you read right baby.

Long story short I see nsfw stuff everyday and Ive wanted to try it out…like officially. its always piqued  my interest but i feel i never tackled it because of a fear of getting caught and more or less feeling embarrassed. 

Also i dont just mean doodle a titty here and there. i mean showing intimate moments between characters whether on the vanilla or kinkier side. 

ive got a new found motivation for art now that ive recently picked up drawing and id like to keep this ball rolling. Plus i wanna see some waifus getting it on. 

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i just saw your improvement post and just *damn*. that's so cool!! ho

Anonymous said:AAA SORRY THAT ASK THAT ENDED WITH ‘ho’ I SENT THE ASK BY ACCIDENT THAT WAS NOT ME CALLING YOU NAMES. my question was, how often do you draw? the accidentally sending before the ‘w’ is the stupidest mistake oh my god im legit sorry for that :/

it’s fine!! and tysm!! i try my hardest to draw everyday but sfjlsfg ive been slowing down lately so i havent improved so much this past year ;_;

ironic how im improving slower now that im IN art school bc college is givin me less time to practice on my own sjfdgslg 

around 2012-2015 i drew 1-3 times a day though! good times. im down to scribbling a few times a week now ; ;

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Au prompt for Masrur, Sinbad and Olba: There SO wants a favor that they keep saying no to so their SO says this "if you do me this favor I'll do what ever you want.... In the bedroom.... Or the living room couch, the kitchen counter, the back seat of your car...." (how would they react??)


  • Sinbad takes his s/o’s offer as a challenge, “What makes you think I can’t get what I want from you anytime?” He asks with a purr before attempting to seduce his s/o into doing precicely that. He’ll gladly do the favor—only after he’s proven his point.


  • Masrur stands still so long his s/o begins to wonder if he heard them. “What kind of favor?” he asks, He liked the sound of the reward, but he would have to carefully weigh the effort this would take against how badly he wanted to play out his fantasy. Ultimately, he agrees.


  • Olba was in the midst of agreeing when his s/o tossed that reward into the mix, causing him to choke on his words. “Anything? Even…you know” he raises an eyebrow with cautious innuendo. With their approval, he bolts to complete his task, knocking things over as he goes. 

short break

im trying to make up my new fanstuck section recently(named CASESTUCK), and i assume it’s going to take about a week or two to finish it. It has LOADS of designing trolls and scenarios to do so meanwhile, i wont be able to post fanarts everyday like ive been doing. ill come back after a short break with my casestuck ocs and fanarts (request box is always opened dont bother to put more!)