When I don’t have time to make it to a farmers market to buy my fresh fruit and veggies I head over to one of the big grocery stores. Does this sound like you too?
I always see stickers on my fruits and veggies when I buy them there and wonder why the heck my food has codes on them! Wanna crack the code? Well check it out - cracking the code just got easier with these hints! 🔬🍎🌽🍌 #SmartisSexy

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When you loved for the first time,
You loved without fear,
And all you wanted was just to be happy.
Not once worrying how long could this last,
It is the simplest form of love you’d ever experience.

Yet this short-lived innocence of the mind,
Is where you get the regret (of),
The pain (from),
And most inevitably the fear for
Whatever love comes next.

—  everydaydiscovery