop that was passing by and waits with me when I wait an hour for AAA to come bring me gas and at some point I make the stupid joke “I’d love to be arrested by you” and now you won’t let me live it down and why can’t I drive away oh god
  • my summer job is working at a coffee shop and this cutie comes in everyday so one day I finally write my number on their drink but then YOU grab the cup by accident and when you call me I don’t know how to turn you down so I end up going on a date with you but wow, actually you’re hotter and more charming than my original crush so it worked out well 
  • I get a sunburn so bad I can barely move but I have to go to the store to get aloe and you’re an employee and wince sympathetically when I go to pay for it (and when I get home I find out that you wrote your number on my receipt) 
  • my summer so far has consisted of me, watching netflix in my pjs and eating junk food so my parents make me leave the house and I run into you on the pier and we find out you’re in the same position but it’s your friends that pulled you out for a “fun day” and now we’re dating and watching netflix at each others’ houses together all day
Cheryl Blossom: maybe never -Smut-

Request: a cheryl x fem!reader request please, where the reader and cheryl were friends with benefits over the summer and no one knows. when veronica shows up, the reader starts showing interest in her and they go to the dance together, making cheryl jealous. later at the after party at the blossom’s, the bottle points first to the reader, then veronica, but before they can go into the closet, cheryl grabs the reader and shows everyone just who she belongs to

Notes: Halloo. I’m back. I haven’t been writing for a while, because of technical issues with my bitch ass internet. Buuuut, its working now so yay! Ahhhhh this is is probably going to be short. I’m sorry, babies. I promise tho I have another Cheryl x Reader smut coming up on Thursday. Wednesday, I’m going to be busy with me mama, my niece, and my sestra. Soooo ye. I LITERALLY NEVER PROOFREAD SORRY. 

Warnings: Hmm, SMUT AF. I don’t feel like being kinky rn so, you already know its just basic as fuck sexy time. Jealous!Cheryl. Alcohol. Sigh, just fingering. Sorry I’m being lazy. Veronica x Reader, a lil tiny bit tho. Ughhh a shitty ass ending, as always. Dassit.


Oh boy. What a fucking summer I had. I had done so much shit I never thought I’d do. Like go skinny dipping, party like all night, fuck Cheryl Blossom, be fuck buddies with Cheryl Blossom, drink all day everyday and other unusual things. But, can you believe it? Me and Cheryl fucking Blossom. Its fucking crazy. In case you don’t know what all the hype is about, Cheryl is like the most popular (and hottest) girl in school. So, for her to come at me and start this whole thing, was holy shit. Of course no one knew what we did. All they know, is that Cheryl has made a new best friend. Since it was the last weekend of summer, Cheryl was throwing one of her huge ass parties. I also heard that there was a new girl in Riverdale. Um..Veronica. Everyone keeps saying she’s sexy. I haven’t seen her yet, so I can’t say the same. The party had started and I was already late. So, I lowkey sped my way to her house. There were already teenagers hanging outside, with red cups in their hands. You could hear the music from a mile away. I literally had to push through people to get inside. Once I spotted Cheryl, I made my way towards her. “Hey Cheryl.” I called out excitedly. When she saw me, she nearly ran over to me. “Y/N, heyyyy.” I could tell she was drunk, you could smell the tequila on her breath. She went back to what she was doing, while I wondered around the huge house. I saw a girl, who looked as lonely as I did. She looked fairly new though, that must be Veronica. She was, might I say sexy. I wanted to be the first person she knew, so I decided to take it upon myself and go speak to her. “Hey, you must be Veronica. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said as we shook hands. “Hi Y/N. Yeah I’m Veronica. Are her parties always this-” “lit? Yeah totally. She is known for having bomb ass parties, and other things that I certainly will not speak of.” I laughed nervously. She chuckled at my stupidity. “Um, do you want to like go dance? I’ve had people tell me I’m a pretty good dancer.” I said as I pumped my fist awkwardly into the air. She cracked up at my lame jokes. “Yes, totally. I would love to see how good you are at dancing.” I nodded, while linking arms with the taller girl, and dragged her to the center of the room. My back was facing her front, as she wrapped her arms around my waist, bumping and grinding to the beat. The music got more slower and sexual, and our bodies got closer. With my hands in her hair, and her lips on my neck, I could see the jealousy on Cheryl’s face. “Okay, everybody get in a circle and grab an empty bottle, because we’re playing spin the bottle bitches!” Cheryl yelled over the music, while everyone cheered and did as they were told. I grabbed Veronica’s hand and pulled her on the floor. Everyone had their chance to spin, so it was my turn. I spun the bottle again, and it landed on Veronica. The boys whooped and hollered as I turned to face the girl next to me. We leaned in close, but before our lips got to touch, I was being pulled by the hand out of the room? I looked to see who it was pulling, I saw the fiery red hair, who I knew belonged to Cheryl. “Cheryl, the fuck are you doing? What happened?” Once we were behind closed doors, I was being pushed against the door. “What are you doing with her?” She asked. “I’m being friendly.” I said pretending to be oblivious. “Friendly my ass. You were basically fucking her.” “Cheryl, what are you talking about She’s new, I just wanted to be her friend.” She rolled eyes as I stared at her innocently. “You will never think about another women as long as I’m alive. And that’s a fact, babe.” I knew what I was in for, and I loved it. Cheryl snaked her hand up under my dress. “Hmm. She’s gonna know who you belong to on Monday.” I moaned at the feeling of her fingers inside me. “Oh, you like that, sweetie? You like the way my fingers curl inside you?” I moaned again, while she pumped in and out of me. “You think Veronica could make you feel this good? You think she can make you moan this loud?” I nearly screamed at the pleasure. “No, baby. She can’t make me feel this good. She can’t make me feel like you do.” I purred, as my hands got tangled into her hair. “Good girl.” She said as she groped my ass. My hips jerked up, while I reached my orgasm. I could feel my legs shaking. She pulled her fingers out and sucked on them. “Once we go back out there, you’re sitting with.” She ordered. I just nodded, since there was no fighting with Cheryl.

  • - Slytherin
  • - comes from a long line of famous pure bloods
  • - smart enough to be a ravenclaw though
  • - good at literally everything
  • - on the quidditch team - she's a chaser
  • - never breaks any rules. ever.
  • - makes the uniform work, despite it's shapeless-ness
  • - teachers adore her but she secretly hates them
  • - s a v a g e
  • - finds people - cough gryffindors cough - annoying
  • Jisoo:
  • - Gryffindor
  • - half blood
  • - barely studies but does okay anyway
  • - quidditch captain and keeper
  • - SOOOOOOO much house spirit
  • - constantly breaking rules- uniform rules specifically
  • - most teachers hate her
  • - p o p u l a r
  • - has like a million friends, it's actually pretty scary
  • - loves trips outside school more than anything
  • Rose:
  • - Ravenclaw
  • - super super super duper duper duper creative
  • - can't play quidditch for shit - but she tries
  • - pure blood
  • - her uniforms always covered in paint or pen marks
  • - her favorite place in the world is Honeydukes
  • - super interested in Muggle Culture
  • - nicest person at school. Actually.
  • - part of the school choir
  • - obsessed with the school scarves
  • Lisa:
  • - Gryffindor
  • - muggle born - but her aunt's a super famous wizard
  • - everyone though she'd be a hufflepuff
  • - quidditch seeker
  • - drinks butterbeer all day everyday
  • - obsessed with the wizard-net
  • - doesn't test well - no matter how much she studies
  • - always gets caught when she breaks rules
  • - sometimes gets into trouble by mistake
  • - somehow really really really good at divination

anonymous asked:

Can you described the members of MONSTA X (personality, who their close/shipped with, other idol friends, etc.) sorry new monbebe and love ur blog!!!! (:

i took such a long time to reply to this akshdadlka i’m so sorry but here you go! (this is all mainly my point of view of them so it might not be that accurate but i hope it still helped!) update: THIS IS ACTUALLY SO MESSY AND LONG OH GOD


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I’ll start off with the basics - born on June 18, 1992 (oldest) as Son Hyunwoo and is the leader, dancer and vocalist. 

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(HIS DANCING IS NO JOKE - he also choreographs with Hyungwon for the group)  

Originally posted by kiihong

dad of the group - his laughter reminds me of Goofy ASKLDHAD MOVING ON 

once ate a leaf from a bouquet of flowers a fan gave him - why.

Originally posted by fyi-memestax

super manly and undeniably handsome, yet cute and adorable at the same time ashdlakl HOW?!

he was in JYP along with Got7 members and was supposed to debut with them, but left JYP in the end - but he’s still close with JB, Mark and Jr. who treated him to a meal during the survival show NO. Mercy! They also complimented him to be like a ‘little Rain’ (Shownu was inspired by Rain to become a singer.) 

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common ships: Showki - with Kihyun since the latter is the ‘mom’ of the group

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Showhyuk - with Minhyuk, 

Originally posted by monstasexed


Ah, the must-protec-at-all-cost member

Originally posted by kaimikachan

Born on 1 March, 1993, he is the vocalist and visual of the group (also created a legendary rap called “Neoya” which i 11/10 recommend) 

Has amazing body - but it’s saddening that people stan him just for that :(


Wrote songs for the group’s songs, such as OI which is such a bop 

LOVES RAMEN ISTG IT’S GOT TO BE UNHEALTHY (once spent money equivalent to having beef, on ramen BOI WYD)

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drinks protein shakes all day everyday 

a narcissist and former highschool ulzzang (which means ‘best face’ or ‘good looking’)  - “how am i supposed to act sexy when i was born sexy?” “the biggest lie i’ve told was that i’m ugly” 

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cries easily - PROTEC THE CHILD

honestly a kid at heart aaaa so preshus :’)

probably the kid who cried if you ate his ramen jUS SAYING

really cheesy, especially with monbebes

friends with Got7′s Bambam, as well as BTS, IKON, Nflying.

common ships: kiho - with kihyun

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wonkyun - with changkyun, 

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hyungwonho - with hyungwon

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pretty sure his real name is the sun because he’s so bright oh my god

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born on 3 November, 1993 - moodmaker, vocalist, and visual 


so bright and touchy oh my god

the loud and almost always whinin - screaming kid 

always touching one member - hugging, holding hands yOU NAME IT



(side note, the size of his hands are no joke asdjlah)

the cutest puppy ever istg (minwoof woof)

close to Got7′s Mark and Sungjoo from Uniq

tHIS BOY HAD MANY SHIPS BECAUSE HE ALWAYS PLAYING but the more common ones are: Showhyuk - with Shownu, 

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Wonhyuk - with Wonho, 

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Hyunghyuk - with Hyungwon, 

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Joohyuk - with Jooheon 

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he looks smol, doesn’t he? almost like a hamster - bUT HE BITES

straight up savage istg

born on November 22, 1993 - main vocal

GREAT MOM - cooks and cleans the dorm, while nagging their asses off 

his voice can melt the whole north pole - i’m not even exaggerating 


friends with BTS’s Yoongi.


can rap too?? what sorcery is this 

common ships: changki - with changkyun

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kiho - with wonho

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showki - with shownu

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born on 15 January, 1994 - vocal, dancer, and visual

his visuals are nO JOKE

and his dancing - tHIS BOI CAN REALLY MOVE

VOICE = 12/10


really meme-y, got featured on 9gag for his meme-ness

look like he’s out on a photoshoot when really it’s just a typical day in life

sleep king too, hardest to wake up according to kihyun

monbebes usually whip out a hyungmeme when the situation calls for it

friends with Hansol from NCT.

common ships: Hyungwonho

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look at him being all fierce and charismatic on stage

then all cute and adorable offstage

the reason why i have trust issues

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born on October 6, 1994


but really, he’s the most timid member


scared of ghosts, especially 

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really charismatic and funny

close with Got7′s Jackson, and Seventeen’s Hoshi.

Common ships: Jookyun:

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the one with the really deep, charismatic voice despite his adorable physique. claims he’s not cute LOL

the one friend in the group who always makes bad puns

has the other members wrapped around his finger


friends with Got7′s Bambam and Youngjae, Boys24′s Jihyeong, Wassup’s Sujin, Halo’s Yoondong, Seventeen’s Wonwoo, Up10tion’s Bit-to.



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(feel free to correct / add any information that i may have missed out ajhdajskhda - i did this at 2.37am i’m gonna sleep now)


okAY BYE (feel free to send asks too!!)


2018.03.05 // Ketogenic and reduced waste at Starbucks

One of my favorite keto-friendly drinks at Starbucks? A chai latte with heavy whipping cream, sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup, and extra cinnamon on top! Perhaps a bit too luxurious for an everyday drink, but delicious!

This particular day I forgot to bring a reusable container, but I did at least refuse a straw (they already put a lid on it)! Every piece of waste you can avoid creating counts. Even if it’s just a straw. If a million people refused just one plastic straw, there would be 1,000,000 fewer straws in the landfill.

Don’t beat yourself up over waste you’ve created in the past; the important part is to try to create less waste in the future!

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