tyrannoraptora-blog  asked:

can't wait! I'm thinking of doing another post soon, I don't want to reblog stuff constantly. Also, this is how you respond to someone who can't differentiate between a Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus skull: (insert American Psycho image here).

Nice! Yeah, I know how you feel. I’m trying to post more original stuff here (esp. on palaeontology and geology), and if it’s just an article I’m not adding to, I post it on scinerds and geologise, for example. That’s how I feel in my head because I just don’t understand how one can do that (but then again, I’ve been surrounded by dinosaurs my whole life - it’s all just second nature to me!), but seeing as I’m usually in a museum when this happens, I just correctly inform them on the differences which usually helps! I’m excited about my theropod skull/skeleton post, because hopefully anyone on here who is confused will now be able to correctly identify them next time they’re at the museum!