inocent-doodles  asked:

I'm new and this all seems super cool. Can I get a quick rundown/catchup of all the stories basics??

ah yes, the *~illustrious~* history of EDC is as follows:

EDC started as weekly comics of a random assorted nature based on weekly themes or prompts:

many of the posts still are random, unconnected comics/stories/illustrations-when-we’re-lazy

the recurring comic series also follow the weekly prompts but have their own storylines as well:

boomates (by clumzyjr) - follows the shenanigans of bobby the zombie and his slew of undead and/or monstrous friends and family as they deal with life (and death)

commander quentin (by mattpichette) - a beefy space pomeranian captains his ship and goes and adventures and fetches balls and barks at space squirrels and things

edgar phillips (by mattpichette) - paranormal investigation with a hobo and a ghost sword! a real summary by mattpichette will be edited in here :v 

RPG TEAM (by aceofstars) - a brave team of adventurers face dangerous encounters and an even more dangerous enemy: fandom. their current crisis is an existential crisis: are their adventures just always coincidentally and suspiciously lewd and fanservicey, or are they at the mercy of some sort of cruel god that draws too much porno comics…

i (aceofstars) might also make the Seven Deadly Sins into a recurring series since there were a few asks requesting for a continuation (and a lot of requests in the tags) but it definitely needs a less generic name!


“Sleepover” with Kao and Junior 

Yeah animation in a comic blog and posting late despite not being listed as a weekly artist. Aw yeah Kao isn’t following any rules! -flees-