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Could you please do a Haechan ideal type? Thank you 🌹

y'all. I am so so very sorry I haven’t posted in so long and I apologize from the very bottom of my heart. I love all of you and I hope all of you will forgive me and I promise I will post more often gahhh. Anyways, here’s haechan’s ideal type !!

- I think he’d rly love a funny girl
- loves to joke around and make fun of mark w him tbh
- has a kind, kind heart
- enjoys music and singing as much as he does
- I honestly see haechan dating someone that thinks of other people first and is honestly just someone that can make everyone happy
- prob won’t date the jealous type
- loves going to amusement parks at the middle of the night
- or up to watching Netflix at 3 in the morning
- has a wide variety of music
- loves food
- ice cream dates !!
- polite to elders
- enjoys sports

Appearance: (this part is so difficult to write tbh)
- shorter than haechan
- wouldn’t care any race, I feel he’s very open to others
- cute smile (w diMplEs !!)
- more of a shorts person instead of skirts
- big eyes
- diff hairstyles everyday (braids, updo, half up&down, etc)