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(i’m definitely not helping with all the pain)

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Last film I watched: 

Uuuuuuhhhhhhhmmmm…. Spider-Man: Homecoming I’m pretty sure? Yeah, pretty sure. Saw an episode of Merlyn and Doctor Who recently though. They’re like… movie length ahaha.

Last song I listened to: 

“Resolve.” by Sleeping at Last

“Concentration breaks
Under frivolous weight.
If the right words exist,
May they find our lips.”

Last book I read: 

Haha don’t judge.

The Ghost Next Door: True Stories of Paranormal Encounters from Everyday People by Mark Morris

Interesting stories. Wish it didn’t read like a never-ending newspaper interview.

Last thing I ate:

Something that started out as chicken penne alfredo until I added the mixed vegetables my roommate didn’t like and now it’s a casserole of half-eaten dreams. Or was. It’s gone now.

Casserole of whole-eaten dreams.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: 

Probably at home annoying my smol son feline prince

Where would you time travel to: 

Uhhh… I dunno. Maybe the 90′s? Early 2000′s? Just recent enough to have modern conveniences without the recession to put a damper on things.

Or like… temporarily visit the middle ages if I could avoid being burned at the stake as a witch because of how bizarre I would be to them lol

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day:

Pffff I dunno. Probably an OC. Maybe Grillby. 

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Hi, I am Daniel Grey  .  I am a photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I shoot mostly in black and white with either my Canon t3i, or my Canon EOS 5DMIII.  I use LightRoom 4, and on a very rare occasion, Photoshop CS5 for processing.  I am most often capturing contracted objects and models, but my love for all things street supersedes all other professional endeavors.  I love street photography.  I’ve been capturing street imagery in Louisiana for 3 years and have and eye for action (so I’ve been told).  I am often inspired by everyday people and their stories.  Check out my Tumblr, Google+ or iyou can find me on EyeEm.  I also have a SHOP For all other inquiries and or comments related to my work, I may be reached at: danielgreyphotography@gmail.com