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On the Brink - Chapter 5

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Warnings: Swearing. Jealousy. Little bit of angst.

Author’s Note: This took a bit of a turn. Let me know what you all think!

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“Y/N? WHAT THE HELL?” Dean’s voice woke you from your slumber. You shot up in bed, shielding your eyes from the harsh light of the overhead lights, which Dean had flicked on as he roared.

“Dean, what the fu-” You began angrily, but he cut you off.

“Are you KIDDING me? You’re in bed with HIM?”

You looked at him in confusion and then remembered the previous night. You looked over to your left to find Lucifer sitting on top of the covers, glaring at your brother.

“Oh calm down,” You said testily. “It’s not a big deal.”

Dean snarled. “Not a big deal? You’ve seen this dick’s wings and it’s not a big deal?”

Lucifer stiffened on the bed and looked at you, startled. “How does he know that?”

You ignored his question and kept addressing your brother. “Of course it isn’t! There were only the two of us in the cell! If I didn’t help him, who would have?”

“I don’t think you understand just how big of a deal it is that you’ve seen his wings.” Dean said forcefully. “But don’t take my word for it! Ask him! Ask him if it’s not a big deal that you saw what only his mate is supposed to see!”

“What?” You asked, taken aback. You turned to the archangel. “Lucifer, is that true?”

He was staring at the blankets on the bed. “I told you it was intimate,” He said quietly.

You felt a funny fluttering feeling in your abdomen, but you ignored it and turned back to Dean. “It doesn’t matter. If he wants to sleep in my room, on my bed, he can.”

“How can you expect me to be okay with this?” Dean asked.

“You don’t have to be okay with it.” You retorted. “Only I do. And I am.”

“Wrong!” Dean said hotly. “In order for him to stay here, me and Sam have to be okay with it too. And guess what, sis? I ain’t!”

“Too. Bad.” You said through gritted teeth. “This is how it is. And you can’t kick him out so this is how it’ll stay. You can leave my room now.”

Dean studied you for a long, hard moment. “This isn’t over.”

He turned and left before you could respond. You sighed and flopped back down on the bed. To your surprise, Lucifer stood, still not looking at you.

“I have to go.” He said.

“Where?” You asked, looking at him.

“I just…I have to go.” He strode across the room and into the hallway quickly, never once looking back you.

Weird…, You thought. You turned your head and realized the tiny figurine of a white cat that you had bought on a whim in Florida was missing from your nightstand. You barely had time to process this before sleep reclaimed you.

You woke up on your own a few hours later, feeling refreshed. While you got dressed, you decided that you were going to sit down and talk to Dean rationally. You knew he would probably still be upset with what happened earlier, but you thought that if you kept your cool, you could explain your side and at least come to some kind of understanding.

You left your room and saw that the door to Lucifer’s room was open. You poked your head in and saw that it was empty. The room looked like it wasn’t occupied at all. A thick feeling of dread began to creep over you, but you ignored it. You figured he was probably out in one of the common areas.

You hurried out to the table at the center of the bunker and found Sam sitting there alone. He looked up as you entered the room and a guilty look crossed his face.

“Hey, Y/N.” He said.

“Hey,” You answered warily. “Where is everyone?”

“Dean and Cas went to the British Men of Letters compound…” He hesitated for a second before plunging ahead. “And Lucifer went with them.”

“What? I thought Lucifer wasn’t allowed to leave the bunker. Why would Dean bring him there?”

Again there was hesitation from your brother. “Because that’s where he’ll be staying from now on.”

“WHAT?” You exploded. “Dean can’t…this is…no, no, this isn’t happening! Dean is in for a shock if he thinks I’m going to stand for this!”

You whipped out your phone, intending to call your eldest brother up and berate him until he brought Lucifer back to the bunker. But Sam’s next sentence stopped you dead in your tracks.

“It was Lucifer’s idea.”

Your heart dropped. “What do you mean?” You whispered.

“I mean that Lucifer thought it was best that he stay at the compound. Dean and I agreed.”

A sick feeling spread through your stomach and you put your phone back in your pocket. You stared at the floor, a million thoughts racing through your head.

“Y/N, say something.”

You pushed the sick feeling away, burying it deep so that it would never come up again. 

You looked at Sam. “What is there to say? He made his choice. Now, what are you studying?”

He gave you a concerned look. “Y/N-”

“No,” You said, holding up your hand. “This is not something I want to talk about. Not now. Not ever. Lucifer is gone, I’m here. You and Dean got what you wanted. What’s the case?”

Sam sighed, but nodded. “Case in Indiana. I’m thinking wendigo.”

Hours became days, days became weeks, weeks became months. You went about your life, helping your brothers with hunts, but you felt mostly empty inside. As much as you hated to admit it, you missed Lucifer. You didn’t understand why he did what he had done, but you were sure he had his reasons. It didn’t make the pain fade any quicker though, or the anger, and there were many nights you laid awake in bed, wondering what he was doing. You knew it wouldn’t be long before you ran into him again though. And the day came much sooner than expected.

About four months after Lucifer left the bunker, you and your brothers were called out to the British Men of Letters compound. Normally you would have elected to stay behind, but apparently this was an all hands on deck sort of thing. The location that you had given for the god’s hand device had been correct and the item had been retrieved, so you knew it wasn’t that. Dimly, you wondered if they had found Crowley, but you supposed you didn’t much care. You just didn’t want to run into a certain archangel. You knew he had been helping the BMoL with cases and had even been in contact with Dean and Sam personally, but he never called you, never spoke to you, never asked about you. And you were pissed. You weren’t sure what you had done for him to treat you this way, but you were no longer cared. You were just plain angry.

You trailed behind Cas as the four of you walked into the compound, but you didn’t see Lucifer anywhere as you walked into the main meeting room. Good, You thought vehemently, though a part of you was secretly disappointed.

Arthur Ketch was already in the room, of course, as was Mick Davies. Though you didn’t like the BMoL at first, they had grown on you. Especially Mick. He seemed well-meaning and he was nice to you. You didn’t really trust him all the way yet, but he could be fun to talk to. You nodded to Ketch and took the seat next to him. Sam took the seat on the other side of you and though Mick was standing at the head of the table, he made his way around to you. He sat on the table with one leg up and smiled down at you.

“Hello, Y/N. I haven’t see you in a while.” He said, his eyes shining in the bright fluorescent light.

“Haven’t been out in a while,” You responded. “Someone has to man the bunker.”

“Indeed. And how have you been?”

“I’ve been fine.” A few more people shuffled into the room and took the seats across the table from you, but you paid them no attention. You leaned towards Mick eagerly. “What this meeting about? What did you guys find?’

“Ah, well, you’ll just have to find out along with the rest of them.” He said playfully.

“Or,” You countered, equally as playful. “You could just tell me now and I could just act surprised when you tell the rest of them.”

“Or, you and I could discuss it more closely after the meeting over dinner. At, say, seven?”

You blinked in surprise. “Uh yeah, sure. That’s be great.”

“Perfect,” He said.

He got up from the chair and you caught sight of Ketch rolling his eyes at the two of you. You and Mick had been flirting for a month or two now, but you never would have guessed that he would actually work up the courage to ask you out. Then again, maybe he wasn’t asking you out, maybe he really did want to discuss the matter. You looked up at him and he winked at you. Nope, he had definitely asked you out. You smiled slightly at him and looked down at the table in front of you, your cheeks reddening. You looked up again and your heart stopped. Lucifer was sitting across the table from you, glaring at you with anger so intense, you hadn’t ever really seen it before.

Your heart skipped a beat, two beats, three. Then it slammed into your ribcage and pounded there painfully. All the pain and anger you had felt at his departure came back to you in an instant and you looked away from him. A flush crept up your neck as the emotions flooded through you and you stared hard at the table, attempting to get your emotions under control. When you felt like you had handle on things, you looked up again at the archangel. He was still glaring at you, his nostrils flared. You rolled your eyes at him and purposefully looked away toward Mick, who had begun to speak.

You flashed Mick a big smile and he faltered momentarily, before picking up where he left off. You saw Lucifer clench his hands into fists out of the corner of your eye. Was he angry that you were friends with Mick? Why would he be angry about that?

Mick finished up what he was saying, something about a rogue something-or-other that was causing turmoil up in Alaska, and turned the table over to another, more technical person. They began explaining a pattern of attack or something. You weren’t really paying attention. All your thoughts were on the archangel sitting across from you.

“You alright, love?” Mick all but whispered into your ear. You looked over to see him kneeling beside your chair. “You seem distracted.”

“I’m fine. And don’t call me love.”

“Term of endearment, darling,” He said. He smiled up at you happily before standing and moving a few steps away.

The meeting was over a little while later after a team had been picked to go after the alpha werewolf, who had a pack in Alaska and was rampaging through the small villages out there. Unsurprisingly, Mick had chosen your brothers, you, Ketch, and himself to go. Surprisingly, Lucifer had volunteered to go as well. He had stared hard at Mick while doing so, but didn’t look your way the rest of the time. He shot out of the room like a bullet when the meeting was concluded.

“Don’t forget about our dinner tonight darling,” Mick said in a low voice while everyone was shuffling out. “I’ll pick you up at 6:30.”

The date had been fun, nothing too special. Mick had tried to kiss you at the end of the night, but you had ended up turning your head at the last moment. You just weren’t ready for that. He took it in stride though and the two of you made plans to have dinner again after the Alaska hunt. You walked in the door at precisely 11:30 sharp and Dean, who had been at the table drinking beer, was obviously satisfied with that.

You showed up at the BMoL compound with Sam, Dean, and Cas in the morning. Mick, Ketch, and Lucifer waited outside for you, the latter a few feet away from the other two. You all packed up your bags in the seven passenger SUV that was being driven to Alaska and hopped in. Dean grumbled about leaving Baby behind, but eventually acquiesced. Ketch drove while Mick sat in the passenger seat feeding him directions. Sam and Dean took up the next row of seats, which left you and Lucifer to take up the last row. 

You could cut the tension between the two of you with a knife. You leaned against the window and watched the passing scenery. Eventually you had to turn because you grew uncomfortable and as you did, you caught Lucifer staring at you. He quickly looked away, which for some reason, made you angry.

“What is your problem?” You hissed at him quietly. 

His gaze snapped back to you and he looked surprised as well as angry. He began to glare at you. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really? So staring at people is normal for you?” You asked sarcastically.

He shifted in the seat so that he was facing you as much as the seat allowed and began to smirk. “Maybe I just happened to be looking in that direction at that point in time. Doesn’t mean I was staring.”

“And maybe pigs really can fly.” You shot back, scowling. You hated that smirk.

“How do I know you weren’t staring at me?”

You gaped at him. “What?”

“Yeah. You were probably staring at me. I caught you and now you’re trying to turn the whole thing around. Typical.”

“What? No! You’re turning it around on me!” You said loudly.

“Don’t try to deny it, Winchester. You were staring. Admit it." 

He was still smirking at you and suddenly you had had enough. You reached across the seat and pinched him on the upper arm. 

"Ow!” He yelped, jumping. He stared at you in shock. “Did you just PINCH me?”

“Hey, pipe down you two!” Dean barked, turning and glaring at you.

“Yes, don’t make me turn this car around, you naughty children.” Ketch drawled.

Lucifer just scowled at you and rubbed his upper arm. You strangely felt a little better and you closed your eyes with a smile. Just before you drifted off to sleep, you cracked your eyes open and looked across at the archangel. He was looking at something small in his hands and you realized with a sleepy jolt that it was the white cat figurine from your nightstand. He had taken it and kept it all this time. The realization made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and you drifted off to sleep quickly.

Drunken Mistakes

Summary: Dean gets mad at reader one night when he has had too much to drink

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 6,048 (this one ran away from me a little)

Warnings: mentions of cheating, physical fight, implication of smut? or soft smut (idk what to call it)

A/N: Okay so this is my entry for ‘Michelle’s 2K follower challange’. Congrats @luci-in-trenchcoats​ on 2k and I hope you like this. Quote I got “Your problem is that nobody hates you more than you do”. I hope you guys like this, first time writing in this ‘x reader’ style so feedback would be much loved

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Still So Beautiful

Finale of Create Another Him

Over A Shirt

Characters: Reader, Crowley

Pairings: Crowley x Reader

Rating: M

Warnings: breeding kink, smut

Word Count: 984

A/N: So here’s part two and the final part of Create Another Him! Do enjoy!

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Headcanon for dating Sam:

  • Talk about a big spoon. Sam is always the big spoon, and he loves it.
  • He’ll let you play with his hair whenever you want. Sam loves it!
  • Sam will let you sit on his lap when he’s researching 99% of the time.
  • Sam doesn’t like to argue, so don’t expect him to argue with you. He won’t stay silent if something is bothering him though.
  • Sam will do what is necessary to protect you. He won’t live without you.
  • If you ask nicely, Sam will carry you places, but not all the time.
  • He’d be more open to listening to your music. You both would end up sharing music with each other.
  • Even on Sam’s bad days, he’ll love you like he’s got nothing else in this world.

Requested by Anon~

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Everyday problems for people in a fandom:
  • <p> <b>Person:</b> "Hey what day is it?"<p/><b>Supernatural fan:</b> "Yesterday was Tuesday, but today is Tuesday too!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> (trying to get into elevator) "HEY CAN YOU HOLD THE DOOR"<p/><b>Thrones fan:</b> (inconsolable crying)<p/><b>Sister:</b> "Can you hold on to this sock for a sec-"<p/><b>Harry Potter fan:</b> "Master has given me a sock! I...am...free!!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> (is loudly listening to "Staying Alive")<p/><b>Sherlock fan:</b> "HOW DARE YOU"<p/><b>Mom:</b> "Okay....Let's cook!"<p/><b>Breaking Bad fan:</b> 🎵"Crystal blue persuasionnnnnn...."🎵<p/><b>Person:</b> "Hey check out that cool angel statue-"<p/><b>Doctor Who fan:</b> "DON'T BLINK!! DON'T BLINK!!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> (is eating pudding)<p/><b>Walking Dead fan:</b> "CARLLLLLLLLL!!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> (brings in a miniature horse)<p/><b>Parks and Rec fan:</b> 🎵 "Bye.....bye Little Sebastian" 🎵<p/><b>Person:</b> "Hey how much do these plums cost?"<p/><b>Marvel fan:</b> (aggressive crying)<p/><b>Person:</b> "So I have two sisters-"<p/><b>Orphan Black fan:</b> "Seestras!!!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> 🎵 "Do you believe in magic..." 🎵<p/><b>Once Upon A Time fan:</b> "Well...if we're gonna go there-" (rolls up sleeves)<p/><b>X-Files fan:</b> "Do you believe..."<p/></p>

Headcanon for cuddling with Gabriel:

  • Gabriel will show up at random times in the night and just slide into bed with you. He knows you won’t mind.
  • Doesn’t mind being the little spoon, but likes to be the big spoon.
  • He will most likely eat candy in your bed while you sleep. Have fun waking up and finding a dozen of candy wrappers in your bed.
  • Gabriel will let you play with his hair, and he’ll let you play with his.
  • Gabriel will probably draw on your face while you sleep as a prank. Never fear, he’ll clean you up in the morning!
  • He is more of a blanket hog than a pillow hog.
  • If you ever have trouble sleeping, he will sing you to sleep.
  • Gabriel will enjoy cuddling with you so much that he’ll try to keep you in bed as long as possible.

Requested by @negansgrimes~

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Headcanon for dating Dean:

  • You’ll have movie nights watching his favorite Clint Eastwood movies.
  • He’ll let you sit in the front seat and force Sam to sit in the backseat.
  • He’ll ask you what you want to listen to, knowing you’ll pick his music.
  • He doesn’t care, he’ll hold your hand while he drives.
  • If you get sleepy while on the road, he’ll let you rest his head on his lap.
  • He’s protective of you. He’d rather take a bullet for you.
  • When you’re hurt, you’re his first priority.
  • He’d let you wear his shirts to bed. He’d even let you wear his jacket if it was cold outside.
  • He’s quite the gentlemen when it comes to you.
  • He loves you the most.

Requested by @stormy-thomas~

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