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Watch (Eisuke Ichinomiya)

Eiko sat on the couch, waiting for her mother to come back with milk. As she looked around the large room, she saw her two brothers. One was eating his breakfast, and the other was sipping some sort of liquid; it looked like coffee? The same liquid which her father drinks. Everyday.

Her eyes wandered to the large man sitting on her right, a little bit away from her. Her father, Eisuke, was reading a large piece of paper. The newspaper? Is that what their mother calls it? His legs were crossed and a shiny glint happened to catch her eye. She recognized it as a platinum watch, an accessory which told the time. Its shininess attracted her to her father, who was oblivious to her sudden excitement.

Eiko moved from her sitting position to a crawl. Her small hands only just about to take her weight. Her brothers looked over to their small sister, giggling at her as she made her short journey to Eisuke.

When Eiko reached Eisuke, she reached up to his wrist. Her small fingers only slightly able to touch the watch. Eisuke looked down and saw his young daughter trying to grab his watch. He put the newspaper on the coffee table and gave his baby daughter his wrist. She giggled at the sight: a shiny object. Eiko babbled, her small hands feeling the smooth glass.

“Dad, I think she likes your watch,” Eizo said, smirking at Eisuke.

“Yeah, I think she wants to play with it,” Ekiken said, still eating his breakfast.

Eisuke looked back at Eiko. He chuckled and took his watch off his wrist.

“Yay!” Eiko giggled as Eisuke put the large watch in between her chubby legs. Her hands grabbed the heavy object and tried to put it on her wrist. But the big watch slid past her wrist, all the way to her shoulders. She laughed and clapped her hands, smiling joyfully at her father.

Vivian chose that moment to walk into the living room. She watched the whole exchange from the kitchen and smiled to herself. This was her family.

“Here Ekiken, your orange juice. Drink all of it dear.” She sat next to her 5 year old son and held the glass as he drank from it.

“Eisuke, maybe she likes shiny, expensive jewelry?” Vivian asked.

He was too busy playing with Eiko but he did answer, “Of course she does. And I’ll buy her all the jewelry she wants when she grows up.”

Everyone laughed, watching as Eiko tried to eat the watch.

Happy Easter!!

We’ll Be Outlaws

For: Dela @delawritesthings

By: Noelle @inficwetrust

A story about tempting fate, making choices, and breaking rules.

Word Count: 11,419

Warnings: None

Main Pairing: Harry/Julia

He’s always twenty-one when he meets her.

He’s always twenty-one but the first time he meets her, she is five. He’s running late to a job interview for an intern position at a publishing company, his tie flapping over his shoulder as he sprints down the crowded street. He checks his watch for the hundredth time, but the minutes aren’t moving any slower, and he’s about two-hundred feet from the intersection when he sees the light change and the cars start to zoom by and he stops abruptly, his chest heaving as he knots his fingers in his hair and checks his watch again.

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photo by @randyolson | words by @neilshea13 — One day he went into the forest alone. He had in mind what he wanted. Not every boy knows with such clarity who he prefers for a companion but he had decided on a baboon. The boy somehow captured the animal. The details are vague. This is what he said. To tell you the truth, I don’t believe it. Though he had a certain kind of courage no boy this small has any business chasing dangerous animals around so far outside the Suri village. Especially not in the nurseries of big mother baboons, which are all teeth and banshee shrieking. In any case the beginning is irrelevant. There is always a boy like this, and a baboon without a name. For a while they would be great friends. Everyday they wandered and played together. House to house, aunt to aunt, asking food, wasting time. They are coming to be almost the same age, human and baboon lives passing like satellites, their orbits nearing, nearing. In the afternoons they walked in long cool shadows, just the pair of them. In the evenings the baboon slept curled beside him. It was saddest because you knew it couldn’t last. After this brief perigee the baboon would grow bigger, stronger, surpassing the boy’s young courage, willful and unpredictable as everything that lives. Then the decision so far suspended would come down, and it would not be the boy’s to make. But let’s don’t talk about that. The daydream can play out a little longer. See how the boy has painted its face. See how it holds him, how it desires to be held. This is a dream you will recognize, one we’ve shared. To be understood for a moment beyond words.

For the last six years, Randy Olson and I have been documenting culture, change, and conflict in the watershed that connects southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. In the August issue of @natgeo magazine we’ll publish the latest in our series, #NGwatershedstories. Join us at @randyolson and @neilshea13 as we follow water through the desert.

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I wasn’t gonna post this on tumblr cos im usually embarrassed about my (well lack of) writing skills but I basically got noticed by senpai so THIS IS FOR YOU willsolacester

Nico had been searching for Will all afternoon, keeping his promise after being let out of the infirmary to ‘Visit everyday or else’. He wandered around the infirmary, the other campers had said he was on his break, they’d just lost another patient and Will had taken it hard, hard enough to stop working for a second.

Nico found him sat in an empty infirmary room, in the corner, his head between his knees. Muffled sobs filled up the room, Will’s shoulders were shaking, his nails digging into his knees. Nico took a step backwards, unsteady. He didn’t know how to comfort people, and he didn’t know if Will wanted to be comforted. Memories of Nico scraping his knee, tears streaming down his face and wails resonating from his mouth. Bianca was there, cleaning the wound, wrapping an arm around him, stroking his back.

“Worthless” He heard Will say between sobs, the words filled with venom. Nico hesitated, still unsure. He opened his mouth to say something but jolted when Will’s fist smashed into the wall with surprising force. Will’s fingers uncurled and his hand fell to the floor limply, Nico hadn’t realised his throat had been closing up till he tried to breathe and choked. Suddenly he realised he was being pathetic, cruel, how could he just watch Will torture himself and worry about his own feelings? In a state of panic he rushed over to Will and called out tentatively.

'Will? Are you okay’ Will’s head jerked upwards, his eyes wide with fear. He opened his mouth to reply, his expression already moulding into façade before he shook his head and it crumbled away. Will slumped forward, and Nico caught him, leaning back against the wall. He had become a little more accustomed to physical contact after his three days in the infirmary, with constant check ups with an invasive stethoscope. Will rested his head on Nico’s chest and Nico began to stroke Will’s hair, rhythmically and softly. As Will’s sobs turned to hiccups Nico carried on brushing, taking steady breaths until Will mimicked them. Although Will seemed to have calmed completely, Nico still couldn’t get rid of the lump in his throat; seeing Will so broken when he was usually so whole and bright made Nico feel unsure that he even knew the boy who was lying in his arms.

'I’m sorry you had to see me like this’ Will mumbled into Nico’s shirt, unconsciously pressing his head up into Nico’s hand, the stroking evidently calmed him. 'It’s just… ’ The words were on the tip of Will’s tongue, but Nico assumed he was still hesitating on whether to share them. 'You can tell me,’ Nico murmured, he didn’t usually care much for sharing personal feelings but he knew the ache in his heart wouldn’t cease until Will wasn’t troubled. Will sighed and the words came flooding out. He talked about his brothers, the pressure of being the head of the cabin, the constant feeling of not being good enough, letting others down. 'All the lives I’ve let slip through my fingers, every single closed eyes reminding me I’m not good enough’ He let out a shuddering breath 'Sometimes I think I’d so anything to be a better healer, or even not be a healer at all. Just to be able to breathe and not remember all my patients that are not’ Will’s expression soured as if the words left a bitter taste in his mouth. 'But there’s nothing I can do I just feel so helpless-’ Will’s breathing began to quickened and Nico realised he was working himself up again. Nico gently lifted Will’s face up to face him and felt a shiver race through the boy’s body.

'Will please, you’re so…’ His words, unlike Will’s, were not rehearsed and he struggled to find the wording 'Strong, brave. You have saved so many lives and you may not think that’s enough, but I know they do.’ Will’s eyes flickered down as he considered this and Nico used his thumb to wipe a tear from his cheek. 'Trust me, as a child of Hades, I know some deaths cannot be prevented and no matter how hard you try, it still happens. That’s life.’ It was Nico’s turn to sound bitter. 'But although some of your patients do not make it, you have saved so many more. Focus on them Will.’ Nico cursed himself internally, the words were barely comforting but they were all he had to offer. Luckily they seemed to have worked, as Will was now rested completely against Nico, his breaths deep. Nico flickered to Will’s face and finally noticed the bags under his eyes, his sallow skin and the sharpness of his features. He looked almost as bad as Nico did after five days in a tank but he had hardly noticed it. Will seemed to glow when he was working and Nico had only seen him working since his three days in the infirmary. Had Will even slept since the battle which had been nearly a week ago? Nico sighed, 'Will you utter idiot’ he thought to himself and awkwardly scooped Will into his arms, bending into a shadow just beside him. They appeared in the Hades cabin and Will’s eyes widened, his strength returning as he readied himself to scold Nico for shadow travelling. Nico hushed him and dropped him onto the bed. He shook off the dizzy feeling and turned to Will 'Get some sleep, it’ll be quieter here and I won’t let anyone in’ Will opened his mouth to argue, but the fatigue behind his eyes must have won as he sunk back into his pillow, promptly falling asleep. Nico staggered to his bag and took out the nasty tasting gum Will had given him, chewing until the nausea subsided. As he watched Will’s sleeping face he felt an unfamiliar surge of a mixture of worry and fondness. Will’s blond hair was splayed across the pillow and he seemed to shine in the gloomy setting of the Hades cabin. Nico leant against a wall, stoically watching over Will and he felt a sense of importance rush through him. Everyone felt pain, on varying degrees. Whether if was because they had to fight through Tartarus alone, watch their father succumb to madness or constantly be at blame for a loss of life. But maybe they could find a little solace in each other.

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I’m a young self taught photographer in NYC with a photo blog of my everyday wanderings - sometimes including commissioned work or currently it’s backstage pictures from New York Fashion Week.  Photography is my way of capturing and preserving moments and memories.

Request Scenario: You get mad at Yoongi, but then he back hugs you :)

Genre: fluffffff

Word Count: 708

A/N: First of all, I am so so sorry for posting so late. Also, I wasn’t sure wha you meant by blah blah blah, so I just assumed that you meant fluffy stuff. Hope you enjoy it xx


It felt like you could just erupt into flames. You couldn’t even crush your fingers into a fist without your entire arm shaking with the rage that was simmering over your emotions.

Three. Months.

You were denied the feel of his skin against yours, emitting heat into your body. His smile that can only be described with your reciprocating smile. The way he would slowly breathe with his chin nodding closer and closer to his chest as time passed. The occasion mind blowing conversations you would have with him at 3am in the morning just because you two felt like it.

Three months of nothing, but wandering through everyday without him next to you and constantly being surrounded by posters, the television, and the inevitable fans. The perfect scene would be Min Yoongi dropping that notebook and coming your way. That one notebook with every single untouched white sections filled to the brim with the black ink that seeped through. Even when Yoongi didn’t need to, you knew his mind was always swimming with new lyrics. Everything that made his heart tug any ounce of anything, into that notebook it goes. Usually you loved watching him scribbling away, knowing that one of those ideas will soon become a song he is truly proud of, beaming every time he gets to explain it to people around him, but not today. Today, you wanted him to hold you in his arms and hear his soothing voice, trying to fill up the past few months; instead, he is hunched over on the couch with his head deep into the pages of lyrics.

“Just a few more minutes okay?” He lowly whispered, trying to not get out of focus, his eyebrows furling and bottom lips bitten.

“That’s what you said an hour ago…” Having given up on trying to persuade him out of his little world, your legs lifted stiffly and planted themselves onto the wooden floor below. You couldn’t help but to feel a slight wrenching feeling in your heart, dragging your legs across the floor, walking towards the small seat by the window.

Reaching out to dust touches on the worn out book by your seat, a deep sigh was released as you reluctantly began to read the book that have been your escape of boredom. It was easily read, your mind returning back to where  you had left of last time. It was like a movie reeling in your head, but you were suddenly pulled away from the fictional world by the strong arms that slid behind your back, wrapping themselves around your waist.

“Yoongi.” The apparent hurt and remaining sting was still in your voice, crackling through.

“I’m so sorry.” His chin was resting on the crook of your neck, his warm breath fluttering against your skin. It was impossible to keep away the racing of your heart while your body perfectly melted against his chest. It never ceased to amaze you how perfect you two fitted with each other, like puzzles pieces, every curve molding along with the next.

“Mhmm…” You played the game a little longer, pretending to be immersed in your novel, running your index finger across the sentences.

“I’m sorry…” His voice was becoming whiney, sad that you weren’t breaking through the stoic expression on your face. Dusting chaste kissing your shoulder, Yoongi knew sooner or later, you will give into the loving touches.

“Cheat.” Slamming your book shut, you spun around in his embrace and cupped his pale cheeks with your small hands.

“In my defense. I was writing about you…” Of course he was.

“Oh yeah?” Foreheads pressed against each other, breaths tickling your cheeks, if only moments like these could last forever.

“Wanna hear it?” Breaths shallowing, something about this was just so intimate.

“When will I ever deny hearing Min Yoongi’s masterpieces.” A smile tugging on your lips, watching Yoongi’s eyes sparkle with your words of adoration.

“I don’t know… my subject was already a masterpiece before so…” His cheesy line causes a groan of disbelief to roll out from your tongue. while your head fell back in laughter.

“No?” The blue-haired boy tilted his head, flashing his gummy smile.

“Maybe not…”


Hope you liked it xx

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