“Betsy Wolfe […] and Lindsay Mendez who I, oddly enough, think are the most singularly talented individuals and unique voices of that younger generation; much younger generation, as they will often tell me.”

sherie rene scott on being a “proud mom” to her former back up singers from everyday rapture

Up The Ladder To The Roof
  • Up The Ladder To The Roof
  • Original Cast Recording
  • Everyday Rapture [2010 OBC]

365 Showtunes DAY 266: EVERYDAY RAPTURE - Up The Ladder To The Roof

No rhyme or reason today to play this song. But in my looking into this show (trying to see if there was a better date to play something) I discovered that Sherie’s two backup singers in this album are Lindsay Mendez and Betsy Wolfe, two incredible young performers whom I adore. That was such a lovely surprise!

Also, DIE at those harmonies. So tight. So crisp. So perfect. Ugh. 

Rainbow Sleeves
  • Rainbow Sleeves
  • Sherie Rene Scott
  • Everyday Rapture

You used you used to dream yourself to dreamyourself away away each night each night to places to places that you'd never that you'd never been been, on wings on wings made of wishes made of wishes that you’d that you’d whisper whisper to to yourself yourself. Back when back when every every night night the moon the moon and you and you would sweep away would sweep away to places to places that you knew that you knew, and you’d never and you’d never get the blues get the blues. But now but now… …


20 flawless Broadway ladies | 2. Sherie Rene Scott

“That’s the scary thing about theatre. it doesn’t live on. But that’s actually the most beautiful thing about it, too. That’s why it’s more beautiful than film and certainly more beautiful than television, because it’s like life. Real life. Any picture that you take or any video that you make of yourself is not really you, it’s only an image that represents the experience you had. In theater, the process of it is the experience. Everyone goes through the process, and everyone has the experience together. It doesn’t last only in people’s memories and in their hearts. That’s the beauty and sadness of it. But that’s life, beauty and the sadness. And that is why theater is life.”


I feel like Sherie Rene Scott is one of the most under appreciated Broadway actresses.

I mean, she originated Cathy in TL5Y, she wrote a musical and cast two young women WHO SHE BELIEVED COULD CARRY THEIR OWN SHOWS (AKA LINDSAY MENDEZ AND BETSEY WOLFE), played Ursula in TLM, and SLAYED in Women on the Verge while people failed to mention her name when talking about the show (“Laura Benanti and Patti LuPone were amazing in Women on the Verge!”…not hating on them, hating on those who fail to acknowledge Sherie).

If you don’t think Sherie’s important, you need to re-evaluate your life.


Up The Ladder To The Roof - from Everyday Rapture

This song has been stuck in my head all day. Now I hope it’s stuck in yours too!