I wonder if in high fantasy settings, magic and spells are so prominent and accepted, would science become taboo? Or even forbidden by law?

“Daddy, how do the stars stay up?” “BECAUSE OF MAGIC NOW STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND GO TO YOUR ROOM”. Scientists dissecting frogs using everyday cutlery so as to avoid suspicious scalpel possession. Science speakeasies where enquiring minds compare findings until “WIZARDS COMING!” they become background tavern characters. (Someone throws a glass at someone else to keep up the rough facade but accidentally throws a measuring beaker). Scientists captured in a castle dungeon try to resist torture by only reciting the periodic table over and over again. “What me a scientist nO I’M A BLACKSMITH OBVIOUSLY. That’s why I need all these weird tools honest!”

Credit Crusade

I don’t follow Everyday-Cutlery, nor do I have an Instagram so I have no idea who Mayhemworks is.

The image is hyperlinked if you click on it, redirecting you to the imgur source. I found that image on gunspics.com on page 70-something.

I did a reverse image search on Google and it brings up dozens of Tumblr pages, so you have to go on your credit/source crusade against those people because I did at least hyperlink.

So don’t go fucking hashtagging #shame cause I didn’t credit a source even though I looked. This image has been floating around Tumblr for ages; some have 1,700 notes, another one has 23,000 notes; which is the original? I don’t know and neither do you cause people can upload images on Instagram, doesn’t mean its theirs.

Use your head next time…