everyday my bias list is ruined

Actual convo between me and Day6
  • Me: so Brian you are officially my bias
  • Brian: that's awesome! *signature bright smile*
  • Jae: but did you know hippos produce pink milk?
  • Me: ??? what ???
  • Jae: im informative, i should be your bias #swegchicken
  • Me: thats not very convincin-
  • Sungjin: i look like bts jungkook's older brother
  • Me: tru-
  • Wonpil: im cute
  • Me: yeah bu-
  • Junhyeok: i can play you the piano to sleep
  • Me: aww i know but ya see-
  • Dowoon: i can sing too
  • Me: UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH back to square one
  • Brian: its okay take your time (^_^)
  • Me: OMO UR SO SWEET~ you're definitely my bias
  • The rest of Day6: BUT-
  • Me: *runs away screaming violently*