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Hijab is not for angels. Hijab is for flawed, beautiful humans, who are saying everyday that they are trying. And there is so much beauty in that struggle. God sees it. Never belittle any act of love and worship. It could be this act of obedience that God accepts. And it could be because of it, that God forgives your other flaws.
—  Yasmin Mogahed
She was beautiful, I would say everyday. She was magic and I would explain, “You are like morning freshness, like dewdrops on leaves. Like the little yellow floral dress with flowing skirt, the pink hat, the white pearl necklace. Like the smell of little roses, the fragrance of lilies, the beauty of orchids. As pretty as the sky, as flowing as the seas. Your breath is so warm, your touch is so soft. You walk like a wish on someone’s praying ground. You heal a heart like a shooting star on a dark night. You are a daydream and I am dreamer. You are sunset and I am a lover. You are so much like life, so much like a gift. You are so much like spring. You are so much like magic.” and she would just smile and disappear for her next season.
—  BINI //She is spring, my favorite season is spring

anonymous asked:

So I've been seeing this guy for nearly 3 months now. A few days ago we had a talk about our previous relationships and talking about how we're happy where we're at now. I thought finally we were opening up to each other and being honest then all of a sudden he messages me saying he wants to end things on good terms. But he's still been messaging me everyday and still says things like "We still need to go eat at this place" etc. We still need to talk face to face. Idk what to do... 😔

Wtffff Be straight with him and say look, do you want me or not because I’m sick of being messed about like this it’s not fair xx

Interview with Tom Hiddleston in Instyle Germany

  • he smells of tangerine and musk
  • if he wants to relax he wears sweatpants all day and stays at his mum’s, drinks beer and takes walks at the seaside
  • he is good at ironing and knotting ties (he says ;D)
  • he unconsciously still wants to prove himself to his dad, even though he knows that his dad understood that actor is a proper job with days from 4AM to 9PM
  • the bug that crept up his leg on set of Skull Island was a “vietnamese swamp spider” (not trying to find out what thing they meant after three translations *shudder*) and he used his training with former SAS to overcome his fear and get rid of it, before something bad happened :D
  • he doesn’t think he is athletic, but loves to run
  • he loves wearing his everyday “uniform”
  • he says his style icons are David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Sean Connery