everyday noble

hmm I think it is time to begin posting about this. 

This is Grace. She is part of a story, that is kind of horror-ish. 
These are some of the first sketches of her.

So Grace is a woman with a troubled childhood in her early twenties. She works as a maid under a fair noble. Her everyday life is hard work and finds the world pretty grey, just managing and minding her own buisness.

One day she meets a creation of beauty death and scraps of people’s evil. His name is Mordred, and he gets so annoyed of her that she can’t see beauty in the world, that he makes it his kind of plan to make her realise the beauty. But he does it by death.
Shits goes down from there :D

I will try and post it cronological in the order of when I drew it, so you can see the development

ofawitheredrose  asked:

Word; Hero.

The Scions are widely regarded as heroes, Thancred knows. They helped bring about the Seventh Astral Era, they’ve provided countless amounts of aid to those most in need of it, they’ve fought and bled and died to secure a future for this star and all that reside upon her. He knows the reputation they’ve gathered, and he knows it tends to affect the way people treat him, thinking he’s something perhaps a cut above the everyday man, a noble and wise being whom others can ever turn to for help.

… It makes him sick to think of it.

Because he knows, and he imagines the other members of the Scions do as well, that this is entirely untrue. Far from helping to pull the fragile realm back into the light, Thancred nearly saw to its utter destruction nigh-singlehandedly. When in Ul’dah, the place he had lived and worked out of for over an Epoch, he had been unable to get everyone out in time, and as a result, had lost Minfilia when all he had ever wished to do was to keep her safe.

By the time he had been reunited with everyone, so much more had gone on; friends lost, the realm saved again, and there had been little for him to do save try to aid in what small ways he could with the clean-up efforts, at least until he could save Minfilia - only……. only he hadn’t been able to do that. Hells, he hadn’t even been able to say goodbye until Urianger’s gambit!

Alisaie had been hurt - and nearly killed while under his protection, he could do not but see everyone to safety after the events at the Wall…


He is no hero. He isn’t even a good person. That anyone believes such a lie is enough to make him feel ill. But there is nothing he can say that would easily explain to those mistaken why they’re wrong, not without raising ire and concern alike, in amounts he has no desire to deal with.

Nothing he can do, save push on and inevitably fall short, leaving him to wonder if Louisoix, were he here now, would regret the decision to take in and teach a youth of Limsa Lominsa’s dark underworld.

My angry vent for the day

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will most likely know that I am a big advocate on positivity, accepting challenges, and seeing the good in every bad situation.

But this is ridiculous.

I am not paying another dime for my “education” here at shitty montclair state university. What a shitty fucking school. They will do anything and jump at any opportunity to try to take more and more money out of your wallet. Even if you don’t go to this school. My friend visits for a night and gets a fucking parking ticket for $60. What a great big first impression. It’s all a big business. College was never this expensive 10-20 years ago. Why do tuition fees keep rising and rising every year. I remember talking to a mother probably around her 40’s who attended Rutgers University and she told me her college tuition was $2,000. How much is it now? 30 fucking thousand dollars? for what?! A piece of fucking paper to tell you, you did it! You payed over $100 on each textbook for every semester, payed even more money for extra bullshit that is unnecessary,woke up every morning and went to all of your classes like the good boy/girl that you are, went through trouble everyday to find parking, learned about things you will never need to know for the rest of your life. You survived college!!! & now you can go put on a suit and tie with your wonderful, flawless, glimmering resume and beg people after people to hire you for a job just so you can pay back all the money you borrowed to get an “education” in the first place. But even if you can’t get the job that we “helped” and “guided” you to get, you still owe use all the $20,000 dollars we lent you.

Student loans are not a sincere gesture. It’s setting you up for debt and enslavement. Slavery still exists… Just in discrete and legal ways. The government wants you underneath your thumb and control you

People don’t realize how many people are out there who earn their degrees and end up working as a barista at Starbucks, a waiter, a babysitter, etc. Reality is so real. & I hate to say it but I have absolute no hope for this country. Everything is run by greed for money and power. Sympathy and kindness are no longer principles native to America.

& the people that go to this school are so fucking immature and ignorant. I just CANNOT stand all the ignorance and stupidity I am surrounded by every single fucking day of my like. “LIKE OMMMGG IT’S THIRSTY THURSSDAYYYYY. DRINKY DRINKY LETS GO GET HAMMERED AND COME BACK TO OUR DORMS AND BE STUPID OBNOXIOUS AND WAKE UP PEOPLE THAT HAVE FRIDAY MORNING CLASSES WHOO HOO!” Everybody here wears the same fucking thing as everyone else, is so desperate to fit in with the rest of society. Everybody conforms and listens to everything society tells you to do and become. There is no more individuality anymore. There is only SHEEPLE. EVERYWHERE!

I’m not trying to offend anybody or shoot down anyone’s dream. Do what you have to do. Maybe your parents can afford to pay for your college tuition. Mine don’t. Maybe you’re dreaming big about becoming a pharmacist or a nurse, etc. Become it. You’re following your passion! That’s great.

I guess my situation is just a lot more complicated and I’m sure there are other people who understand my position. I wish I could just drop out. I would feel so much more relieved that way. Fuck all this pressure. I would rather go to Barnes & Noble everyday and read books that I care about and not have a stupid deadline to get shit done.

Thanks for reading my rant. Have a wonderful day.