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How do i get a lot of weed ? I buy 3.5 grams every 5 days and thats 40 everytime.i need to smoke everyday for health reasons but not in the right state PLEASE HELP

Ask your dealer if you can purchase in bulk! Typically if you’re paying $40 for 3.5 g you’ll be able to get 28 g for around $240 which is waaaay cheaper!

“its lit.”


01. Spice Girls • Wannabe (Caked Up Zigga Zig Remix) 02. Snoop Dogg • Smoke Weed Everyday (Caked Up Remix) 03. Beyonce • 7\11 (Skrillex X Diplo Remix [JackÜ]) 04. Madonna • Bitch I’m Madonna Feat. Nicki Minaj (instrumental) 05. Caked Up • Ass Like Kim Face Like Rihanna 06. Caked Up • Pop That Thang 07. Caked Up • Gas Pedal Remix 08. Ivan B She Gotta Stay 09. Childish Gambino • Heartbeat 10. Tnght • Easy Easy (Hudson Mohawke X Lunice)  11. SchoolBoy Q Feat. A$AP Rocky • Hands On The Wheel (Dj Crooze Remix) 12. Echosmith • Cool Kids (Gazzo & Two Friends Remix)

If Eren and Armin ever smoked weed

Eren would just sit there and enjoy the high and end up eating three bags of chips but Armin on the otherr hand, he’s a fuckin light weight. 

First of all, after taking one hit, Armin would go into a really bad coughing fit. Then, Armin would probably start saying stupid shit.

For example:

“Is weed an emotion?”

“how do birds… like, talk? Like um…. uh, what was I saying?”

“why does snoop dogg have to puck so many hoes? Like, couldn’t he jut settle for one?”

“its really weird, yknow? Like, why do humans… human.”

“being hell—a~ GAy is kewl”

“ yo, I’m the freshest mothers fucka there is”

“Eren let meeeeeee have some of thooose chips!”

And basically, Eren would be laughing at Amin the whole time and Armin would laugh too but not know what’s funny.