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everything in the aries world travels at the speed of light, even time moves faster for them, so they can always be late. they can experience a rollercoaster everyday, constantly cycling between feelings of euphoria-impulse-hyperactivity-rage-amnesia

ENFJ Regrets

ENFJ’s are prone to feeling before they even know why.

Sometimes we start having feelings for people, and then reality catches up with us an we realize that we simply were attracted to their actions and not them necessarily. Unfortunately we also hate telling people we don’t have feelings for them… so this can end up in a very complicated, emotional cycle.

How I wished my life would be different, I want to change something so badly but I don’t know how so I am stuck in this pointless cycle everyday again and I am so damn tired of it

Batman- Poison Ivy

  Pamela Isley, once a simple botanist and flower shop owner, but now a seductive eco terrorist. Initially Pamela was living a rather happy life surrounded by her beloved flowers and spreading their joy to her customers, she was a well known image in the local community and a welcome sight to see her sweet smile. Despite her life being exactly what she dreamed of, Pamela couldn’t help but feel stuck just going through the ropes and mundanity of the everyday cycles, so she took a vacation from old Gotham to leave the city for the first time in her life and to travel the world. Her adventures were enlightening and mesmerizing seeing the most beautiful and miraculous wonders nature had to offer from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the mountains of Peru or the vast forests of Europe. Her life was renewed and she was ecstatic to return to Gotham to share her experiences, if only that happened perhaps her life would have been different…. Unfortunately Isley began to become stunned and angered while in Brasil after witnessing the sheer lack of respect or consideration for the rainforest and despite her protests and attempts to incite people to take action they simply brushed her off. Frustrated she began to do research into a development project near her hotel only to discover that Stagg Industries, a Gotham based corporation, was responsible not only for the deforestation in the city, but also across the country even the continent including chemical dumping into lakes and the gulf and also devastating local ecosystems for the sake of profits. Upon returning to Gotham Pamela became a growing public figure across Gotham for her staunch opposition to Stagg Industries’ shadowy dealings and strong advocacy for environmentalist laws and practices not just for companies, but for Gothamites as a whole. Tragedy soon struck as Simon Stagg fearful of federal investigations and losing his wealth, decided to act and had a hitman eliminate Isley to silence her for good yet despite the assassin’s success in pursuing her to an isolated area he fell short of his job thanks to the Batman intervening. However the assassin still lamented at his success when shot a fleeing Isley causing her to fall into a large chemical vat of various plant compounds. Batman’s guilt was short lived however as not only did Pamela recover in the hospital, she was better than ever. Her skin was stained a luminescent green while her hair turned a vibrant red and do doctor’s extreme surprise, her body was cleaning itself of all contaminants, including oxygen. Thrilled to find she was now quite literally mother nature Isley continued her advocacy but this time presented herself as Poison Ivy and upon finding her emotions and thoughts can influence plants she said screw the legal route, “If you want see change you have to plant the seed!”


AN: When you see your ex and you start making up stories to show how great you’re doing. I could literally imagine that happening to Sasuke.

Pairing: Sasuhina



The Uchiha lifted his head, making eye contact with the person who was currently standing in front of him. 

She still looked the same.

“Hinata,” he greeted, throwing his newly-lit cigar into the ashtray. “What are you doing here? I thought you were like… In Konoha.

“Oh, I m-moved recently and I didn’t k-know you were here either…”

Sasuke hated to see his ex. Not just anyone but seeing this particular blue head was making his emotions veered between apathetic enervation and eccentric curiosity. She was, out of all, the one that had given him the fondest memories he could ever ask for. 

Well, he got to admit that he was a jerk. Sasuke mentally shrugged. She was probably munching on chocolates while missing him every day.

“Oh, yea I moved here to start a business,” Sasuke lied, flashing a wisp of a smile and signalling the female to sit with him.

“Thank you,” pulling out the chair, she breathed out a sigh the moment she sat down. “What business?”

“You know just some small cafes,” Sasuke said it like as if he was a cafe billionaire in his past life.


He was working in a library, once in a while a freelance journalist which was really rare at the moment. 

“Hoping to do something big and different. How are you?”

Hinata smiled, something Sasuke knew he the moment he saw it, he was in deep shit again. Her smile made him light-headed, like a drug. “I’m working in a bakery with m-my new boyfriend.”

Wait what?

New boyfriend?

Sasuke smiled, a sarcastic one and lit up another cigar. He was taken aback at how fast she had moved on! Well… 3 years was pretty short to Sasuke.

“I’m too busy to find one right now,” he chuckled. “Especially when you’re caught up with so many emails to reply and contracts to sign.”

“Yea I understand how does that feel. My boyfriend was like this during the opening phase of his bakery. But I’m by his side so he felt companied.”

Sasuke thought for a moment he could burn down the entire cafe he was in.

“Did you put on weight? I mean you worked in a bakery,” he shrugged.

“N-No,” she mumbled, her head tilting down a little. Sasuke knew she did because that was one thing she always did whenever she lie. 

She still looked beautiful and Sasuke wanted her back.

“You can always eat your chocolates if your new boyfriend dumps you.”

Secret code of Sasuke: You can always come back to me.

He noticed her elegant brows knitted together. “I don’t like chocolates. You still don’t remember t-that,” she mumbled, in a slight annoyed tone but veered to a cheery one. “He’s really nice. Like he drives me around everyday.”

“That’s nice,” Sasuke up his game. “I drive girls around town sometimes. They are still flocking around me even after all these time.”

“This is the reason why I broke up with you 3 y-years ago,” she snapped, offhandedly and stood up. “You never changed!”

Sasuke was taken aback by her sudden outburst. He thought she had a calm demeanour especially in public. Among the burgeoning whispers and stares around them, it was her perpetual adorable mad face that kept him from arguing back.

She stared at him, waiting for him to say something and the blush which he loved started appearing over her cheeks. He smirked.

“You don’t own a car. You cycle everyday. You worked in the library down this street and girls do flocked around you still b-because of y-your really good looking face but you a-always push them away! Why are you still lying?” 

Sasuke cocked his brows, feeling a sense of euphoria building up within him. Not because she was scolding him for lying again but it was because that idiot just busted her cover of her stalking him. 

“You stalker,” he said nonchalantly as he stood up. 


“Do you really have a boyfriend?”

She lowered her head.

“You liar,” Sasuke smirked, throwing this cigar on the ground and lifted his hand, flicking her forehead just like how he usually did years ago. 

If we were a movie (pt 1/2)

 If we were a movie
You’d be the right guy
And I’d be the best friend
You’d fall in love with

(Yes, I based a fic on Hannah Montana but it’s a great song so judge me all you will)

ao3 - I did plan this as a one shot but it got a little long so now it’s a two parter!

The boys used to cycle home everyday, but since Lucas was the first to pass his drivers’ test, he gave them all rides. It was difficult fitting Mike, El, Dustin, Max and Will in the car but they manage. (This was before people were too concerned with safety, so El would usually just sit on Mike’s lap in the back, whilst sharing the seat with Dustin and Max)

This time however, it was just Will and Lucas. Mike and El were going on some date straight after school and Dustin had offered to tutor Max in science since she was failing- miserably. 

 Will had been crushing on Lucas for some time now, but he noticed how Lucas seemed to get more attention from girls nowadays. He knew it was because Lucas was charming, funny, witty - the list goes on. And he wasn’t so bad on the eye either - who was he kidding, Lucas’ smile was so bright and honestly it sent Will weak at the knees. 

But that didn’t matter. Lucas was surprisingly talented at sports - which had surprised the group. He had joined a few times since starting high-school a few years ago and now he was one of the most popular boys in school. Sure, he still hung out with the guys, that hadn’t changed - but it meant that Lucas had pick of the entire school, almost every girl had a crush on him.

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