everyday raw

Easy “My Words are Venom” magick

Carry around a small vial of 100% cacao powder or finely ground coffee and when you want your words to come off a little sharper and leave a lasting effect, wet the back of your hand (or just use your finger who tf cares) and lick that shit off like a tequila shot. Say a few incantations or words of intent to activate and boom. 

In that Giant Gap between who you want to be and who you really are, every other religion, including the evangelical church, tells you to “close the gap.” That’s religion.
Jesus is the only who said, “I will meet you where you are. I am running backwards through the gap to you. And we will walk this walk together, one step at a time, me in the lead, and I will be with you whether you feel me or not, always.” Faith is being more and more sure of this reality, and it’s not being more sure that you’re sinning less. It’s never just running from sin, but running to Him.
—  J.S. Park, What the Church Won’t Talk About: Real Questions from Real People About Raw, Gritty, Everyday Faith

April Jeanette Mendez, born March 19, 1987 (age 30) in Union City, New Jersey, United States.

Happy birthday to the person who taught me to be myself no matter what. She showed us that no matter where are you from, how much do you weight, how tall you are, you can accomplish your dreams if you fight for them and never give up. Thank you for inspire me everyday, April.