🎉 Joyeux Anniversaire @blesstale‼️🎉


Send truckloads of love her way cuz that magnificent human being triple backflipped her way into existence as a super fly baby on this day.

🌿🌾( “é▿e)(é▽è )🌾🐟

(Context for pic: They live on a ship rn so Sanzu prolly took a dip and plucked everything that looked remotely interesting for birthday decor.) 


#komaegiweek ; day 7 ; komaeda’s birthday !!!

HEY HO!!! ok so i got rlly lazy and this just ended up as a sketch comic o whoops,,,

BUT HBD TO MY TRASH KING I HOPE HE ENJOYS IT W HIS ANGEL AND THEIR NEW SON !! here’s the origin story for (x) and (x)

The public drawpile is over now but this magic happened in it.

It’s a precious memory I’m gonna keep forever. This drawing is trully wonderful and makes me tear up. I’m very lucky to have you all. ♥ 

Plz stay around me… at least till my next birthday to do this again!! 

I wish yall a good day/night. I’m gonna sleep after this amazing day you gived to me. o7

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Happy Birthday, Chuuya!
                 / The fanciful hat I wear                         
      ____ /————————————-            
    /        /    Takes your heart away     
  /        /——————————————–
 \                 A date would be nice                    
   \ __________________________________

So won’t you say ‘yes’?

Hello everyone!! It’s my first follow forever and I just want to say thank you for all the support I’ve gotten since I began writing! Everything from your messages and asks, to your likes and reblogs mean the the world to me, and I want to thank you for helping me reach my goals! Again, THANK YOU!

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