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Thanks for letting us submit for #DrawMeRoby2 until this weekend because I get my hair cut and dyed Thursday and I currently have no photos to submit to it lol

ayy no problem, im gonna be filming parts for the video everyday up until the weekend anyways!

She’s Oblivious, He’s Ridiculous | Hoseok | BTS

Prompt: “I’m flirting with you.” from this drabble game [x]. Requested by anon (hi there friend!) For more, request here!

Summary: Hoseok had a problem: there were only two days until prom, and he’s asked you nine times already but you really couldn’t take a hint. Luckily, Hoseok doesn’t know the meaning of giving up.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader | AU: High School + Prom AU

Genre: Fluff. Of course.

Words: 4.1K (This got too long. Sorry anon lol.)

A/N: Honestly, I hate public promposals because they’re really embarrassing. But here’s Hobi doing it anyway because he looooves you. Enjoy!

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In the words of the wise Min Yoongi, Hoseok could say that he was very much catastrophically fucked.

He was fucked because their prom was coming up in two days and Hoseok still did not have a date—but it wasn’t from his lack of trying.

In fact, he had promised himself that he would secure himself a date the moment prom season started in order to avoid the situation he was in from happening in the first place.

Unlike most of his awkward peers, he had been excited for prom. Rejection was a word he did not have in his dictionary; he was so sure you would say yes. He wasn’t going to fumble his words when he would utter the three most important syllables of his life (well, his life as of now. It was too early in the game to say the three other most important words to you. He had to be patient for that.) He wasn’t going to mess up because he had been planning his promposal ever since freshman year.

He had known ever since he had laid his eyes on your pretty face that you would be the one. No one else could ever begin to compare—it had to be you.

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GUYS I AM DONE WITH MY WEEKEND CLASSES (in early childhood ed) 

it was my fourth one, and i’ve been going every weekend for the past 5 weeks, i took one weekend off Thankfully 


Long-term Relationship With Monty

Request: Headcannon of monty being in long term relationship with the reader

A/N: I hope you like these, thanks for requesting! :)

Warnings: Sexual themes. 

Long-term Relationship With Monty…

  • You’ve figured out exactly what makes him tick, as well as the best methods to calm him down, though he’s overall a much calmer person when you’re around anyway
  • You even get to the point where you can wrestle with each other in the living room and he won’t accidentally hurt you
  • You can guarantee he likes to show you off

  • He’ll actually buy you an outfit especially for a party, and make sure everyone sees how amazing you look in it before you go
  • The whole school will know just how in love with you he is
  • And everyone especially knows not to touch you
  • Even though you’ve been together a couple years he can still make you blush like crazy

  • Whether it’s his mushy compliments which catch you off guard or when he whispers something dirty in your ear in public
  • He’s always gotta have a hold of you somehow
  • His favourite is when he’s got his arms around your waist and you lean back into him
  • But he’ll settle for holding hands too

  • He’s always pulling you into his lap when you have games night with his friends- well, the nice friends that you approve of anyway
  • And he’s super big on hickeys, and sometimes they’re not the only light bruises you get
  • He’s super handsy during sex, so sometimes you get little bruises on your hips and waist
  • Anniversary sex is sweet, otherwise he’s usually a little rough, but not too much, he’d never want to hurt you

  • He’s also amazing with his hands and tongue, and of course he knows it
  • You always get back tickles after sex
  • Although he’s horrible at it he tries to cook you breakfast, but you always have to takeover
  • You have movie nights with pizza

  • You’re his biggest cheerleader at his games
  • You give him massages when he’s stressed
  • He’s always sneaking into your room
  • He drives you to and from school everyday

  • Secret weekend getaways
  • He just loves you so so much

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Okay imagine sf!pap, ut!sans, uf!sans, and us!pap all get a secret admirer/love letter! Okay so after their initial reaction then imagine they find out that iT'S FROM THEIR CRUSH OMG! You know those boys would be glowing with blushes. lmao~

UT!Sans: When he firsts finds the note, it doesn’t occur to him that it could be from you. And since you’re the only one he currently has eyes for, he’s more worried about who he’s going to have to let down gently. He’s flattered and all, but he’s not interested in anyone. Except for you of course. He starts thinking about who might have sent him the note. And, he can’t really think of anyone who would go so far. Except maybe… you? So he studies the note closely, and oh my god that is your handwriting. And it actually kind of smells like your perfume. And oh my god you sent him that note. He blushes without meaning to, and the dorkiest grin you’ve ever seen spread across his face. At least now he knows that you have feelings for him too. And even though he’s not the type to go full blown romantic and take you on an amazing and expensive night out, he plans a sweet date that he asks you out on. 

UF!Sans: His first thought is shit. Just what the fuck has he gotten himself into? Did he give someone false hopes on a romantic relationship with him? Do they know what they’d be walking into if they chose to date him? He’s doing them a favor by just ignoring this, and going to sleep to avoid this situation. Right? But, after studying it, he starts to recognize the handwriting. And this isn’t as lovey dovey stupid as he first thought, it’s actually pretty sweet. They obviously know a lot about him, which narrows down the search a little. Actually, the only one he can think of is you… As soon as he realizes this he’s a blushing mess. He’s lucky that he locked himself away in his room, he can’t let anyone see him like this. All smiley and red faced, reading and re-reading the note over and over again. Next time he sees you, he puts on a confident face and saunters over to you, making you back up against the closest wall. He leans in real close, face almost close enough that it should count as a kiss. Then he holds up his hand, holding your letter between the two of you- 

‘’This belong to you, sweetheart?’’

US!Papyrus: He knows it’s from you, but he doesn’t take it seriously. It’s probably just another prank. A stupid one, but still just a prank. And this is what he believes until the next time he sees you. You keep eyeing him expectantly, close to scared. He starts to realize that maybe, just maybe, you weren’t joking around. And he suddenly feels so bad, because here you go pouring your heart out in a letter to him, and he completely ignores it. He’s so embarrassed and flustered, that he kind of just slowly leaves to be on his own and sort through what happened. When he feels secure enough in the situation, he finds you. 

‘’Listen kid, sorry about not thanking you for the note. How about we go out this weekend and I’ll make it up to you’’

Yeah, he’s taking you to Muffet’s. At least he’s buying the drinks and food. 

SF!Papyrus: Oh my god. He is so confused. Who would send this to him? He wants it to be you, he desperately wants it to be you. But he can’t let himself believe that. He scans the message anyway, looking for clues. Every time he finds something that points towards it being you, a voice in his head says no, they’re not interested in you like that. He’s second guessing himself so much, and eventually he breaks. He texts you, asking if it’s you. When you confirms he’s so relieved and happy and almost giddy. He tells you that he likes you too, a lot. And then sets up a date for you two. He meant to stop texting you after that, but he honestly doesn’t want to stop talking. And he’s so happy that he basically texts you everyday until the weekend. When the date comes, you’re both so comfortable in the situation that it’s not awkward at all. Only sweet and romantic and a tad bit nervous. You’re like two high schoolers with a crush, it’s adorable.


Every Weekend

The Weekend by SZA vs. Everyday by Ariana Grande.

-They Live On Through The Notes App On My IPhone-

The story of my childhood,
Littered across this table
We stole the paint markers,
Then we fought over the colors
We called ourselves friends,
But we argued like brothers.
I wish they’d stop dying,
Crazy mother fuckers
There was Anthony, there was Nikki,
Ryan, now Marcus
Had to live on the edge
like the world was beneath them
Too fast to slow down,
Everyday was the weekend.

See we were friends long before the drugs took hold
When the drugs took over, we did all we could to hang on
Now they’re gone.
And I’m wondering how I’m supposed to go on
Not entirely, but feeling all alone.
Man, I just want to go home.


Cats out of the Box

Prompts: “Listen, I don’t like you, but you have kittens, so I’m going to be over a lot.” With Damian. And can the reader be the one with kittens?

Pairing: None, platonic Damian X Reader

Words: 1,528

  You hadn’t expected your fostercat, Boop, to go into labor so soon. So when at five thirty in the morning when you woke up to check on her and found her already in labor. You were frantic, calling your boss, Mr. Wayne,“Sorry sir, I know you had important meetings today, but I have a … family emergency!”

“Y/N, this is the first time you’ve ever asked for time off,” Mr. Wayne’s somewhat groggy voice,“ I can get someone to cover for you a two days. No worries, take care.”

 You let out a sigh of relief,“Thank you sir.”

 You hung up and immediately started to type on your computer, you had been prepared thanks to the company that you foster through, but a little refresher course would be great.

Boop was in her covered box, she hadn’t moved, you checked in on her every twice an hour, pulling back a scrap of fabric from the door as you did so. You had emailed the vet and the shelter that you had received her from. You had some towels to rub the kittens with- should you need them- and had on some clothes that you could loose if you needed too. You had managed to not peer into the box and get your eyes clawed out. it took several grueling hours, and you almost lost your breakfast and your lunch due to your weak stomach, because you had to get rid of the placenta. But four healthy kittens were born. Two looked almost exactly the same, a light sandy color, and one dark red kitten while the smallest kitten was a pretty dark yellow tabby. They were all female, and looked strong, so you left he mother and kittens alone, setting out food and water for Boop whenever she wanted it. The vet would make a special house call for you while your sister was off of work for the summer, so she could stay and look up on the kittens when you got back to work on Monday.

You had snapped some pictures and sent them to your sister, before finally changing out of your sweats into a pair of jeans. You were in the kitchen when you heard Boop’s angry hiss and a yelp of pain- a human one. You dropped your plastic cup of water onto the ground and rushed back into the room to find Robin, the boy wonder, the tiny angry one, holding his hand. The window was open and he was pouting at Boop’s box.

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Roleplay Call

Hey all! I’ve been meaning to put myself out there in terms of roleplay lately, so I figured this sort of thing would be a great way to start while also meeting some of you cool folks in the FFXIV tumblr community. If you’re interested in roleplaying with any of these characters, feel free to shoot me a ask/tumblr message/whatever! From there on, I can pass my Discord info and plan our RP from there on out if there’s a continuing interest. Keep in mind my schedule is a bit wonky compared to you mainlanders, but I am generally free after 8PM/9PM EST everyday, with weekends usually as exceptions. With that said, take a look at my precious little shits. :^)


Ignera Arbell

Lady Head Ignera Clalleanne of Minor House Arbell, or simply known among her dear friends as Lady Ignera, is a Ishgardian noblewoman heavily draped with titles and the responsibilities that comes with them. Though it is clear she was born of bluer blood than most, Ignera is still notoriously friendly to those of all social standings. Currently, she spends her time traveling in between her home and the southern states to promote her businesses, and enjoys meeting the many intriguing personalities she meets along the way. Behind that pair of glimmering frore eyes of hers, however, there is something much more somber, more bitter lurking underneath.

RP Hooks


Ignera tries to go out of her way to meet those of nobility, Ishgardian or no.

Business-minded folks

Ignera currently runs four businesses under her hand: an inkshop, a tavern, and the others yet unknown. She thoroughly enjoys looking for those who might be interested in expanding their trades, or better yet, worthy competitors.

Fayre’a Tayuun

Fayre’a appears to be your stereotypical poacher, equipped with an awful attitude, sharp tongue, skill for survival and most of all, an unsettling hatred for Gridania’s guardian Wood Wailers. He is quick to let others know his distaste for strangers with an introduction often infested with enough profanities to make even a sailor shake their head. Beyond his standoffish nature, Fayre’a is best known among his gangs of misfit poachers for his unquestionable loyalty to his sub-clan. When the hunter is not carrying out homely duties in the bosom of the Southern Shrouds, he is more than likely performing a typical adventurer’s work to bring the gil back home to his many sisters. Currently Fayre’a is often found taking leves in Ul’dah, and occasionally performs duties for the Astral Agents company.

RP Hooks

Criminally-minded folks

As a poacher, Fayre'a is always looking for allies who can look past his hunting habits.


Fayre'a is often seen taking leves and odd jobs around Ul'dah, and is prone to running into those who often do the same.

Kyuusei Miyamatsu

Once an ardent priest of the isolationist village of Sui no Sato, Kyuusei immigrated into the heart of Eorzea a few moons after the Calamity in search of answers. Many summers and winters have passed since then, and while Kyuusei’s devotion to the wise Dawn Father and his people has not waned, he has been encouraged to discover new trades in order to survive these foreign lands. With newfound friends with at his side, the retired priest now runs a humble tea house in the Goblet, offering authentic teas and sweets that are sure to give fellow Far Easterners a sense of nostalgia. There are rumors of something stranger underneath such an establishment, and such intrigue inspire many daring customers to come visit the quaint little house.

RP Hooks


Though Kyuusei’s tea house does not serve any alcoholic beverages, many stumble inside simply looking for something to drink after escaping the heat of the Thanalan sun.

Spiritually-lacking folks

Nothing pleases Kyuusei more than discussing the causes and solutions of suffering in this universe to total strangers.