So I decided to make a end of the year/holiday follow forever, because I follow so many great and fantastic people. Thank you so much for making my life better. I’ve been a part of this kpop “community” for like 5 months now and you guys really made it easier. I’ve been a part of fandoms for several different celebrities through the years - The longest is me being a belieber for nearly 5 years. And never have I felt more welcome and more accepted than in the kpop fandom. I’ve always been different than everyone else, and did my own thing. I color my hair pretty much every other week, I have a different sense of style and it feels like all of you accept that. I’ve never had a tumblr where I can say whatever the hell I want without being judged, and you guys never judge. I’m almost never on my other tumblr because the people I follow there aren’t half as awesome as you guys, and I just want to thank you all of being so nice and wonderful to me!

Italics are senpai’s who has not (noticed) followed me back yet, but it’s okay I will still follow you forever because you guys are fabulous. Bold are mutual, and everyone that is mutual are considered friends, even though we might never talk ok? I love you all, and happy holidays and may 2014 be the best year you’ve ever experienced! 

The list is in alphabetically order!

allfortheloveofoppa, annyeongpabo, baekkittycat
baekyun,blichendeer, bbilike, byuns-baekeryblackdyo
chanyeolll, cantstopfangirling, chanreols, chantaclaus
everythingaboutkpopexotagious, fruitcakekai
idinopuppy, ikaatjeuuh, istoletaospresents, independent-onew, 
ihaveathingforexo, icekaiting, jongwoo,jongin-a, jonghyunsmile
jongin-xoxo, jjongbling, jonginthecreator kyung-soo
kai-lost-his-pants, k-poppy, kpopfangirlsforlife,
kyungsooisperfect, kristastyfizzykhola,
kaisushi, kimhyunjoongskyungsooakris-wukyungprincesoo
kai-laydoscope, kmexoplanetkailifornia, kmsoos, kyoungjaeseop 
leedonghaekluhanta, leos-food, letsfuckexo, nuxest
oh-dokyungsoo, omfg-sehun, omfg-chanbaeklulu,oppakai, 
p-a-r-k-c-h-a-n-y-e-o-l,  rallyqueenrolllikeabaozi
royeolkai, royalsehun
shawolastic, sehunffchen, sinful-taeminshexuns,
sehunshairdiary, shintaeyoon, shutupandkrisme,
stopitkaisleepyjonqin, santawufan, sehnuie, sechu
theevilmaknaeswife, taozigalaxy, taejongietaofiedtaekyungs