everyday odes

I saw a fish today.
Rainbow, like an oil painting,
swimming against the current
of melting snow in the street gutter.
Of course, it was just a trick of the light
and my over-active imagination,
but I still wished that spirit-fish
well on its journey,
and sent it a bit of my energy.
I fed a squirrel from my hand today.
It let me stroke its underbelly and cheek.
That part is true.
I have my sister’s pictures to prove it.
I thanked Artemis, and Demeter, and Athena
because I wasn’t really sure
who had jurisdiction here,
and because none of them exist to me
outside of my love for archetypes.
The frost on the sidewalk today
took the pattern of little leaves
scattered on the ground.
The river had the intricate patterns
of an old frosted over window
only hundreds of times bigger.
I thought about stopping to take pictures
but, as mentioned, there was ice.
I was cold, and running late,
so I just slowed in wonder,
and tossed a handful of sunflower seeds
to the squirrels before I went inside
as a symbol of my appreciation.
—  Sidewalk Fish (ode to everyday magick)