just look at this smol squish, look how cute and precious he is

17 Running a Mile:
  • S.COUPS:The one who doesn't drink enough water and gets a cramp
  • Jeonghan:"Forgets" his doctors physical and has to sit out
  • Joshua:Runs with the last person even though he's already finished
  • Jun:Laps everyone with little work and no mercy
  • Hoshi:Runs with seokmin and has a great time but betrayed when seokmin trips him
  • Wonwoo:Passive aggressively tries not to be last
  • Woozi:Says your rank doesn't matter but the main one trying to be first
  • DK:Runs with hoshi but trips him at the last second to beat him
  • Mingyu:The one who complains about E V E R Y T H I N G but still does decent
  • The8:Says encouraging things to whoever he passes (which is almost everyone)
  • Seungkwan:Starts walking the first half of the second lap
  • Vernon:Running buddies with chan but is sad when he realizes chan is faster than him
  • Dino:Kindly leaves hansol in the dust after the the second lap because he's "holding him back" as he says

things i’m afraid to tell you by kim jongin to do kyungsoo.

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so last sunday i miraculously didn’t get much emails from work so i caught up with some mangas and was finally free to draw–

so guess how many shigaraki hands i can draw before giving up

the answer is one


“I write a lot based off fiction and the imagination. Certain words and phrases just jump out at me sometimes and I’ll remember to jot it down in a never-ending text file which ends up being the inspiration to my songs.”

the news that manatees are no longer endangered made me very happy, so i doodled a manatee

i’ve been lazy on drawing and gotten rusty, gotta start workin hard