Day 1.

If you ask me what my perfect day would look like, it’d include: “Hanging out near any body of water. Pool, lake, ocean, don’t matta.” So naturally, being at Yosemite falls, or the beach or on a boat in the San Francisco Bay made me happy, thoughtful, and content.

Super shaky video, shaky lettering, but… solid start? I cheated and used live trace in Illustrator, but next time it’ll be vectorized and all that jazz.

Yays. :)


“Real Artists Ship.”

A quotation from Steven Levy’s writings about the first Mac, titled Insanely Great:

Jobs’s speeches were punctuated by slogans. Perhaps the most telling epigram of all was a three-word koan that Jobs scrawled on an easel in January 1983, when the project [the release of the first Mac] was months overdue. REAL ARTISTS SHIP. It was an awesome encapsulation of the ground rules in the age of technological expression. The term “starving artist” was now an oxymoron. One’s creation, quite simply, did not exist as art if it was not out there, available for consumption, doing well. Was [Douglas] Engelbart an artist? A prima donna—he didn’t ship. What were the wizards of PARC? Haughty aristocrats—they didn’t ship. The final step of an artist—the single validating act—was getting his or her work into boxes, at which point the marketing guys take over. Once you get the computers into people’s homes, you have penetrated their minds. At that point all the clever design decisions you made, all the tists and turns of the interface, the subtle dance of mode and modeless, the menu bars and trash cans and mouse buttons and everything else inside and outside your creation, becomes part of people’s lives, transforms their working habits, permeates their approach to their labor, and ultimately, their lives.

But to do that, to make a difference in the world and a dent in the universe, you had to ship. You had to ship. You had to ship.

Real artists ship.

I took three days (nights after work) doing the R, and then I reread what I was attempting to draw. Then sucked it up and finished the rest. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just gotta get it out there.

Well, that took long enough. Days 5-11.

Fridays are Ferry Building mornings. Instead of the usual trek to work, I’ll get off a stop early and walk to the waterfront, grab a coffee, and start off the day sitting by the Bay. 

Scanned drawn cup.

a belated Day 4, thanks to Tumblr maintenance last night.

Everlane Snap Backpack Review [over at edwincho.com]

Not really from just today, but “art directed” & edited the post over the last few. Everlane - I hope you’re reading this, cause you make me excited with each product launch and just plain do great work. 

Photo credit to Edwin, model credit to Tong!

learning that collaboration = fun, Day 3.