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since it comes up all over my writing, but particularly in the sith!quinn au-

headcanons re sith cultural norms and laws~

The Sith Language

  • several dialects
  • the most formal is High Sith - this is the ‘standard’ version of Sith taught and examined on in Academies, and is most commonly used in everyday speech by the noble lines only - outside of these lines it is super unusual to find someone speaking High Sith (think about the last time you heard someone with a legit RP accent outside of a BBC news program).
  • the most common spoken dialects are known collectively as Vulgar Sith - the spoken, living versions of the language used by most Red Sith communities, outside of the noble lines
  • the difference is the difference between (say) English as it is spoken on the BBC and English as it is used in normal everyday conversation - Vulgar Sith is more casual, has more slang and loanwords, etc (there are other indicators as well - accent, pronunciation, etc, which would mark one as speaking High Sith or one of the Vulgar dialects)
  • Sith can be written using both the Sith alphabet (Kittat) and Imperial Basic. In formal Sith communications (frex, communications from the Emperor, judgements from the Inquisition, etc) they will be written in High Sith using Kittat, with the implication being that they are for Sith eyes only. most mass-produced Sith-language documents/communications/etc will be written in High Sith using Imperial Basic, and accompanied by an official Imperial Basic translation.
  • law in the Empire as it applies to both Sith and Imperials is written in High Sith as its original language, with an official Imperial Basic translation available for citizens who do not understand legal Sith. however, where the wording of an instrument becomes important, the original Sith wording will always take priority.
  • It’s not technically illegal for non-Sith to learn Sith, and indeed it’s expected that anyone serving (in any capacity) a noble family will be fluent. however, it is viewed as a language that only Sith should speak regularly, with Imperials merely needing to understand their lords. outside of serving the noble lines (by which i mean family servants and retainers etc, not Imperial society at large) it’s vanishingly rare that non-Red-Sith will be fluent in Sith.
  • Realistically, any Sith will be fluent enough in Basic to give commands on an everyday basis. Indeed, a Sith who cannot or does not speak/understand Basic will be looked down on, as they will fail to offer proper leadership and commands to their underlings.
  • A level of understanding of Sith is required to pass the Trials at all Academies. however, Sith from non-Red-Sith backgrounds do not generally tend to study to the level of conversational fluency due to other demands on their time.
  • As with most/all cultural artefacts, the Inquisition is the highest authority on the Sith language. Its use in artistic works by non-Sith without express Inquisitorial license is forbidden - this is justified as ensuring that the Sith language is not misrepresented or misused by uneducated peons who do not understand or even who wish to undermine Sith culture and philosophy. Use of Sith in artistic works by Sith is generally given a pass, so long as it does not fall foul of other laws on cultural works.
  • The development of the Sith language is also overseen by the Inquisition - ostensibly to protect it from subversive, destructive forces that would seek to weaken the Sith through attacking their cultural base. Obviously, Vulgar Sith dialects will insist on being localised, living things, but High Sith is under the exclusive control of the Inquisition, and the ultimate authority on the Sith language.
  • it should be noted that the majority of first-language Sith speakers speak a Vulgar dialect, but in the wider Empire, they are a comparatively small minority - that only gets smaller, proportionally, the more worlds that are absorbed into the Empire.


As noted above, the use of the Sith language in art (music, theatre, literature, etc) is strictly monitored by the Inquisition. For a non-Sith to use the Sith language without Inquisitorial licence is illegal. Certain precedents allow non-Force-sensitive Red Sith to use Sith in their works under very particular circumstances, but for the most part, it is entirely verboten.

Realistically, the Empire is large enough that not all art can be produced under licence, and generally speaking, the Inquisition will not waste their time on small fry - lone painters, amateur music groups, etc. However, once a work of art is broadcast or publicly available, it must be available to the Inquisition for inspection. The Inquisition may deem at any time that art which is deemed harmful or subversive is disallowed within Imperial territories, at which point distribution must cease immediately and, where relevant, all copies confiscated or destroyed. It is rare that art is outright banned; what is more common is that works will be confiscated for inspection, and simply never resurface due to being 'lost’ in the Imperial bureaucratic quagmire. Artists whose work is lost in this manner are frequently watched closely by the Inquisition for further signs of subversive or dissident behaviour, which itself is usually enough to discourage any would-be culture jammers.

Almost all professional artists and publishers/performers/promoters of art within the Empire work 'voluntarily’ with the Inquisition in order to ensure their art is suitable for broadcast/display/publication. Which it is not required by the letter of the law, it is far easier than running the risk of the Inquisition deciding to pull something from public view, with the ensuing disruption/additional charges/etc. While technically unlicensed art that has been neither banned nor investigated-and-lost is not illegal, unlicensed and illegal are largely interchangeable in Imperial mindset.

Sabers and saber forms

By law, any citizen of the Empire may own a lightsaber, but only a Sith may carry one. 'A Sith’, in the legal sense of the term, is an individual who has passed their Trials at an Academy and been accepted by a Master - being a Red Sith has little bearing on it. While it is not unheard of for non-Sith Force-sensitives in the Empire to carry lightsabers, such an action would be a criminal offence and a cultural faux pas, as it is viewed as a slight against those who have survived their Trials and are 'truly’ Sith. More than one cautionary tale exists of the uppity heirs of noble houses or cocky con artists who flaunt this law and end up being executed in the course of their arrest by members of the Inquisition.

There is no law against non-Sith learning saber forms; this only stands to reason, given as combat forms a part of the Academy Trials. Certain branches of the military, including Imperial Intelligence but also special operations, may give their members a form of saber training that does not require Force-sensitivity in order to give them an understanding of the way that Force-users fight. However, for a non-Force-user to train in this manner carries a strong stigma of defiance and challenge of Sith authority, which within the Empire is deeply discouraged.

My angry vent for the day

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will most likely know that I am a big advocate on positivity, accepting challenges, and seeing the good in every bad situation.

But this is ridiculous.

I am not paying another dime for my “education” here at shitty montclair state university. What a shitty fucking school. They will do anything and jump at any opportunity to try to take more and more money out of your wallet. Even if you don’t go to this school. My friend visits for a night and gets a fucking parking ticket for $60. What a great big first impression. It’s all a big business. College was never this expensive 10-20 years ago. Why do tuition fees keep rising and rising every year. I remember talking to a mother probably around her 40’s who attended Rutgers University and she told me her college tuition was $2,000. How much is it now? 30 fucking thousand dollars? for what?! A piece of fucking paper to tell you, you did it! You payed over $100 on each textbook for every semester, payed even more money for extra bullshit that is unnecessary,woke up every morning and went to all of your classes like the good boy/girl that you are, went through trouble everyday to find parking, learned about things you will never need to know for the rest of your life. You survived college!!! & now you can go put on a suit and tie with your wonderful, flawless, glimmering resume and beg people after people to hire you for a job just so you can pay back all the money you borrowed to get an “education” in the first place. But even if you can’t get the job that we “helped” and “guided” you to get, you still owe use all the $20,000 dollars we lent you.

Student loans are not a sincere gesture. It’s setting you up for debt and enslavement. Slavery still exists… Just in discrete and legal ways. The government wants you underneath your thumb and control you

People don’t realize how many people are out there who earn their degrees and end up working as a barista at Starbucks, a waiter, a babysitter, etc. Reality is so real. & I hate to say it but I have absolute no hope for this country. Everything is run by greed for money and power. Sympathy and kindness are no longer principles native to America.

& the people that go to this school are so fucking immature and ignorant. I just CANNOT stand all the ignorance and stupidity I am surrounded by every single fucking day of my like. “LIKE OMMMGG IT’S THIRSTY THURSSDAYYYYY. DRINKY DRINKY LETS GO GET HAMMERED AND COME BACK TO OUR DORMS AND BE STUPID OBNOXIOUS AND WAKE UP PEOPLE THAT HAVE FRIDAY MORNING CLASSES WHOO HOO!” Everybody here wears the same fucking thing as everyone else, is so desperate to fit in with the rest of society. Everybody conforms and listens to everything society tells you to do and become. There is no more individuality anymore. There is only SHEEPLE. EVERYWHERE!

I’m not trying to offend anybody or shoot down anyone’s dream. Do what you have to do. Maybe your parents can afford to pay for your college tuition. Mine don’t. Maybe you’re dreaming big about becoming a pharmacist or a nurse, etc. Become it. You’re following your passion! That’s great.

I guess my situation is just a lot more complicated and I’m sure there are other people who understand my position. I wish I could just drop out. I would feel so much more relieved that way. Fuck all this pressure. I would rather go to Barnes & Noble everyday and read books that I care about and not have a stupid deadline to get shit done.

Thanks for reading my rant. Have a wonderful day.