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gaywerewolves  asked:

your comic randomly reminded me of EDC and even though its kinda dead rn im amazed by how it was so hugely successful?? it spawned really memorable characters and got millions of notes i can't even believe you organised and created it??? it was awesome tumblr was never the same after EDC

Cam thanks so much U.U I can’t believe how much it blew up either and I’m glad I had the privilege to work with so many cool people that built it to where it is today… it still amazes me that they were willing to make comics with me; I miss them quite a lot and am in debt to them. I wanted to respond to this post for quite some time but I never really had a good response; but Daryl and I were thinking that we might actually bring it back next week with just the two of us. We’d definitely like to bring people on board but its kind of a lot already to ask people to take the time to create art with us (comics take a lot of time!) But we’ll see how it goes next week; and the week after that.. As far as any of our previous artists returning; it really depends on them, but just know that they’re all busy with really big, great things and I couldn’t be any happier for them.