Hello everyone, I just realised that I never properly introduced myself on this platform and so I think now is a perfect time as things have shaken up quite a bit on my side. I am Immaculata Abba and I am a photographer, amongst other things. 

This year has been a year of commitment and of discerning my genuine interests. When it comes to my photography, I decided to commit to it early this year. In between that point of commitment and now, I have done loads of random, not-so-random and varied things. I covered events, made magazine and journal submissions, got invited by blogs/journals to contribute content, went to photography summer school and worked on several personal projects. The last personal project I embarked on proved to be the toughest. I wanted to *finally* make a documentary project on Enugu, Nigeria. I put in so much work just in the field research that I was burnt out for months after.  I am only just coming out of the burn out but with a clearer sight of my goals as a photographer.

So these are the things I know:

I am a photographer who best enjoys working on documentary, thematic fiction storytelling and portrait photography.

The gap between the photographer I am/work I’m making and the photographer I want to be/work I want to make seems like a pathless abyss but I am willing to put in the work and practice it will take to get there.

This is my primary space of sharing my photography and I am very grateful to you for being my audience at this seeding time for me. Thank you for following, this page is about to get live.

Post Primary Schools Management Board (PPSMB) Enugu Zonal Office. 

Thinking about their motto “A Sound Education for youth is the nation’s light” in light of what’s going on in Kaduna.
Also, like Wale Lawal said, it’s very possible to demand educational reform in Kaduna and be interested too in how such reform will impact the now former teachers. And how the teachers too are victim to Nigeria’s failure as a country.


James Town has been and remains the breeding ground for the bulk of Ghana’s boxing talent. James Town folk often start decoding the science from an early stage and later grow into champions. An integral part of James Town’s legacy, the sport has become one of the major attractions at CHALE WOTE.

Photos by Nii Kotei